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    Opinions Wanted: NAS Server Upgrade

    Hi Gea thanks for your reply. I believe I need the X99 chipset to overclock. Am I correct that you can not manually adjust the CPU multiplier higher than reported by the CPU on the C612 chipsets? I'm also interested in enabling all of the CPUs to max-turbo simultaneously, which the Asus...
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    Opinions Wanted: NAS Server Upgrade

    Hello friends, I'd like to get your ideas/expertise on an upgrade for my NAS/router/firewall/virtualization server -- It's a bit exotic but I thought it might be an interesting scenario for some. Current setup: Motherboard: Jetway NF9E-Q77 CPU: Quad core...
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    Living on Borrowed Time, Need Help with Storage Options

    Nothing to add from a build recomendation perspective. Just an observation, hard drives that sit on the shelf for long periods > 1 year sometimes do not like to spin up again. I've had a few that were perfectly fine when I powered them down never run again... If you plan on continuing your...
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    Need more SATA 6 ports

    Same number on the z170, might be a good direction if you want to oc. Only has 6 SATA3 ports native though. The next big bump of lanes come when you get into the -E -EX or E5 series of processors, but only haswell based v3 are available so far. D-1500 v4 Broadwells are showing up but are a...
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    Need more SATA 6 ports

    Right but the C236 PCH has 20 v3 lanes instead of the anemic 8 v2 lanes in prior chipset series. This may be important for his use case since he mentioned running numerous SSDs and not being thrilled about upgrading (future proof). LSI were ruled out earlier in this thread for shoddy...
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    Need more SATA 6 ports

    Not sure what your exact use case is but you may want to look at the asrock rack workstation motherboards and E3v5 series xeons. They have lots of pcie lanes/ports and data ports and support ddr4.
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    Need more SATA 6 ports

    I'll be in the same boat soon enough. Probably going to go with a motherboard that has LOM and at least 10 SATA3 (Intel chipset) ports.
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    Need more SATA 6 ports

    For the LSI to pass TRIM/UNMAP commands to the SSD, the SSD must support DRAT. hdparm -I should show: * Deterministic read ZEROs after TRIM That being said, the support is still total crap. Apparently in LSI firmware 14 and 15 the discard granularity is misread and requires an...
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    Need more SATA 6 ports

    Are you planning to connect SSDs and require TRIM? If so carefully check support with LSI first -- some of my Samsungs wont TRIM when connected to LSI controllers but work fine on the the Intel PCHs.
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    DBAN recognize M1015 controller?

    Using the wipe command on a Linux live environment works well too if you are having dban driver issues.
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    GlusterFS / ZFS?

    Be sure to incorporate snapshots into your plan to avoid data issues in your primary cascading to your backup.
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    Infiniband Help

    Even having them connected directly will impact the other adapters in your computers. The routing table is shared across them and any attempts to connect to those IP ranges will be sent over the point to point adapter rather than the nic with the internet connection.
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    Infiniband Help

    Just a note on the IP addressing. Please use RFC1918 private space instead of 111 or 11 address spaces. Failure to do so will render valid internet hosts on those networks unreachable from your machines due to routing.
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    Platter HDD is SLOW, but bursts fast

    Last step to try is plugging the data cable connected to the ssd into the hard drive. Don't change the port or cable. If the DMA errors continue time to RMA the drive.
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    Platter HDD is SLOW, but bursts fast

    Also make sure that there isnt anything else hitting the drives; in performance monitor you can view the overall reads and writes being directed toward the drives. Could be antivirus trying to scan and causing contention.
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    Platter HDD is SLOW, but bursts fast

    Have another PC you can try the drives out in? Time to eliminate either the drive or MB as the cause.
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    NAS4Free build - CPU requirement?

    Recommend using zfs compression, no downsides I have observed..
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    Drive pooling: drive spin-up and folder separation

    Stablebit Drivepool would be the one I'd try if doing this on Windows. Plus the author likes adding features and would possibly consider your scenario if it isnt already supported. Zedicus's recommendation would also accomplish what you want; a caveat being that if one drive in the dynamic...
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    Platter HDD is SLOW, but bursts fast

    This is going to sound ridiculous ... Make sure none of your SATA cables are bent or crimped tightly at 90 degrees or more. I had one drive that wouldnt detect correctly and another SSD that would only transfer at 250 MB/sec. Once I removed the tight bends they both started behaving properly...
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    Something VERY strange happened today

    Run chkdsk. Could be filesystem corruption.
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    General purpose internal drives

    Price looks really good. I think people have complained about warranty process before though with Toshiba.
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    Thinking of expanding server, looking for a case...

    3 slot internal cage stuck on top of the other internal 3 drive cage, nanoxia sells them 3x5 drive bay in 5.25 slots, istarusa DVD slim + 3.5 drive bay in 5.25 slot, addonics Ssd's and double sided foam tape to random spots x2 :)
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    Thinking of expanding server, looking for a case...

    Deep Silence 6 is what I went to after mini itx. Its ridiculously big but works great and I can get 22 3.5 drives into it along with a DVD and few ssds.
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    IcyDock FatCage + Thermaltake Armor = ?

    All the 3x5.25 to 5x3.5 style bays mount identically to three dvd drives. Unlikely a filter or fan will fit in front. Compatibility issues arise when the case has metal tabs for each 5.25 to sit on. Had to dremel a brand new deep silence 6 case last week to make my istarusa bpn-de350ss fit.
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    ZFS - Combine two mirrored pools

    I've had a few zfs bugs also, part of why I sent single disk per zpool and union with mhddfs. I don't have a need for the extra few hours of availability from raid and like simplicity. Backups are rsynced to a second set of disks.
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    ZFS - Combine two mirrored pools

    Nothing in 4 years? It just works and works well. 16TB of nonraid zfs pools on top of dmcrypt. Full sw stack is dmcrypt ->zfs -> mhddfs -> samba. Mhddfs is good for at least a GB/sec on my quad core ivybridge when tested on RAM backed loop back devices so no performance issues either.
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    ZFS - Combine two mirrored pools

    You can union them with mhddfs which will look like a single volume that can be mounted. They will remain separate zpools in zfs.
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    What is your opinion on these cheap drive caddies?

    The ones you linked look super cheap and flimsy. Could have loose connections, parts that break, intermittent data errors, cables may be out of spec/lousy etc. Or they could be perfect for what you need. Have you considered 3.5" cages instead? They may cost a bit more but you could get...
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    Designing a ZFS based company Fileserver

    That's a pretty nice setup, has to be fast as hell. Could use a X10SRH-CF motherboard and a Xeon E5-1620 V3 instead to squeeze out 18 1TB SSD's with SATA/SAS3 interfaces. Could potentially add a few more LSI HBA's to add more density but you'd have to evaluate PCI-E, CPU, and memory...
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    Designing a ZFS based company Fileserver

    I check in on the zfs bug tracker periodically to see when 0.6.4 is due out and browse the open bugs. Don't get me wrong I really like zfs and respect the work the developers put into it. I just see too many threads still where someone has a corrupted array they cant import and being asked by...
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    Designing a ZFS based company Fileserver

    Get a commercial solution. It is insane to build a company storage array on a hacked together Linux ZOL with no support. For home it is fine but would never recommend building your self. I've been using ZOL for quite some time without problems at home and can tolerate losing the array and have...
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    850 Pro 512GB

    Make sure the cloning software is somewhat new. I know older versions of acronis did not account for alignment.
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    If I put a speaker close to the tower would that be bad for the HDD's ?

    Have a look here
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    Looking for affordable yet good SSD

    Mx100 or Samsung evo series
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    What do you do to preserve your SSD performance on linux?

    Crontabbed nightly fstrim on ext4 filesystem's.
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    How can I secure erase my Plextor M6e m.2 SSD? Plextor REFUSES to tell me!

    Parted magic will do an sad secure erase.
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    Western Digital - Red

    I run 8 3tb reds in stand alone and they work great. Longer warranty than the greens and have been more reliable for me (disclaimer, sample size of 2). Not a fan of the greens at all.
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    SSD Partition Backup Software

    Trim the ssd's free space then use driveimagexml. Free and the trim will cause the ssd to return easily compressible 0s for unused space.
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    NAS/Server build

    I'd go for an i3/xeon with ecc support and add in an 8 port SAS hba instead of the atom. Lot more processing power for some of the other things you want to do.
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    Custom Mini ITX NAS case

    Ideally it would accept a socketed mb, atom doesn't have enough processor for dm-crypt, lzma or gig-e ssh tunnels.