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    All Myspace Data Before 2016 is Gone

    The implication is that new content added to MySpace since 2016.
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    PC Gaming Crushes Console Gaming in New Survey

    Oh, I get you. Once upon a time I upgraded my whole computer (MBoard, CPU, RAM & Video card) every 2 years. Occasionally, a new video card in between. I was spending so much $$$ on it. Then I bought a house and there was less $$$ for upgrades. Plus I kind of got tired of every time a new...
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    PC Gaming Crushes Console Gaming in New Survey

    A lot of xbox 360 games are playable on the xbox one. you must have had a playstation.
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    PC Gaming Crushes Console Gaming in New Survey

    I got off the PC upgrade treadmill when the xBox 360 came out. It was too expensive to buy new video cards every year to play the latest AAA release. I've bought 2 consoles totaling $650-$700 in the last 10-11 years. I used to spend that on just video cards in less than half that amount of...
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    AT&T Launching New Streaming Version of DirecTV

    What about DVR? Can you record using either a cloud DVR or onto a Tivo?
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    NTSB Revokes Tesla’s Party Status

    Aw come on, I may not post often, but look at the date joined. I've been on this site every day for almost 14 years. n00b seems harsh. ;)
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    NTSB Revokes Tesla’s Party Status

    I'm not debating whether guns should be banned. Just pointing out that what Big_Rig_Stig said is true. Guns were not made to put holes in paper and somebody figured out OMG you can hurt people with these. They were made to kill, and people figured out that it can also be fun to shoot holes in...
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    NTSB Revokes Tesla’s Party Status

    What did he say that was wrong? The purpose of a gun is to kill things. That is what they were invented to do. Sure you can use them for recreational purposes, but they were made to kill things. You don't buy a rifle and use it as a coat rack. Cars were invented to move people/things from...
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    NTSB Revokes Tesla’s Party Status

    I don't really blame Tesla for not waiting for the NTSB to file a report. They are at a tipping point. Many investors are saying they are on the brink of going under, and waiting 3+ months for clarification on this accident along with the fatality by the Uber car is not publicity they need.
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    Angry Birds and Iron Maiden Together Again

    I'm ashamed to admit, I need an Eddie Bird!!!
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    Selfies Killed More People Than Sharks This Year

    Selfie week on Discovery just doesn't have the same ring to it.
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    Microsoft Responds To Xbox One Mini Rumors

    Really the size of a VW? My Xbox 360 slim sits on top of my XBox One in my entertainment center. It's like 3 inches wider than the 360, not exactly giant. Plus, I prefer the flat front to the slanted PS4. It looks like it belongs in an entertainment center.
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    Why Is American Internet So Slow?

    I think the sheer size of the country has something to do with it. We have a lot of rural area in our country, which drags down the average. Also, the cable companies are greedy and want more money for less service.
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    Microsoft Gives Elop Control Of Games And Hardware

    MS has a perfect opportunity with Windows phone, the PC and the xbox. Nobody has a lineup which can compete. They need to tie the systems together better. Right now you can install a cablecard tuner on a media center PC. How about installing it straight to your XBox. install a big ass HDD...
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    Kinect No Longer Mandatory For Xbox One

    now they need to make the price $350 for the XB1, and $150 for the Kinect. That'll shut the ps4 crowd up.
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    Comcast Tests Data Overage Fees In Additional Markets

    If it meant lower prices I'd be all for it. Hell I'd limit myself to 100GB a month if it cut my cost by half. They'll never reduce the cost though.
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    Google Demands Shut Down of Microsoft's YouTube App

    I think Microsoft is doing it on purpose to bring to light the tactics Google uses to in order to make Android more popular. They use Maps and YouTube as leverage. Something Microsoft did with operating systems and office suites, which they got into a little bit of trouble for. It's the only...
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    Computer Guts Become Eerie Landscapes

    I thought it was scene's from the next Tron Movie.
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    Dislike: Facebook Charges To Message Celebrities

    $300 is the rumored price for a subscription-based Xbox.
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    The Kinect Will Replace Human Interaction

    I hate to say I didn't even have to look it up. The movie was Surrogates.
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    Hardest game EVAR!

    I got through level 7 with 105 deaths. Level 8 got me though.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Fingers crossed!!!
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    Gadget Makers Can Find Thief, but Don’t Ask

    How does Amazon know that this guy did not sell the device, and is now reporting it stolen to get it back at the person for whatever reason. I'm sure that Amazon would like to help out, but does not want to get sued if they give out personal information. What if an abusive ex was trying to...
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    Windows 7 Activation Already Cracked

    Isn't China (All of Asia actually) the king of pirating software. Good move giving them the code early.
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    iTunes Borking Windows

    Somehow I doubt we'll see an Apple vs. PC Guy add showing that iTunes makes Windows crash.
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    Fire At Apple HQ

    It was an overheating battery in a macbook?
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    Rambus Sues NVIDIA for Patent Infringement

    I didn't even know rambus still existed. It was nice of them to wait like 7 years to decide that they have been infringing on their patents since SDR memory was being used. If rambus came forward right away Nvidia would have altered their memory controller long ago. By waiting now they can...
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    Blu-ray Drive Prices May Not Fall As Quickly as Expected

    You're dreaming if you think Blue Ray prices would be the same today if there were no HD-DVD.
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    Blu-ray Drive Prices May Not Fall As Quickly as Expected

    Are you kidding? If not for the price war with HD-DVD Blue Ray would cost twice as much as it does now. Just look at what happened when HD-DVD folded. For the first time Blue Ray got more expensive not cheaper.
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    SP1 really sucks. Big time

    I've definitely had nvidia drivers cause a BSOD before. I would say video drivers have been among the biggest causes of BSOD's on my systems. Overclocking and bad memory account for the rest.
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    SP1 really sucks. Big time

    Excellent rule of thumb. that is definitely the way to go. Anybody I know who bought a new machine with vista preinstalled have been happy, I think it tends to be the upgraders who expect there machine will suddenly perform better who are dissapointed the most.
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    SP1 really sucks. Big time

    Win 98 SE was great, but ont of the biggest benefits of moving to XP was stability. in XP when a program crashed usually only that program would crash in 98SE the os needed to be rebooted. If your 98 was more stable than XP then consider yourself fortunate, because I don't think that is the...
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    SP1 really sucks. Big time

    Wow, over 90% don't want to change to Vista. Think that might be a slight exaggeration? It seems like there should be no vista computers using that logic. Of course IT people don't want to start using Vista, it would require them to do more work. XP has been around for 7 years, IT people...
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    SP1 really sucks. Big time

    Could be lots of reasons. Did you upgrade an old machine to XP? If so if you did not have any compatibility problems then your machine and software must have been pretty new. I know I had to get newer versions of a couple of programs. I really can't remember if I had to replace any hardware...
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    SP1 really sucks. Big time

    I feel the same way. Has everybody forgotten about converting from Win 98Se to Win XP. The exact same problems occurred, older hardware with no updated drivers stopped working, older software stopped working, people complained about how much memory XP needed (512mb) compared to 98SE (128mb). The...
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    SP1 really sucks. Big time

    I downloaded the entire SP and burned it to disk. It works better than the last release candidate. It even fixed the problem I was having resuming from sleep. Well . . . it fixed my computer resuming from sleep. I personally still hit the snooze button.
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    Best Buy Sued Over Derogatory Job Reference

    I'm not surprised to hear something like this going on at BB. They are still pulling the internal web site scam. I was there Sunday, and bought new phones for the house. The web site said $129.99. They ring it up as $149.99. I say it is $129.99 on the web site. The manager comes over and...
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    Body Heat Used To Charge Electronics?

    That is the first thing that popped into my head as well.
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    Zune Passes The One Million Mark

    does that 25 million figure count hard drive based iPods or all iPods. It is not fair to count a $50 iPod shuffle to a $250 player is it? I'm sure Apple is still kicking Microsoft's a$$ but not by 25-1. It may get interesting to see what happens when the second generation Zune's come out with...
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    ClubIT eVGA 7800 GT $309.99 Shipped...

    Newegg has the evga 7800 gt for $319 but it is factory overclocked to 460 core - 1100 mem. I just ordered one here is the link.