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    Steam introduces feature to combat Borderlands review bombings, Gearbox CEO responds to situation

    I don't get it. People talk about Steam as if it were rainbows and unicorns. Their customer support SUCKS. The lack of reviews, however, is a huge flaw of Epic's.
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    Logitech M185 and Other Mice are Vulnerable to Keystroke Injection

    Wireless mouse = laptops. If it's a desktop, I wire the hell out of everything. Including network of course, it annoys me to no end when I see a desktop connected wirelessly to the network. :S The only reason why I like wireless mouses with laptops is that I can leave the dongle always...
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    Disney Completes Fox Acquisition

    Best definition I've ever seen. QFT.
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    Need recomendation for GPUs on a budget for WoW Classic

    See my edit. I am back to the point where I want to get bang for the buck GPUs for a i5-3570 build. PSU and case are taken care of. Nothing fancy of course, good brand 500W PSU and generic mATX case, but I already have everything.
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    Need recomendation for GPUs on a budget for WoW Classic

    As I decided to move the guts out of the case and get the whole hardware to support that (e.g PSU and a new case of course), what would be the best bang for the buck then? 570? (edit: if anyone is curious, I have two machines running on boards that are compatible with those processors. I will...
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    Need recomendation for GPUs on a budget for WoW Classic

    That's for the tiny. I got the SFF:
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    Need recomendation for GPUs on a budget for WoW Classic

    Lenovo M92p. Core i5 3570. I don't have a lot of experience with SFF systems, so I don't know if I could get a beefier PSU for it. That means nothing if I can't get a suitable low profile card to bask in the extra juice, of course. Alternatively, I could just transfer the guts to a standard...
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    Need recomendation for GPUs on a budget for WoW Classic

    Me and my wife will play WoW Classic when it releases. I got two Lenovo SFF sporting i5-3570s and I need a GPU for each. I am pretty sure they have to be low profile. Of course that means I am on a budget, so I was thinking RX 590 or GTX 1060. Both go for around 400CAD right now. Alas, I can't...
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    Microsoft Announces DX12 Support for Windows 7

    8.1, yes. You're right.
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    Dell Technologies Gains Global Market Share in Server and Storage in Q4 2018

    What about ThinkServers? Any opinions?
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    Samsung Loads McAfee Antivirus Onto Smart TVs

    I still don't know if it's really worth it to pay for an AV vs using Windows Defender, considering you're a slightly better than average user. And I've dumped Samsung at least 5 years ago. LG is just better: pure no frills good tech. Maybe rnot the best, but always good, and reasonably priced.
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    Linus Torvalds Comments On Apple's Potential Move to ARM

    Same goes for ThinkPads.
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    Linux Gaming Is on a Life-Support System Called Steam

    It is happening everywhere in the IT industry, I wonder why Microsoft of all players would be uninterested in pulling that move. It IS happening with Office right now.
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    YouTube Updates Its Strike System

    Politics became the same as cheering for a particular soccer team. Except that, well, it's expected to be 100% emotional when it comes to something that's basically a distraction. There's a lot of emotion going in politics, of course - some people just go through different things through life...
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    Global Foundries May Be Sold

    Plot twist: AMD buys GloFo; LOL.
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    Forbes Tries To Game on Linux

    I may have had terrible luck, but Mint was awfully slow on my machines. The best one is an i3-4170, and most of them are sticker-modded Xeons (771 to 775, Core 2 Based), so there's that. Still, Fedora runs great on them, even with GNOME
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    Forbes Tries To Game on Linux

    Ubuntu is apt based yet pushes containers more than all the others for the Desktop version. At least that's what I got when I tried to install some programs from the store (using the GUI). It was confusing. Why on earth would I want Nextcloud-client on a container? Debian is quite polished...
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    Forbes Tries To Game on Linux

    I must say all your talk gave me the itch to try, so I will. That said, why is Manjaro's logo so God damn awful?
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    I can't believe what people are paying for 2500K and 3570K combos

    Those are still champs AND they run on DDR3. That means max'ing out their RAM is only one kidney, not two. Also, on a budget, $120 is a LOT of money. And there's nothing that makes you overpay more than being on a budget...
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    Mercury Research Says AMD Made Gains in the x86 Market

    Yep,. hard to compare. AMD aim for the cheapos, because laptop manufacturers don't even care about building quality around their flagship products. The cheapos are what they are, their main issue has always been drivers. I would love to play with a new-ish one just to see if all the driver...
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    Slack Files for IPO

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one bites the dust! So far it looks like every disruptive initiative goes mainstream and just plain cliche after a successful IPO.
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    QuadrigaCX Founder Dies and Customers Lose Access to Their Crypto Investments

    That won't prevent the n=1 reports (as in "I did it and I came out just fine!!!11!!11!") from piling up. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
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    GameStop Just Gave Up on Trying to Sell Company

    I don't know about GameStop, but EB Games here in Canada is actually pretty good. As they're owned by the same company, it shouldn't be that hard to share some knowledge.
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    Firefox 66 to Block Audible Sound from Autoplay Video and Audio by Default

    Firefox seems to be on a winning streak. I have not had any reason to regret going back to it since Quantum dropped. I strongly advise others to do the same. It has its flaws, but they're minor, and all in all it is a better browser than Chrome.
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    One of the Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Working with the FBI

    ...and nobody saw that coming, amirite?
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    Smartphone Manufacturers Slow Production as Global Demand Weakens

    I was rocking a Nexus 4 until a month ago. 5 year run, replaced battery once. Now I have a moto e5 play. 150 CAD, has all the fancy stuff, responsive and good battery life. I tried hard to treat myself to something more expensive, but I couldn't bring myself to it.
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    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    Care to share details about the specific sound recorder you used?
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    is it worth upgrading my core i5 E2400?

    Depending on the MoBo, you can also run a Xeon. They're cheap and will give you a nice boost.