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    Vertical Mice Practical or Gimmick?

    I have been using an Anker ergonomic vertical mouse for a couple years now at work and I love it.
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    How do you store and share your internal system documentation/passwords?

    We setup a server @ DigitalOcean for $5/mo. Using Apache2 and VirtualHosts I have setup a DokuWiki internal wiki, DokuWiki NetDoc wiki, TeamPass password manager, and phpIPAM IP Manager. I've secured the server with SSH Keys, ufw, and SSL. All documentation is done on this server, then I use...
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    Office Communicator

    We use Spark/Openfire for our office, much smaller with only 6 users but spread out remotely. We're an MSP, so we need to stay in contact but remote support is the name of the game. If you've used Discord and thought about it for work, look at It's a self-hosted Discord.
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    Hardware that can do Robust IPSEC w/ 3 Sites

    I don't know about cheapest, but I do this all the time with Watchguard firewalls. Multi-WAN setup with fault tolerant VPN tunnels. It's probably possible with UBNT EdgeRouters, but would require some CLI work since their Multi-WAN isn't possibly via WebUI right now.
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    Weird Resolution issue with Windows 10

    I have been running Windows 8.1 on my NUC for a long time with Kodi, it's hooked up via HDMI to my 55" LG TV. Well I finally did the Windows 10 upgrade because I have been running it on my game PC and work laptop and I found that I liked it. After the upgrade everything seemed to be working...
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    Hardware Firewall

    UBNT EdgeRouter Lite - $99 Can be used as a router and/or a firewall.
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    Cheapest way to virtualize old Windows 2000 database server?

    If you have a Hyper-V server or a workstation that can run Hyper-V, use Disk2VHD on your old server. Make sure it does boot, but then you have a virtual copy of the HD.
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    Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite Input

    I have an early unit with the angled plastic case at home, has worked great since I got it. I had 1 second gen unit (metal case, square edges) die mysteriously, but the other 5 or so I have installed has had no issues. I think they're a great unit, especially for the price point.
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    static route

    We would need more information about your setup, preferably a network diagram. If the server and local IP are on different subnets, then yes the router should be taking care of that interconnection.
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    Wall mounting router

    We like using the StarTech 2U Vertical Racks to hang switches, routers, UPS, servers, etc from when we need to wall mount items. I still agree with the plywood screwed into wall studs, but it shouldn't be removed anytime soon so who cares about holes?
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    NVR and cameras

    Grandstream makes great cameras. I don't know about their NVRs, but they listed 2 models on their website. We're looking at cameras for our office, inside and out. We like the Grandstream GXV3610 v2 FHD, but we have not purchased yet.
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    Small/Medium Business VPN Router

    Is there any reason you couldn't run a software VPN server? I like to use SoftEther for client to site VPNs, then you have a large selection of protocols and authentication.
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    Recommendations for a small business

    Coming from the MSP side of things, I'd suggest running cabling to hard wire as much as possible. Yes, add some new Ubiquiti UAP access points for wireless, but have hard lines ran to a single spot as much as possible. Put up a small 6U-10U rack with a patch panel for the cabling. Run a cheap...
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    Managed Gigabit Switch - Rack Mounted Portable

    I just configured another new switch and I'm pretty sure I saw all these settings. I have a spare DGS-1210-28 in my office, can you send me a PM with specifics and I will double check this units settings?
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    Managed Gigabit Switch - Rack Mounted Portable

    What do you mean tagging on VLAN1? Do you mean 802.1 Q-in-Q? Or just need VLANs setup? If you just need VLANs setup and you know what they are, any web-managed Smart switch should be able to setup the VLANs you need for your application. Pay for a Layer 3 switch and it can do the routing...
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    Exchange contacts and GAL updates

    Check to see if this helps you. I had the same issue with a client recently and I found they had the Outlook Social Connector. It was keeping a log of the changes in the Notes fields. Once I removed the Social Connector, it stopped.
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    Is it awkward to use Unifi AP with non-Unifi router?

    We use UBNT UAP WAPs with D-Link DGS switches and Watchguard firewalls, we've had zero issues. Our controller is cloud based, so all 100+ WAPs connect back to my office.
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    Recommend me a good dyndns service

    I didn't know their was an app for DuckDNS. On Windows I just use the VBS script in Windows Scheduler. On Linux I use CRON jobs that run bash scripts.
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    Recommend me a good dyndns service

    I like using
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    Different subnet calculator wanted

    Here's 2 visual calcs:
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    Fiber or Point-to-Point?

    I have a customer in a similar setup. 2x barns and their house, cameras on all of them. We suggested using UBNT Nanostation links between the buildings. Yes the Fiber itself isn't that expensive, but you also have to rent the trencher, call your local utilities to come mark their existing...
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    backup solution - physical vs vlan networks

    For our MSP we use VLANs. I have the VLAN1 for management and infrastructure, VLAN10 for Servers, VLAN11 for iSCSI, VLAN20 for Workstations, VLAN30 for VoIP phones and PBX, and VLAN40 for our repair depot. I don't have any issues, and my firewall cluster is what routes betweeen VLANs for us.
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    Use IR remote with Intel NUC?

    What program are you using to read the IR signals? I have the same NUC and I have Windows 8.1 with Kodi. The IR from my Logitech remote doesn't do anything for Windows, but controls Kodi great.
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    Your Favorite Sys/Network Admin Tools?

    For myself and the other NOC staffer: -MultiDesk for RDP sessions -Putty for SSH -HeidiSQL for MySQL -SQLiteStudio for SQLite -Notepad++ -WinSCP for FTP sessions -Console2 for command line and Powershell -LabTech for scripting -Connectwise for project tracking For call center staff: -Guacamole...
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    pfSense setup and colocation

    Oh, I didn't realize the nodes are physical blades, I was picturing the nodes as separate VMs. If you're going to get a 4 port switch, then ask to use 2 VLANs. VLAN100 is your internet access, VLAN101 is your internal network (VLAN number will obviously be assigned by the admin). Connect the...
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    pfSense setup and colocation

    Does your buddy work at the CoLo as a tech or sales person? If he's a tech, then most CoLo's will give you like 4 hours of tech time per month. Configure 2x Internet/External vSwitchs; use one for your pfSense, use the other for an admin VM running the ESXi tools. Connect your pfSense to the...
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    Drawing network map

    I've heard some people use Gliffy for basic network drawings.
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    need logmein alternative that is decently priced

    If you're doing MSP/remote support work, then using your RMM system (Kaseya/LabTech/etc) will have a built-in tool. If it's break fix work and you don't have the RMM tools, then Splashtop is $60/user (read as remote tech, not client). You can install as many agents as you wish, you only pay...
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    how to print to office printer from reote location?....

    Either VPN like diizzy said, or Internet Print Protocol (IPP).
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    2 isps 2 subnets how to route local traffic across them

    This may not be what you'd like to do, but it's a solution: use pfSense and policy based routing. You connect both ISP modems to the pfSense box, then your LAN interface to your switch. Put all devices under a single subnet. Then your policies in the firewall say: FROM TO...
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    Remote Desktop Gateway issues (?)

    I have a couple customers with SBS 2008 who use the Remote Desktop Gateway, you do have to have TCP/3389 forwarded to your server. The server will act as a proxy for your workstations, so you only need the port forwarded to a single PC. If you want to use alternate ports, then make sure your...
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    Which other sites do you browse/use for sysadmin-type news/discussion/help?

    +1 Reddit and Spiceworks. For Reddit I'd suggest making a personal multi-Reddit with lots of sub-reddits, such as /r/cableporn, /r/cablefail, /r/ITdept, /r/managedit, /r/netsec, /r/networking, /r/PowerShell, /r/sysadmin, etc, etc, etc. Don't forget to include some IT related interests just so...
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    Building Home network cabinet: advice needed for newbie

    @jpcolin I didn't mean to imply your cheap, if that's how you took it. I was simply offering alternative choices. I don't know specific brands since I don't do the ordering for work. But I know we've order many from for customers who need 6-12U and they've been great. I saw...
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    Building Home network cabinet: advice needed for newbie

    There's no such thing as a cheap wall-mount rack. If you have an e-recycler near you, you can probably pickup a 22-25U rolling rack for $300. I'd suggest 48-port patch panels over 24-ports. No particular reason. As far as brand, we use Abergetty. It's carried by our local cabling shop...
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    Firewalls, Servers, and Ports?

    Running NMAP/ZenMap can give you a list of open ports for each machine, but like green91 said, only open ports to the public that need to be opened. 3 servers running Apache? 1 internal wiki, 1 test site, and 1 company site. Only forward to the company site. Don't give the public access to...
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    Business router/security device recommendation

    I'd suggest Fortigate or Watchguard, with a stronger emphasis on Watchguard. I prefer how Watchguard does their NAT and firewall policies than how Fortigate does them.
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    Need recommendation for smart switch and network layout

    I don't, sorry. We're installing them in our production racks, so I'm not super worried about power draw.
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    Need recommendation for smart switch and network layout

    I've never used either of those switches, but if you need a 48-port switch I highly recommend hitting eBay and ordering a Dell PowerConnect 5448. They are managed switches, has extensive CLI, and after basic config (IP and enable HTTP Server) a good Web UI. I can't see the image like many...
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    Networking 2 homes

    Some UBNT devices will work with a Window Mount,
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    Email hosting worth my money?

    We do Exchange hosting for some of our MSP clients, but for non-MSP clients we typically put them on Intermedia Hosted Exchange. The price isn't too bad and the uptime has been great. Pretty easy to manage too. If you're a DIYer, then look at That may cover your needs without...