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    Found please delete
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    Wtb 3070 or 3070ti

    My bad
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    Wtb 3070 or 3070ti

    Looking for a 3070 or 3070 ti. Trying to upgrade from a 5700xt. Please post or pm me. I only have paypal goods and services.
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    wtt 5700 xt xfx

    Looking to see if anyone would be interested in trading. I have a xfx 5700 xt gpu never overclocked, never mined on. Mainly looking for a 3070 or 3070ti. I can add to make it even.
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    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger free on Steam

    Thank you for posting this!
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    Want new monitor

    Best buy has a lg ultragear 27 inch 144hz 1920x1080p gsync free sync monitor for 200. It's ips so it looks really nice. I think they also have a 32 inch 1440p version for 250. I haven't tried that one though.
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    Wtb ryzen cpu 3600 3700 5600x other

    Bump still looking
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    Wtb ryzen cpu 3600 3700 5600x other

    Looking for an upgrade from my 1600af cpu. Looking for 3600 3700 5600x or others. Let me know what you have. PayPal ready.
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    Blast from the past. 2006 drive purchase from Newegg

    320 gb use to seem so big back
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    How many games have you refunded?

    I think i refunded roughly three games.
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    NVMe heatsink really necessary?

    Can you fit one of the $2 ebay heatsinks on it? Its just a finned piece of aluminum, pad, and silicone rings.
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    NVMe heatsink really necessary?

    It doesn't appear that most users need one. I bought a basic cheaper heatsink for peace of mind.
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    Repurposed Corona cooler

    Looks awesome!
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    5700XT driver situation August 2020

    Having issues with the radeon software crashing during overwatch. Also having random black screens/hard lock ups without after burner running. Also having issues where the software wont show the program. It just doesn't seem to launch, it hangs as a black box with dual monitors. It seems...
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    FS: Lian Li (PC-XB-01) Xbox 360

    Always wanted this, will keep an eye on the thread.
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    Xfx thicc 2 with the extra plastic removed and new gpu paste. I haven't done the washer mod. The fans seem to work properly, but it seems like that either the fans kick in to late or it doesn't come out of silent mode.
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    My 5700xt will black screen and reboot if i don't manually set fan speed at 50 percent each time the computer starts with latest drivers. Otherwise i remember amd drivers being pretty good.
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    Are heatsinks necessary for NVME SSDs?

    Its not needed for most use case scenarios. Its a good idea if you do large data transfers often. I bought a cheap thin one for $5 off ebay just in case.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    I haven't tried cranking up the frames yet in csgo. I left it capped at 60 fps because i was planning on getting a 144hz monitor after my old card sells.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    I really like it so far except for the large faceplate. Seems to run quiet and the amd drivers installed flawlessly. So far no black screens with games I've tested. I'm pretty sure its a placebo effect, but for some reason csgo seems to look better on the new card lol.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    Thanks everyone, i picked up a used 5700xt for cheap.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    Ryzen 1600 af @4ghz Ddr4 ram @ 3000 mhz Noctua d14 cpu cooler Ssd boot drive Asus b350 f gaming mobo 850 watt psu
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    Finding a cpu heat sink clip for an Abit VH6T Motherboard

    Plastic welder from harbor frieght might work. I've only used it on motorcycle plastics that flex though.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    Evga superclocked acx 3.0. Its a nice card, but i usually try and resell my old hardware instead of doing one large purchase. Thanks, i will check out reviews of that 2060 ko.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    Red dead redemption 2. Your assumption about me not looking at reviews is wrong. I thought that reselling my old card and spending roughly $130 for a 20 percent improvement was a good deal. My mistake.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    Hello what would be the best gpu upgrade from a 1070? I was thinking about a 5700, but should I be looking at other options? 27 inch 1080p 60 hz monitor and 24 inch 60hz monitor is what I game on with semi new titles Thanks :)
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    Critical Firefox Vulnerability, Update Now

    I was wondering why it kept crashing today.
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    I need to identify make and model of this case

    Reminds me of xigmatek towers.
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    Best PC gaming controller in 2020?

    i really like the steam controller, the abyc buttons need to be moved to the right a bit though.
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    Ryzen R5-1600 AF

    I picked up the 1600 af to replace my 1600. I hope it can hit 4.1 4.2 at decent volts. My current 1600 is running 3.8 at 1.35 volts so it should be a nice upgrade.
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    Win 7 trouble with nvme drive

    I think a guide said to install windows to the nvme drive directly the hotfixes would have to be intergrated into the install media first.
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    Win 7 trouble with nvme drive

    The hot fixes, then cloning it from a sata drive to nvme drive worked great. Thanks everyone! I also had another issue where win 7 would hang at a black for 30 seconds after logging in. Turning off pci link power saving or reinstalling gpu drivers fixed it.
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    Win 7 trouble with nvme drive

    The nvme drive doesn't show up in windows when I boot win 7 from a hard drive. Do I need a usb adapter to clone the image to the nvme drive? Thanks!
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    Win 7 trouble with nvme drive

    Hello when i try installing windows 7 onto my nvme drive i get a bsod 0000007 error when windows boots. I used msi win7 tool to add nvme drivers. Is there anything else i can try to get it working? I5 6400 Gigabyte z170 h3dp Lite on 250 gb nvme Ati 4550 gpu
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    Found- MB/CPU/Ram - Found!

    What's the budget? I have a 4690k rig
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    FS: Windows 10 Pro, Crucial DDR3 SODIMM 8GB

    Free bump, for my mistake glws
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Probably my bfg 8800gt. It survived a lot of builds and hours gaming on a 720p monitor. I have it sitting in my am2 dual core rig right now.
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    Seagate MACH.2 Multi Actuator [H]DD Interest?

    I haven't heard of this so thanks for posting about this. Looks like i need to do some reading about this.