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    VNC works over LAN, not over Internet

    vnc does not send passwords in plain text, but the password can be cracked if someone sniffs the key as well as the encrypted password.
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    VNC works over LAN, not over Internet

    i agree with jonw757. assuming that port forwarding is setup correctly, there are no software firewalls blocking requests, and you are attempting to connect to your public ip address there should be no problems unless your isp blocks the vnc port. the solution to this of course, is to change...
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    How old were you on your first build?

    hmmm... i was about 16 i suppose. it was a k6-2 with a 12mb voodoo2. ahhh the memories.
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    Booting A laptop with no CD ROM

    you could get a bootdisk to get you into a command line with networking support, then stick the xp cdrom in another machine and share it.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    i'm running slack 10.1 with fluxbox, and you don't see fahcore because i am running's rc5-72 client.
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    tips to make sshd more secure

    sweet, thanks for the reply
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    tips to make sshd more secure

    i have an ssh server running on my machine right now that i use for some remote access. here are some of the current steps i have taken to lock down my machine: private key authentication only disallow root access allow only one username for logins white list of ip's with hosts.allow...
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    One of the most RIDICULOUS case mods EVER. Good for a laugh!!

    lol this is awesome. post her resume!
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    Getting a second VOIP phone line in my home.

    i don't see why you couldn't get another voip line with your existing connection
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    Mobile Bartons in a K7D ?

    i have an athlon xp mobile 1700+ barton which runs 3200+ rock solid laying around. just wondering if anyone knows if i can pair it up with another one and stuff them into my dual processor system which has the msi k7d master mobo. i would like to get the same clock rate, 2.2ghz, out of them...
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    Upgrade to 1GB from 512MB worth it?

    not as noticable as you might think, but its worth doing. especially if you plan on having the system for any length of time.
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    Slackware install

    linux generally avoids using the swap partition unless your physical memory is full. since you have 2gb of physical memory, you should choose a more consevative swap size because you will almost never use it. on my system for example, i have only 512mb of memory. my swap partition is 512mb...
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    Slackware install

    your swap partition size is absurd
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    What is your favorite Multiplayer map EVER?

    de_dust cs_assault
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    Why would one go dual core when 2 opterons are cheaper?

    actually multi processor systems gain little when it comes to gaming over their single cpu counterparts.
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    What is the Most Unstable Operating System have you used So far?

    i think its really close between WinME and, well.... nothing
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    Desk Cooling Project

    once you put a computer inside the enclosure in the desk, expect it to get much hotter in there, even more so if the door is closed. further, if you were to line the inside of it with some sort of insulation you will do nothing but trap the heat inside that enclosure and probably just make it...
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    What is the greatest PC game MODification ever?

    Weapons Factory - Quake 2
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    I need [H] members advise please. Looks like I owe a negative feedback :(

    lol, whats up with the box of twizzlers? did you put that in there or did it come complimentary with your banged up ps2?
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    Best Videocard that you ever bought.

    12mb voodoo 2, quake 2 was banging on that. i always wanted to get a second card and run sli, but never had the money. :(
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    Can a SFF power the new video cards?

    i put a 6800gt in my shuttle sn45g, which came with a 200 watt power supply. no problems so far, even when playing games for long periods of time.
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    HD Window Mod

    oh man, thats hot. nice job!
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    secure remote access?

    i agree. i have been using ssh with public key authentication to tunnel vnc for several months now with no problems.
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    i hate adware!....plz help

    you might try running those spyware removal tools in safe mode. i find that i have more success that way. and yes, firefox is your friend.
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    why dust is your enemy

    that is an obscene amount of dust. it appears as though air filters are definitely worth investing in...
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    100mhz system

    you kinda answered your own question. although, you could most likely install any of the win9X operating systems and possibly even win2k if you have enough ram. iirc, the minumum specs for win2k are 133mhz and 64mb ram. it would probably not run too much different on 100mhz than 133mhz.
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    Digital Artwerk - July Wallpaper/WinMod Thread

    fear the back to back fluxbox desktops! :)
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    Digital Artwerk - June Wallpaper/WinMod Thread

    here is what i got currently... fullsize: edit: wallpaper link
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    trouble with Firefox .9/Flash/WinXP

    i ran into the same problem. i believe it is something with how the flash is being delivered from the site and not an issue with firefox at all. i changed nothing on my system at all, and i am no longer prompted about what to do with the flash file.
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    The Naked Comp Gallery

    man, thats alot of pr0n. and i thought i felt like a sick bastard for having 20 gigs or so. i feel much better now, thanks. :) btw, thats quite a creative setup you have there for the cpu fan.
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    The Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread! - ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTS

    here is what i got done with all the forum downtime... credit to this guy because i basically imitated what he had done. more pics for those interested, are here.
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    What you use your Linuxbox for?

    i do basically everything on my linux machine. web, im, type papers, programming homework, music, dvds, etc. surprisingly, i even managed to get my tv card and accompanying remote working. so now after a few kernel recompiles and lots of swearing, i can even watch tv in linux. :D
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    Need some help with Linux

    fdisk -l
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    convert from ntfs to fat32

    i'm not sure that you can convert ntfs back to fat32. besides, linux can read ntfs partitions fine. last i checked, write support was experimental though.
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    pop-ups are a pain

    try mozilla. choose your flavor: regular or firefox. i think i heard someone also suggest the google toolbar once, but i have no personal experience with this.
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    has anyone gotten this plugin to work in gaim?

    i have already tried making ~/.gaim/plugins and putting it in there and copying the plugin to (in my case) /usr/local/lib/gaim. i should have mentioned that in my original post, my apologies. and the link works for me, so idk whats up with that.