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    AM2 Processor availability

    Newegg now lists the 4200 / 4400 / 4600 x2s, all marked "in stock". I've not emailed to actually confirm that they're in-stock, however.
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    Total NooB...

    Very true. I like Python as a starter language because it's very forgiving (as opposed to anal-retentive languages like C, Java, or Ada). Stuff like VB and Perl also fall into the category, and they'll let you focus more on the procedural, rather than syntactic, elements of programming. While...
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    Total NooB...

    I'd think Python is fine for a starting point as languages go. As for an initial project, you'll need to spend most of your initial time learning programming basics. Do not go for a full-fledged program as a first attempt. Let's take the timer example as a starting...
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    PHP and Textarea

    In case you're not doing it now, also check out mysql_escape_string and associated functions to prevent sql injection attacks.
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    Starting a new character on WoW: Whisperwind please join

    Hunters are far better at soloing than warriors. Sure, a warrior will take a tougher beating than a hunter... but why is your hunter getting beat on at all? That's what his pet is for.
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    disabling services to boost performance

    Actually, it can and it does. It gets paged out to the hard drive. We've had thread after thread after thread on this (and most of them get locked), but the evidenced consensus has always been that widespread service tweaking nets no meaningful performance gains past startup. Here's one of...
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    disabling services to boost performance

    All the people who have had issues diagnosed by Ranma_Sao going through their crash logs might beg to differ.
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    Clear HTML file

    PHP example above is happy now. amoeba's is certainly the cleaner solution if it's practical, but the PHP / etc is nice to know when you don't have shell access to a web server. Coming back to that, since it doesn't look like the OP's got a real answer yet -- what is your server setup...
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    Clear HTML file

    Good point. Should have stuck to my list pseudocode of store; delete; create to be safe. As for . and .., they should be covered by the lack of a valid file handler coming back from readdir()
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    Clear HTML file

    how so? It's a virtual copy-paste from the PHP manual. Saying "that's wrong" without a correction really doesn't benefit anybody. //edit: that said, it is constructed off the top of my head and should be first tested in a safe environment, etc, yadda, yadda, yadda.
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    Clear HTML file

    Any decent scripting language (and maybe even DOS) could pull this off. You want to: --Read the directory listing, storing the file names --Delete the directory contents --"touch" the stored file names to recreate them as blank files PHP, for example, would use something like <?php...
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    What the heck IS this?

    Any further context, like where this folder is located?
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    remove SP2?

    ...however, the OP has a software conflict issue with SP2, not an SP2 configuration error.
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    remove SP2?

    Add/Remove Programs, SP2 has an entry. SP1 added USB 2.0, so it's doable. However, I've never heard of somebody rolling back SP2, so YMMV.
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    CSS Links help

    You could also :link { color: black; } .navigation :link { color: yellow; } ...and so forth. AFAIK, useless for :link, but has potential for :hover and other tag-generic pseudoclasses. It probably applies to SVG if you are (for whatever reason) sharing a CSS file with that format.
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    Making a tree diagram with PHP

    The example you posted, though, just looks like a standard forum heirarchy. That's just whatever data structure you happen to use -- likely, each forum entry includes a "parent" field, so you take the current forum, recurse back through the parents until you hit the root, and then write them...
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    Reading Directory of another website - PHP

    As of PHP 5, opendir() can handle ftp://... strings. For HTTP, I expect you'll have to ensure the remote directory has directory listing enabled ensure you actually see the directory listing file() the URL parse out the links
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    ahhh website...

    Frankly, I'm quite glad all my early works are way past recovery.
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    How many bits are used for the exponent in a 64-bit double?
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    Can you change the title of a thread.

    Only within 10 minutes of initial posting, forum-wide.
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    Windows XP Pro or Windows XP MCE

    As for MCE 2005, that's just a fancy way of saying MCE SP2. Ditto for Tablet edition. As for what OS, you should never have put MCE on it if you're not using it for Media Center purposes. That said, if it works, there's also no reason to go back to Pro.
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    need help creating an ftp server

    Chill, man, not everybody answers every 3 minutes. Besides, the answer is real easy to find if you Google "howto setup FTP". Try this:,12329921~mode=flat
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    Using PHP to automatically create .php files?

    mod_rewrite is a means of structuring your URLs (say, directing ../articlename to ../article.php?name=articlename) but it's not a solution to your original question.
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    Using PHP to automatically create .php files?

    You could create a file per entry, but that's an inefficient solution. You want to create an article template page that is generic across all (or a significant subset of) your entries. Then you'll link to .../article.php?article_id=something, and article.php can then reference...
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    Anyway to use headphones without unplugging the speakers from soundcard.?

    You could always go to Radio Shack and pick up a set of audio jacks to create your own cut-out (I did this with speakers that didn't have a headphone jack). Takes (for stereo) a 3-pin terminator on each end and a 5-pin jack in the middle for the headphone connection. There are also similar...
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    XP Pro Academic License

    You'd have to check the EULA, but I expect that academic would allow you to use both.
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    Upgrading From Win XP Home to Win XP Pro ???

    Probably just insert while in Windows, I expect there's an upgrade option. If not, there's definitely an upgrade option booting from the CD directly. And for an XP->XP upgrade, there's no reason to do a clean install. However, I'm wondering why he wants to upgrade. The only "connect to...
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    Is HTML code?

    The argument against code (and probably the correct one) is that you're not capable of making decisions or generating any new information in HTML or other markup languages. The argument for HTML as code is that you're interleaving human-interacted information with computer-interacted...
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    ?C++ Server Pages?

    Learning appropriate APIs or packages (MFC is an option). This is only debateably taking C++ a step further, as in principle it's no different from including iostream.h. Granted the level of complexity is higher but you're not unlocking new features of the language proper.
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    Applying to do student work for the CS please

    I'm gonna disagree with the above. A memo was requested and student work really doesn't demand (or want, probably) a resume. A resume probably wouldn't be the deciding factor against, but it's likely to irritate someone who's expecting a memo. Go with something like
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    Hosting website from home computer Config is manual but straightforward. Just reading the .conf file's comments is enough to fix most setup issues. Also, be aware that many ISPs frown on services running on standard HTTP and FTP ports.
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    Name that concept

    I'm with jpmkm on "no data re-creation." Other than that, it just sounds like a generic version of WinZip's split-for-floppy option. If you like, it's also like TCP.
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    Inserting text from a text file into webpage.

    The simplest method is to use SSI and include a line like <!-- #include file="/path/to/file1.txt" --> PHP's version would be <?php include("path/to/file1.txt"); ?> Note that include() uses PHP's path variable. #include can either be absolute or relative, based on using file= or virtual=...
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    BF2 tips wanted

    Yaw is done via the strafe buttons by default.
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    what does multi line strings deprecated mean?

    When trying to debug warnings, always always always fix your errors first! I imagine those warnings result directly from your errors. Coupled with that, start with the initial errors when possible, as a (basically) flat file sees errors cascade. Of course, this isn't always the case...
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    mac os x VS windows

    Security becomes absolutely meaningless for any OS if you grant physical access. You ought to find a reasonable example if you're going to slam the rating.
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    Sync/Backup Program

    I just use xcopy (command-line util). The Windows Synchronizer is also quite good.
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    mac os x VS windows

    1) assuming it were available for PC hardware, I wouldn't even consider it until it had a well-established driver suite. That said, I've idly considered grabbing one of the Mac Minis. 2) They're both modern OSs. There are no significant differences in terms of what one allows vs the other.
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    PHP: passing data on to multiple pages

    Put it in permanent storage, e.g. some form of database. This could be SQL, a text file, whatever. You could cookie it, but that's only semi-permanent, and again, raises the opportunity for a malicious user to alter the data.
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    PHP: passing data on to multiple pages

    yeah, absolutely. I didn't realize that you meant that the intermediate page would be shown to the user. Just remember that with this solution, you'll want to vet the passed info between each reception and use, not just after initial reception. A malicious user could easily insert their own...