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    Petition for Spaceman

    Un bannnnn.
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    I do remember reading about some types of tweeters in line arrays that can fix the lobing now. The only two things stopping me is the huge sound stage, and the comb filtering. Perhaps a mid bass array with a single tweeter a mid hight and a pair of subs would be best, and some DRC for the comb...
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    Program optimization, prioritization.

    Under Vista, I have an audio program which processes audio for Room correction then head to my amp and to my speakers. Currently there is about a 300ms delay in the time it takes for the source to execute the sound and then for it to end up playing. I would like to know what can I do to...
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Omega how do you deal with the lobing, and combfiltering? Looks slick otherwise.
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    XBOX ->AVR -> Sound card -> AVR -> speakers.

    Ill give candy~
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    XBOX ->AVR -> Sound card -> AVR -> speakers.

    I would like to play a CD on my Xbox360 which goes to my AVR, then send the sub out to my sound card, which then will apply some EQ then send it back to my speakers. What am I looking for in a sound card to do this? Any Ideas?
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    Resistance 2. 60 man MP, 8 player coop, 2 campaigns

    From an interview I read it seemed they would slow down the pace a bit and try to focus on squad vs squad combat.
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    Resistance 2. 60 man MP, 8 player coop, 2 campaigns

    -One campaign focusing on Nathan Hale across USA -One separate story based -campaign supporting 2 players offline, 8 players Online -Online Multiplayer (dedicated servers) supporting 60 people, lobbies for individual squads -Classes for online, templates include Heavy, Special Ops, Medic...
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    X360 HD-DVD guy looking to get setup with PS3

    300 movie with PCM audio makes for great Phalanx shield smashing goodness.
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    Should I replace my 360 with a PS3?

    Get the ps3, in the future when gears of wars 2 comes you could always rebuy it :D
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    50" Plasma + PS3 or Computer Upgrade?

    PS3 + big screen Made a similar choice and blu ray is AWESOME, not to mention uncharted is great :D
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    With Warner going Blu-ray exclusive.

    I hope that BD drives will pick up in manufacturers and prices will go down.
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    Recommend me some ps3 games to buy and some to rent

    Super stardust HD to buy. Rent uncharted.
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    Symphony of the Night - Play through with Luck Mode?

    Very doable to win in luck mode. You can beat it outright if you know how to beat all the bosses, or you can cheese your way through using a 2hand katan weapon ability and beat all the bosses or shield rod cheese it with the alucard shield. However you could go though Normal mode and get the...
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    Bigfoot Killer NICs?

    The difference is that one has acess to the onboard programs that be used by the NPU. Also the k1 has a slower cpu. These cards work well if you have an aged PC and can remove a very small ammount of ping afforded by the windows networking stack. Results depend on the person, I never owned one.
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    6 million ps3s sold? hmmm the previously announced figures which were apparently old had the ps3 at 4.5 million. These figures state 6million which would seem off if it is a shipped number as i was under the impression that the...
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    SALES not shipments are low for PS3 at 4.48 million sold with its large price point isn't terrible but far from rosy. I think that after this Christmas with the massive amount of possible AAA titles and another price drop to $399 it should pick up. Or a definitive win in the format war would also...
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    Microsoft Xbox 360 Sales Plunge 60% As Problems Mount

    I would assume the 60% drop was a recent ordeal, not over the past 6 months and only unreleased current data would show it.
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    MGS4 gameplay trailer.

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! tons of awesome view modes, movements, and a lot of attention to detail in terms of emotions and animations.
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    New GT5 Video

    i heard that they will have limited damage, online racing, and a few other things, ill try to find the link.
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    New GT5 Video

    this looks much better than forza2 and some shots are just unreal.
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    Official May 2007 NPD thread

    btw ps3 not only needs a price cut, but needs fall to roll around sooner when some really great titles finally come out.
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    Official May 2007 NPD thread

    In terms of sofware sales it could be many of the causals are quite happy with Wii sports. if the Wii is attracting many nonhardcore gamers I would expect attach rates to be a lot lower.
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    People listed in the Gamertag thread ::: has your XBOX 360 broken?

    My XBOX Live Gamertag: aerobahn XBOX 360 Type: Premium Date purchased: april 06 Hardware Failures: twice (refurbished unit kicked bucket) Replaced twice: number three has lasted about 3-4 months with the freezing here or there.
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    Tekken 5: DR for PS3 = ONLINE!

    AWESOME. please no lag please no lag x 50
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    Is DVD-9 enough for the XBox 360? Bigger textures, hopefully we will be able to see some showings, and results if possible.
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    Another dead 360 thanks to GH2 thread. *RANT*

    Sure its not scientific, but i'd be willing to be the end result is very close. 360's are dying all around me. I'm on number 3, my brother just sent his in for repairs, and my coworker just got 3 red lights of happiness.
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    Is Sony coming around?

    however when a company like Epics wants to give you something for free but MS forces them to sell it, that is craptastic. Thus far Sonys console has been a bit more forgiving in this area but PSN is still on the up an comming so it remains to be seen how it will end up.
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    Is DVD-9 enough for the XBox 360?

    You do not really need anything in its singular form and can make do pleanty. Large textures are not needed, tons of animation isnt "needed", great lighting isnt needed, The list goes on and it is the same for storage space. have you ever heard uncompresssed sound? its absolutly great and...
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    Ninja Gaiden to silence PS3 critics

    Just thought id remind everyone that is not SONY who stated this, it is the game developer and everyone knows the team ninja are notorious for spouting this type of hype. Just seems a bit high horse-ish. They also said ninja gaiden 2 will make all the other devs give up.
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    Ninja Gaiden to silence PS3 critics

    It wont move PS3s but will be great imo. First day purchase for me.
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    The Cell + RSX=??

    Ports usually do not showcase a systems graphics. That being said the best looking games for the PS3 will be first party IP's. The CPU + GPU inbox design cell can help out on a bunch of different things there are many forums other than [H]ard were developers hang out and can give you much...
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    Ghost Recon AW 2 demo out the 7th......

    I never found either Graw to be ever much fun, on the console.
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    PS3 gameshare thread PT II quoted from the horse's mouth

    to be honest I have done and continue to do this very thing, and there were times that I would question it's legality and if I should continue. However the last thread being closed was done under normal circumstances as im sure few people know with out a doubt sony's stance and if it was...
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    Computer Upgrade vs Xbox 360

    must. resist. the. 5. year. opening. for. a. bad. joke.
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    PS3 - This is Living

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    Two years after their release - which is better overall PSP or Nintendo DS?

    PSP for sure lately. It died off a bit after troubles but the incoming games and all the homebrew make it so much more than the DS can offer.
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    Hour of Victory

    The worst demo I have ever played on Live.
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    [H]'s thoughts on best cooler for PS3

    The PS3 has a great cooling solution already and im sure you will not need a third party coolingsystem.
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    Pa rapper 2 and loco roco2 for psp confirmed :D

    confirmed on sony Europe's site. WOOT