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    Switching to Opera: It's Time to Break up with Chrome and All the RAM It Eats Up

    Unused RAM is wasted RAM. Unless you're constantly being sent to the page file due to RAM usage, which shouldn't happen as most applications willingly return unnecessary cache when asked by the system, I don't see what the big deal is...
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    Best Network Speeds..

    Server 2012 + SMB 3.0 for the win also teaming is nice and easy.
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    Thought I'd share my sadness

    Nope, they never resolved it. They basically just said I was doing it wrong. I put it in the rack without a lid. I put it under another server and lifted it as best I could so that there's very little gap between the two servers. It's not enterprise...
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    VMWare Workstation vs. Virtualbox

    Biggest complaint about VirtualBox...cannot pass through USB 3 drives. Really VirtualBox? Really? haha You should give Hyper-V a shot as well. It's free.
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    Cisco.ASA.- VLAN on outside interface

    I don't know. Why did you or your organization create a sub-interface? If your outside interface needs to support more than one VLAN then you have to create sub-interfaces for those VLANs and apply policies to them...Maybe you want TCP port 80 allowed through on one VLAN but not on the other...
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    What all do you run for software / servers at home?

    Zarathustra[H] They're just SFP+ Ports. They can be used for everything a normal port can be used for. They can be used to "stack" two switches together also. Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer a fully managed switch but this one does all the basics and I can't justify the cost of the other...
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    Billionaire Teams Up With NASA To Mine The Moon

    Good luck with all those moon Nazis mining Helium-3 up there.
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    Squid proxy basic help

    Is the Firewall an ASA or a Cisco device? Perhaps check for WCCP
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    What all do you run for software / servers at home?

    [My Physical Boxes] 2x Server 2012R2 - Hyper-V and File Server 2x Windows 8.1 - Workstation/Gaming/PLEX and an Intel NUC connected to TV 1x OSX - Macbook Air [My Virtual Machines] Server 2012R2: 2x AD/DNS/DHCP 1x SQL 1x Virtual Machine Manager 1x Web Server and Reverse Proxy 1x...
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    What about Bitdefender's SSL Certificate?

    It does. All that is happening with SuerFish and Bitdefender is that their service is decrypting the page first, looking at it, modifying it, etc, then re-encrypting it using their own private key. The primary problem is that your browser will always trust the SuperFish and Bitdefender...
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    Network Caching

    For Windows Update install a Windows Update's by far the best method, though it does take a little admin to approve updates (or just auto-approve everything). Your idea to script URL hits sounds feasible. There are articles online about how to make Squid cache dynamic content but...
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    Will a single Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L switch share a single gw-wan for all its VLANs?

    Can devices on VLAN2 or VLAN4 ping the VLAN1 IP address of the SWITCH? Can the VLAN2 or VLAN4 ping the VLAN1 IP address of the Router? If I had to guess I'd say the first question is YES and the second question is NO. Because the switch knows where the VLAN2 and VLAN4 subnet is, but the router...
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    Help with connecting to Hyper-V server

    The simple answer is setup AD, as it will save you sooooo much time haha
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    servers urgent

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    fixes for windows 10

    Turn off the windows firewall and make sure that your computer is plugged directly into the modem. It should have a public IP address. Be sure to disable Windows Defender, DEP and system restore too. Don't bother with anti-virus or anti-spam or anti-malware. Oh and make sure you install Java...
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    ‘Lizard Squad’ Member Reveals His Face in a TV Interview

    I think we're all missing the most important part of that entire interview! Didn't anyone see the girl at the end saying "We couldn't even plug it in or turn it on?" I laughed a lot...they didn't even unbox it because the PSN was down? Give me a break.
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    Paper job applications in the 21st century

    In Japan many companies expect you to hand write your resumes :)
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    Managed Switch Memory

    I would assume that it wouldn't help unless you're actually running out of memory and if that's the case you'd notice. They don't have swap space so they can't move memory to slower storage. If they run out of memory they crash or dump CAM tables, or don't let you enable some new feature or...
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    Hyper-V vs VMware

    Can VMWare do dynamic memory on Windows 7 VMs? Hyper-V cannot unless it's 7 enterprise or 8+ plus I've never really noticed dynamic memory doing much on Hyper-V for the Ubuntu guests I have.
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    Hyper-V vs VMware

    I'm curious if there are any oddball CPU requirements that are different between the two? For instance for the Windows 8(.1) version of Hyper-V you must have SLAT but not for the Server version. Are there any CPU features that one can take advantage of (or require) that the other cannot?
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    Hyper-V vs VMware

    Things I find interesting: #1. Drivers - It's often hard to find drivers for ESXi for non-enterprise grade hardware but Hyper-V, being Windows Server, it seems fairly easy to get it running on non enterprise hardware if you should so desire. #2. SMB - Hyper-V can take advantage of some cool...
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    Maximize bandwidth from server, teaming....

    Dude Server 2012 R2 has built in NIC teaming, SMB 3.0 and also supports MPIO over a team should you need it. Remove the damn Intel Drivers, team that shit in server manager and call it a day.
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    wireshark: how to determine which "Switch" is the culprit?

    I already told you how to determine what switch is to blame if it is a switch. Assuming they are not managed switches or you don't have access to look for config/interface errors: Start following the switches up stream. Plug in a laptop into the same switch you're having issues on, check the...
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    wireshark: how to determine which "Switch" is the culprit?

    While there could be a duplex issue or something of that nature it is much more likely that OP is experiencing normal behavior. There is a MUCH larger overhead when transferring many small files. When transferring a large file you're dealing with sequential reads and writes to/from the HD...
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    Multiple Static IPs Question

    Generally speaking when you have static IPs you configure it on the router to use a specific IP address and DHCP is usually off on that link so you wouldn't have to worry about the IP changing.
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    Error message connecting to a site

    Typically, websites (web servers and clients) can negotiate their encryption to higher/lower settings. They probably won't notice if you turn off SSLv3 unless something is specifically asking for SSLv3. These do exist unfortunately. In FireFox or Chrome you will likely see an error message...
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    Creating static route a possible solution to joining separate networks?

    Yes, static routes are the easiest method. Otherwise you'll need to create trunks and VLANs or change your gateways to the 3560. You said "one device" so I assume you want to configure firewall rules and the like.
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    Need help with Cisco ASA 5512-X

    Agreed, if you have no idea what you're doing then doing then you might as well have a basic firewall in place. An ASA is no better than a cheap SonicWall if you can't configure it. The fact that you deal with sensitive information related to government matters suggests to me that you should...
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    speed test says 40 megs, phone says 40 megs but ps4? 1.1 ??

    Just because your device supports N doesn't mean that everything is connecting at N. Just because you have a strong signal does not mean you don't have channel overlap with someone else. It also doesn't mean you don't have a lot of new interference. What you should really do is get a wifi...
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    Having issues with new cisco router

    Ummm silly question, does laptop have firewall turned on? I did a ctrl+f on here for firewall and I don't see you mention the laptop firewall haha
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    speed test says 40 megs, phone says 40 megs but ps4? 1.1 ??

    You still haven't answered anyone's questions about the wireless connection rate you're getting. You could also be having overlapping channels with someone else who just got a new WiFi router. Any number of things could make a connection go from good speeds to bad speed. Signal strength could be...
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    Console Port no signal

    Verify the cable and also try different baud rates and make sure you have the correct serial settings. I've seen one dead console port before, it's rare but it can happen.
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    server upgrade (WSUS) from 2003 to 2012R2

    Does this help?
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    Ubiquiti networks edge router v1.6 is out

    They mentioned me! haha
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    Hyper-V on Core 2 Duo in Windows 8.1?

    I ran into this before and it is true that Server 2012 doesn't require SLAT but 8.1 does require it. I never did find a way around that.
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    Poor guest performance, is this to be expected?

    One thing to keep in mind about Hyper-V is that your actual Windows 8.1 installation, when you activate Hyper-V, is essentially a prioritized virtual machine on top of the hyper-visor. That means that heavy I/O & CPU usage on the Win 8.1 desktop can severely starve the VMs of resources. I found...
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    AAA Game-File Sizes Are Getting Out Of Hand

    I don't care how big the game itself is, but there's zero reason for such HUGE patches. The majority of the size of these games come from textures and audio but their patch sizes seem to be insane. It would seem that their patching processes need to make better use of differentiating...
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    Cannot access X from Y but can from Z

    We don't offer XP support anymore. Sorry :p
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    setup email alert if a large amount of files are copied or if certain folders are?

    You could probably enable logging on the file server to log access to certain files and folders. From there you'd need to find a way to monitor the event log for new events and trigger an action. I would start with at the very least turning on file access logging and seeing what event is...