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    Old People Don’t Understand Twitter

    I twitter for fun. I have a bad memory and scared i might get Alzheimer at an old age. This would be nice to have when im old that i could actually look back before im completely gone. Of course i don't write stuff like taking a crap, when i leave and come home, when i go to school. I keep it...
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    Guilty Verdict Overturned in MySpace Suicide Case

    I agree. A 13 year old should not be on the internet without an adult. Sorry, 13 year old's should be improving their skills in physics and science. Not wasting time on the internet.
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    Duke Nukem Developer Closes Its Doors

    More like burn in hell 3D realms. Sitting on their ass and not making any products does not get them money. :rolleyes:
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    Underwater MP3 Player Coming Soon

    Explained it perfectly. The one on in the OP is a mess.
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    Google Says Break Up Companies Too Big To Fail

    Does this mean google is willing to split? ;)
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    Leaving PCs On Overnight Costs $2.8B Annually

    Glade to see propaganda is being pushed out by usatoday, again. Do people leave there PC's on? maybe. Do I? maybe. Does it take 15 minutes to load my computer in-turn making me late? yes. Am i allowed to login early? no. Does it take two minutes to load seratel? yes.
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    data degredation can i do anything beyond optical?

    I didn't say 2 years. I said 10 to 15 years.
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    data degredation can i do anything beyond optical?

    The only reason i ask such a question is because i do notice degradation in music, video, and pictures. I see pictures that have been on a computer after 10 years don't look so great, some of the old mp3's have corruption to them when they've been transferred between computers. My concern is...
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    data degredation can i do anything beyond optical?

    Is there any media format beyond optical that would prevent or help prevent data degradation?
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    Chip Industry to Recover By 2012

    2012? really? must be the invention the terminator.
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    Is DVD Pricing Holding Blu-ray Back?

    My wife still owns a boob tube, no pun there.. What's the point of watching a blue ray movie on a 480 screen?
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    Intel Files Lawsuit Against Nvidia

    bye bye nvidia
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    Intel Offering Core i7 CPU and SSD Bundle

    whhyyyyy? just upgrade your video card, you gamers you.
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    Student Arrested For Classroom Texting

    He rather be called a female, but the police filed under his native sex. :p
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    Stimulus Bill Includes $7.2B for Broadband

    7.2B towards bigger monopolies. YAY! :D
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    Nine Year Old Kid Writes iPhone Application

    good for him. It's unfortunate, for myself, that i could never achieve such ingenuity.
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    mini SD instead of CD's?

    I couldn't figure out what place to put this in hard, but i went to walmart today to find out there is a new section for mini SD music. Is this a new thing or old news? If this is the new trend, those people that try to play music from their mini SD, is there a none computer system that...
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    Man Chokes Woman With Wii Controller

    +1 I bet the guy figures out how to make a Wii controller out of a cigarette box, a fork, a light bulb, and strangles someone in jail, to escape in the end... oh wait, that's Macgyver
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    Bad Economy Means Lame Games

    exactly what i was thinking. This gives a chance for the indie developer out there to put out a grade A game. I would hope the bad economy would down grade corporations and bring along better products, including a better playing field for indie devs. Aquaria is a great game, beautiful colors...
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    BitTorrent Tracker Admin Jailed for 18 Months

    Creepy, very creepy. I hate example arrests, that's all this is. My friend got the same treatment for another case from the state of California, out of all the thousands of cases, he was the one made an example of and given the extremity end of the sentencing, transferred to some random out...
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    Nintendo "Baffles" Market, Cuts Forecast by 33%

    life goes on broo da da da da life goes on, lets have some fun, blu ble blah blah blah HEY! :D
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    Intel SSD Roadmap Sneak Peek

    *cough* *cough* 128GB for $230. They're getting there.. ;)
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    House Defeats Bill to Delay Digital TV Transition

    In other news the government wants to spend 650,000,0000 to help folks convert. :rolleyes:
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    Rumour: Google To Buy Skype

    google bring back skypecasts PLEASE!!!
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    Sprint Nextel To Cut 8,000 Jobs

    Im not talking about the bottom dwellers...
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    Sprint Nextel To Cut 8,000 Jobs

    When does sprint stop? They've been doing this shit for the past 25 years. Over hire too many people and lay off 1.5 more then hired. Sprint needs to burn with no exit.
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    Gamers More Likely to Drink and Ignore Family, Study Says

    Sorry Terry, i can't read garbage by some random study done by a random university in one city Utah. 1.)My dad plays command and conquer, mom plays puzzle games like bejewled, fishdom, ect. and use to be an everquest player! my brothers and myself constantly look for co-op games to get...
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    ATI Radeon HD 4900 Rumors

    You folks are silly, silly. I have no problems with my 4870. No funny graphics, no overheating, ect. Maxes out most of the games with the exception of crysis. :) rumors,speculation, meh.
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    Samsung Replaces Older Execs with Younger Ones

    no you don't. The rail road industry and lots of businesses won't admit to age discrimination, but you can see it.
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    Why Google Employees Quit

    replace cooperate with corporate
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    Why Google Employees Quit

    after reading half of them, it sounds like typical cooperate life. You don't matter, people buzzing around, long hiring process, bad management, ect.
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    One more time, STEAM suxorz

    This is the exact reason why i like steam, i wish there was someone that sold wav files like this. :D
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    Samsung Replaces Older Execs with Younger Ones

    discrimination because of age happens in every country, nothing new.
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    General disapointment in retail sector

    everyone is making an excuse about the economy. I'm sorry but its a cop out. People are still buying houses, still buying electronics, ect. I am not talking about the wealthy either, just the ones that don't give into the 5o'clock hypno.
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    Vatican to Get YouTube Channel

    will there be a "hidden boy" cam available on this channel? :eek:
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    New Robotic Exoskeleton Combats Age

    *cough* *cough* hahahaha.
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    New Robotic Exoskeleton Combats Age

    very nice. I think EXO squad when i see that. :D
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    20th Anniversary B-2 Bomber Bike

    I wish one of those shops would revolutionize the bike industry and not make a joke of it. :(
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    Teen Convicted Of Murder Over Video Game

    mob mentality in America. Interesting. One way thinking, no other way out.
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    Could World of Warcraft be a College Class?

    making a 0 credit class for something like this would be fine, but it should not be given anymore then 0.