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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Sign me up. Only 125,000 other registered users, what's not to like about those odds! :cool:
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    The Sky is Falling

    Who is with me to petition AMD/ATi to release the R700 with a different series number? That way is really win-win. Different series number, same tech = Chipset + pictures (tutu + bra + pink wheels) You don't think that AMD/ATi has printed so much copy that a copy/paste job couldn't fix...
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    Requirements for Triple Monitor Setup

    That looks like it will just split the signal so that he'd have the same image on 2 screens, not give him 2 unique VGA outputs from one DVI input.
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    Couple Blame Neglect On Internet Addiction

    So what now? According to the article: video games = meth? :eek: Please tell me the defense isn't really going to use that as an argument. What won't they blame on video games next?
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    ID Thief Sentenced To 5 Years

    I just got a letter in the in the mail last night, pretty sure it was from Sentry too, telling me that my data was among the recovered information. Coincidence? :(
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    Semi [H]ot Westinghouse 47" 1080p LVM-471 $1399+Tax (on $1249.99) at BB

    lol, actually I found him in the avsforum and he got an open box.:cool:
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    Semi [H]ot Westinghouse 47" 1080p LVM-471 $1399+Tax (on $1249.99) at BB

    Damn you [H]ot|DEALS forum!!! :D So how did you go about talking them down in price? I imagine that they'll say, "well sir, we've already taken $200 off for the clearance." What did you say/ask/whatver to get them to drop the price further?
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    Free Copy of SnagIt 7.2.5

    Same here, use it all the time at work. We're still on an older version though, 6.0 I believe. It'll be great to give this a try, thanks OP!
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    Deal Struck In MySpace Extortion Case

    Everyone seems to fall for the, "Just fly to (city) and we'll pay you lots of money" trick. :rolleyes: At least they were young and lucky enough that the judge let them avoid Federal pound-me-in-the-@ss prison. Office Space ftw! :D
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    Microsoft 2007 business launch - free Office 07 for IT professionals.

    Signed up for the Dev. track in Sacramento. My office is going to try and stay with win2k until Vista sees a service pack or two but it'll still be interesting to see what Microsoft has up its sleeves now.
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    61" DLP - $1800 - no rebate

    Is this deal good at the B&M too? If it is, don't forget that CC has their 125% price match on TVs. Currently they have this model advertised for $2340. So $2340 - $1797 = $553. 125% of $553 = $691.25 $2340 - $691.25 = $1648.75 I haven't confirmed this, but thought I'd toss it out there.
  12. T's current [H]ot Deals

    Look like the price on the Musketeer II has been fixed. I ordered one simply because it was only $4.99. :D
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    Every time I sign on, I don't see anyone online. It could be because the 1st time i wrote in my friend's code, I entered it with a typo. I've already got a 2nd floor on my house but have yet to get any other fruits in my town yet. It's pretty painful trying to earn money since i'm still only...
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    New CS!

    The video is funny because it's true! They really did a good job.
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    Favorite RPG of all time?

    1. Secret of Mana 2. Legend of Zelda 3. Xenogears I loved the action/rpg interface for both 1 & 2. Can you believe that when my house was broken into about 10 years ago (looking for quick sale items), they took CDs, my gameboy, left the SNES but took Secret of Mana :( . Of all the things...
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    Dell 2407WFP Specs Page Up Soon

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    EVGA step up program

    ^^^ what he said. :)
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    EVGA step up program

    The 7900GT (256-P2-N563-AX) is listed for $299.99 on newegg. That is very close to what eVGA was advertising too, although their prices on the step-up program are down right now (says to call in for pricing). If you have time left in your 90 day period you may want to call them to see what their...
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    Java help!!

    Try googling something like "<class> <function>" tossing in java as a search term if the results are too broad. So "string split" should take you to the corresponding JavaDoc. You could also just go to and download all of the javadocs. I'm not sure what help the jBuilder comes...
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    External Graphics card for laptops?

    *sigh* I said 2 years ago and radeon 9000. Hardly something to attempt to run today's games on. Obviously the technology hasn't been followed up on with gamers as a target audience or we would have seen it here on the [H]. The original point was an extra box, said nothing about power or...
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    External Graphics card for laptops?

    About 2 years ago, Gateway tried to sell me a solution where they'd stick a device into a PCMCIA slot. I could never get any specs out of them except that it was based on the radeon 9000 (I had the 7500). I never went for that, ultimately I bought a new laptop. As far as the point about...
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    7900GTX Paper Launch or Not?

    I'm thinking a [H]ard launch. Either way, you'll know by Saturday whether or not it is a hard launch or not. With everyone speculating it's release will be on the 9th, that should give you a couple of days to decide.
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    [H]ot deals @ Monarch (check often)

    Since some people have had issue with Monarch shipping in a timely manner, I just wanted to say that I ordered my 7800GT on Monday w/2-day FedEx, received Thursday. :cool: I have no problems with this kind of shipping time. Thanks Monarch!
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    Java Problem

    IDE, yea that's what I meant. Couldn't remember the acronym. :o We would point them to the Java compiler that we had installed (typically the Sun JDK) when installing the IDE. The BlueJ environment was sufficient for simple debugging but there are known issues when using it. Try running it...
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    Java Problem

    BlueJ is good teaching compiler but I've found that it doesn't handle some things very well. In college, it was the compiler used in the early programming classes but once in the upper division courses, the professors recommended other compilers. I remember that it had problems doing some 2D...
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    buying a 6600GT as a stopgap until the 7900 forces current prices down?

    They're recommending the eVGA because of the step-up program that eVGA has. If you buy a card you can upgrade it directly through eVGA for the cost difference, shipping and tax on the new card as long as you have all of the original packaging and contents. The rebate *may* not work so be sure to...
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    Newest [H]ot deals @ Monarch (check often)

    Darn you Mr. Monarch!!! I just added to your legion of new Monarch customers. Grabbing one of those eVGA cards. I'm banking on the step-up program, so I'm going eVGA this time instead of BFG. Quick question to those out there in [H]-land...looks like if we do the rebate, we may be SOL for...
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    2 gb corsair xms dual channell $169

    Picked up mine in store last night. Can't wait to get my system up and running. :D The Fry's ad also had a x2 3800+ & some ECS mobo for $279.00...bought that too.
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    Design me a logo??

    @sc00ter: What if you flipped the sword so that the hilt to blade went from left to right, with the blade ending at the last s in Systems? @Tengis: I'm liking the clock, but what if instead of a mutated hilt, the hour hand were a dagger? Just a thought. Or instead, the minute hand could be a...
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    maps u want to come to CS:source

    It's all about scoutzknives with low gravity. :D I know the port exists, I just don't see it very often. Anyone know of any servers with it in the rotation?
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    Gates open again! edit: >.< That's it, stupid DS lost connectivity in the middle of another visit. :( Sigh, I was plugged in and everything. This time it told me that communication was lagging and gave me a countdown. I got right up next to my access point, but I couldn't recover...
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    Not sure, it just said that I had communication errors and that I'd have to restart and that I'd get sent back to my last save point. :( These guys didn't put in too robust of an error handling/time hack protection. Oh well, I now know where my $ rock is...going back now. ;)
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    Heh, thanks for pointing that out, my friend code is actually: 1031 4084 0430. :o It's been a while since I've gone through this thread, I'll add your fc in a minute. *edit: You're added KJ, thanks for pointing out my mistake too! :D **edit: Sorry, I somehow lost communication for a...
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    Gates open. Bring fruit if you can, I've only got cherries. The DS stays with my fiance so she can feed her dog, and we don't always come here for me to open gates. Anyways, stop on by!
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    I bought it all (the bundle + 2 games)! Name: boOgles Town: oOgles Fruit: Cherries FC: 1030 4084 0430 Fiance's name is going to be schnoogles...don't ask :D See, the oogles sound...playing in each name...never mind. :p I've added a bunch of people, not everyone though, I can...
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    *reaches into endless bag of $$$ for second NDS* Oh yea, don't have one ^^^ :p We'll do a more time-share thing for now I suppose, I will grab her a copy of Nintendogs. She was going ga-ga for the chihuahua yesterday at the store (she has 2 IRL, those girls are the yapping/barking all...
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    Man, reading this thread has got me wanting a NDS now. What's worse, I have a wally world in the same lot as the building that I work in...checked it out at lunch today and they have the Mario Cart bundle and AC:WW boxes in stock. I don't need more addicting games, yet I'm so tempted to go...
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    Neon Genesis Evangelon for like 8 bucks

    So are they going to refund the purchase price to our CC? Or do we now have ~$13 worth of credit at their store? Sigh, I'd been looking for a really cheap Evangelion set for a while too. :(
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    Blah might as well tell you guys... Dell 24inWS lcd 780 shipped

    w00t! Ordered mine last week, arrived today. For all the worrying I did about buyer's remorse once I put my money down, I have been thoroughly pleased with this monitor. After buying my 2005fpw, I was a little let down because of a lack of, "damn-that's big" factor. Don't get me wrong, the...