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    Corsair H100 Extreme Perf. Liquid CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

    Hi Everyone, Been using the H100 since November 2011 and didn't have problems until recently. The unit has been making hissing sounds, and I found that when i tap the hose, it will sometimes buzz loudly. See video for example. Anyone else experience this problem? Should I contact Corsair...
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    Best/cheapest place to buy a T.R.U.E. ?

    Cost me $6.88 to ship to Southern California. I also had some fan wire extensions, so you can probably shave a few cents off of that. BTW, SVC is great...ordered on the 23rd, received on the 25th. = )
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    Please help with my MSI 7900 GTX

    So I booted my computer one day and found something very odd. Rivatuner & Everest reports the GPU clocks at... Core clock / geometric domain: 275.40 MHz Core clock / shader domain: 275.40 MHz Core clock / ROP domain: 275.40 MHz Memory Clock: 405.00 MHz. Default clocks for this...
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    Any one know any good CPU temp and GPU temp monitors for use in Windows Vista?

    I personally like Lavalys Everest Ultimate Edition. It can monitor both CPU and GPU temps and is pretty consistent with Speedfan and Coretemp. Also, you can configure it to display on Windows Vista Gadgets for real-time monitoring. For Example...
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    coolest Idle air temp

    how are you getting such amazing temps? Been using the GeminII with 2x 2200RPM Yate Loon's @88CFM and I can't even come close with my E6600. = / Quite honestly, my old Hyper 6+ did a better job, but I'm willing to sacrifice a few degrees to cool more real estate.
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    Two fans on the GeminII, Only one fan slot on side panel.

    I'm noticing that there's about a 3-4 degree difference in CPU temps when I have my case side panel on vs the case side panel off. So my best guess is that there isn't enough air being fed into the two 120mm Yate Loons @47cfm. So my main concern is, since there is only one fan opening on my...
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    MSI 975X Platinum v.2

    Here's some common problems with this motherboard that I have either experienced..or just read about. Any bios after 7.1 does not allow you to operate the Jmicron controller alongside with the Intel Matrix controller. Any bios after 7.1 has incorrect RAM timing readings. 4-4-4-12 will...
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    The Official Core 2 OverClocking Database *READ 1st Post for Instructions*

    Only one other MSI board on record...makes me kinda sad :( Username: ANewPrelusion Stability: 7 hours+ Small FFTs Orthos CPU: E6600 OC: 3608 MHz Stepping: 6B2 Week: L629 Code: B379 Vcore: 1.43 Cooling: Air Cooler Brand / Model: Coolermaster Hyper 6+ Motherboard: MSI 975x Platinum...
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    Cheap Cooler

    here's another suggestion...
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    Bios 7.1 & 7.16 will show correct memory timings when configured manually. But like Viktor said, you don't need to worry too much about it.
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    Is it two dogs, or just one and a reflection? It/they sorta looks like a beaver. :D There should be a new thread...we'll call it. "Show me your rig next to your pets!"
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    Make sure your hard drives are both connected to the purple SATA ports. For example, my Raid 0 HD's are in ports 1&2 I take it you are unable to create the Raid array using cntrl+i? If you are using Bios 7.1... - Enter Integrated Peripherals - Set Onboard JMB361 to [IDE] - Enter Sata...
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    Looking for a N-I-C-E Fan Controller 5.25 bay

    Dunno how good the specs are, but it's worked well for me. The price is certainly something to consider. P.S. Has the most annoying beeping sounds, but can be remedied with some tape and a few minutes time.
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    You can try dropping the "FSB & Memory Clock Ratio" to 1:1 or 1:1.25. I know it's sucks not being able to utilize ur RAM to it's rated speed, but if it'll solve your problem, it might not be such a bad compromise.
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    e6400 And MSI 975X, Help Getting 400+FSB

    here's a link to bios 7.16 I'm not an expert in Virtualization Technology, I'm just going with other's suggestions. For the most part, I know it's used to enable multiple operating systems in the same machine. Whether it is on or off, I'm sure it won't make a...
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    e6400 And MSI 975X, Help Getting 400+FSB

    I'm currently running at 400 FSB without any post hanging problems. I haven't attempted higher because my load temps at 400 FSB already reaches 65C, which is my personal temperature limit. First of all, which bios version are you using? Many will tell you that bios version 7.1B6 is the...
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    The case I am using is a Coolermaster Mystique RC-632 If you think that is impressive, you might want to take a gander at the "rate my cables" section of the forum... Rate My Cables My setup is nothing compared to most of these people's. Although I am quite satisfied considering I am...
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    This is just a wild guess since I don't bother reading the book. But I assume when it says you shouldn't have one stick in the green (2nd channel) slot, it means if you only have one RAM module, it should only be in the 1st channel (blue). If you are running 2 sticks, one stick should be in...
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    Do you have each RAM module in a different colored slot? For example Slot 1 & 3 Slot 2 & 4 Each scenario should enable dual channel
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    It's 7.16 Beta, not 7.6. 7.16 Beta is an old bios release before 7.2. I currently do not have the link for the Beta bios, but i'm sure if u ask nicely, someone can direct you to it. You are definitely on the right track. DDR2 Memory is clocked at twice the speed of the CPU's bus speed...
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    By default the 975x sets memory divider at a 1 to 1.25 ratio. DDR2 Ram clocks in at FSB x 2. With the ratio at 1.25, and stock would get 266 x 1.25 x 2 = ~667. You have a few choices. A: Leave FSB at 266, change RAM divider to 1 to 1.5 266 x 1.5 x 2 = ~800 (Initial screen will...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Sound: With one fan there's a significant difference in sound, with the scythe being the quieter of the two. With both Scythes..the sound is at par with the stock CM fan. Temperature: At idle to moderate CPU usage, one scythe compared to the stock CM fan produce about the same performance...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    I updated my original post with new pics. Changed the SATA wiring and got rid of the dbracket and firewire cables. As for the front audio cable, i was unable to stuff it under the motherboard because the cable consists of an AC plug, HD Audio plug, and Azalia plug. The HD and AC plugs don't...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Thanks for the input. It is greatly appreciated I could turn the drives around, however the mounting brackets would only be able to lock if the hard drive is pushed all the way in, thus no space for power cables and SATA cables. So my options are to leave them as they are...or turn them...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Not the cleanest setup, but not too shabby for having 4 hard drives and a outward facing hard drive bay = ) What do you guys think? (Edit: Tinkered around a little bit more. Posted updated pics)
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    Coolermaster Hyper 6+ Scenario Opinions

    I was just wondering which would be the better scenario for the Hyper 6+ CPU cooler 1.) Attaching two Scythe 100mm Fans (one pushing, one pulling) - Each fan specs - 2000rpm +- 10% 30.68 dBA 58.00 CFM 2.) Attaching only the stock CM 100mm fan - 1800 - 3600rpm...
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    I have an MSI 7900GTX on my MSI975x MB. I've read the dual core center manual and it states that Dual Core Center can also monitor VGA temps and whatnot as long as it's an MSI Graphics card. Currently I am unable to monitor VGA stats on Dual Core Center due to the fact that it is greyed out...