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    Very YMMV, Possibly Very Hot Plasma Open Box Clearances At Best buy/Sears

    I didn't use geeksquad. I used Samsung's 1 year warranty from purchase date.
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    Very YMMV, Possibly Very Hot Plasma Open Box Clearances At Best buy/Sears

    Got samsung to come out, he's installing a whole new screen/board at the moment. Walked away with a 51" plasma essentially brand new for $225 and will return the geeksquad.
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    Very YMMV, Possibly Very Hot Plasma Open Box Clearances At Best buy/Sears

    So they had the plasma 51", he bumped it down to 225. It had a line of dead pixels on the left side. I got geeksquad for minimum amount of 2 years. Going to call them in 2 weeks and they will replace with one of equal maybe greater caliber. Should get a $500-600 TV. Although I do want to look...
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    Very YMMV, Possibly Very Hot Plasma Open Box Clearances At Best buy/Sears

    There's a Samsung PN51F4500BFXZA for $269 near me. Condition is "fair" with scratches on bezel and no stand or remote. Depending on what those run me not sure if I'll bite.
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    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    This deal fucking exploded. There were 50+ mobos at my store for days, then I saw it on r/buildapcsales. Mostly gone now. Just go look at r/microcenterproxy
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    WTB: star citizen package

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    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    Their flier had it in there. Picked it up no problem.
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    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    My MC has 53 of these in stock. Except they are only selling for $40 off... EDIT: Are all of the local fliers the same? Tempted to drive there anyways and check for myself.
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    Ducky Mini Year of the Horse Edition. Anyone have it?

    Just ordered one yesterday with red switches. Really looking forward to it.
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    Free National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on Google Play

    Not showing up as free for me
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    FS Steam $50 Wallet Card, Microsoft Office 2013 Plus Retail Keys

    For sale: -Steam $50 Wallet card from the Best Buy promotion. Card is unscratched, pics incoming. Will email code after receiving payment. Asking $48. Image 1 Image 2 -Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus Keys. Easy to activate and download from Microsoft's website. Will email code...
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    WoW; 5th expansion Warlords of Draenor

    I just had to fall asleep for that small nap. God dammit
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    Black Friday expectations ?

    Any word on mechanical keyboard deals?
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    So I got this game through the AMD Gold rewards program. Got my ship into the hangar, made it into the ship, and no key i pressed would initiate a flight. Albeit I only had about 3 minutes to fiddle with it before I had to leave, I felt completely lost. There any beginners guides/tips to know?
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    You have a link? Great background
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    Need help with application problems

    Format. Didn't restore from Time Machine backup either. Just transferred documents/apps from HDD.
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    Need help with application problems

    I have a mid-2010 MBP 15". About 1.5 years ago I put a 160 gb Intel ssd in it. Have been running Mountain Lion. One week ago the computer completely freezes so I do a hard reboot. Any apps I had open before the crash (Chrome, Skype, LoL) don't open. Chrome and Skype freeze as soon as the app...
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    LF: PS3 Slim

    Looking for a ps3 slim with or without games. PM me...
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    Got a link to the background please?
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    Who wanted invites to Revott?

    Looking for an invite as well if anyone has an extra. Thanks
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    World of Warcraft "Scroll of Resurrection"

    Have Scrolls to give out. PM me if you want one (can make an alt on any server for you if you wish).
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    Broke a key on the keyboard. Need to find replacement.

    So my friend was using my MBP sitting on the edge of the bed and somehow she managed to rip the "W" key off, breaking the plastic hinge that holds the key on. :( I've searched everywhere and only thing I could find was in the UK at a rather pricey cost >20£. I'm hoping one of you'll could help...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    And theres you're problem. Try for some good builds/guides. Currenty in ELO hell but I'd love to play with [H] peeps. IGN: Cytersion
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    Ratpadz - shipping is still FREE!

    Just ordered one, got a confirmation email immediately as well.
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    The official "clean desktop" club v2010

    Have a link to this? And this? ;)
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    Anyone have or seen the Macbook Pro with the High Res display?

    I went with the 15" Pro hi-res screen, and sitting next to my sisters MBP standard 15" screen the difference is easily distinguishable. Looks SO much better imo.
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    How much space are your apps taking up?

    106 Apps (can't see how much space they are actually taking up directly on the phone), although honestly alot of them I don't use. I downloaded them once, were cool for a few mins, then I forgot about them. 498 MB free after music O.o
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    Hard drive crashed. I lost iTunes.

    iPod Touches and iPhones are different that normal iPods. Apple doesn't allow computers to see Touches and iPhones as hard disks, you can only manage them within iTunes, while normal iPods its easy to go in, view hidden files, and copy your whole library onto your computer. You gotta start back...
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    Schmidt Sees Computers Running Your Life for You

    Sweet looking car, I like it ;) I'd rather be in control of my driving than some computer. People are gonna be so brain dumb when all this technology piles up and people have to nothing for everything -.-
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    how much ram do you have in your MBP?

    4gb ram. Been plenty for me.
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    Best Screen Protector for iPhone4?

    These are the way to go, bought a set and I love them.
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    Steve Jobs to Win Vision Awards Title

    He said the new 4.1 would fix problems with iOS on the 3G.
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    Another round of Itunes hacking

    The hacking is only occurring for users with PP linked to their iTunes account and not CC?