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    Bye bye hard drives

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    Intel to ditch Pentium Name

    Even starting with Pentium 2 the name was a bit silly, since the Pentium was a way of saying that it came after 486s. So it was like "Number 5.. 2" instead of 6. Then "Number 5... 3", instead of 7. Going to Pentium 5 would just be reaching a point of redundancy that I think all the Intel...
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    CAS 2 or CAS 2.5 ??

    And if you're lucky, you'll get a stick that will run cas2 anyways. I bought a cheapo stick of ram (no name, not even Samsung or anything) that is rated at 3-4-4-8, but somehow I'm able to run it at 2-3-3-7. I had to up the voltage a little bit, but still, pretty nice performance from the...
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    New to SFF, wondering about vid card size/power

    Hi everyone, I've never built a SFF PC, so I'm wondering if you could help me or point me to the best places for me to help myself. I'm currently looking at a few possible shuttle cases (SB61G2, SN45G, SN85G4 V2) depending on which CPU I decide on, and I'd be hoping to use a Sapphire...
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    Which CPU for the $$

    They are talking about the mobile chips. Only the desktop chip has a 1.65V stock voltage.
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    Prescott Survial Kit from AMD

    Socket 939 is all you have to say? With respect to what? Heat? It's already been stated that it has lower power consumption than Prescott. Price? Well yeah, it's brand new, it's not going to be at the bottom of their price lists. The fact that they still have nicely performing processors...
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    Prescott Survial Kit from AMD

    How stupid AMD can be? 1) Kyle said he didn't think it came from AMD 2) AMD weren't the ones doing reviews on Prescotts at dozens of different websites all reporting that Prescotts ran hotter than any previously known processor. I think your flamethrower is pointing in the wrong...
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    Bye bye hard drives

    Ah, I missed the storage forum. I've never been here. Sorry. Yes the computer was on, as stated in the original thread. I'm running an Antec PSU. I put it into another computer as the slave, and the BIOS didn't detect it. Not sure how to manually put it's information in. Both drives...
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    Bye bye hard drives

    There's no hard drive section, so I figure this is general :) So here I am, re-routing the wires in my case to improve the airflow (with the computer turned on, oops), when suddenly, *zap!*. I have one of those 3-to-4 pin adapters 7V modded plugged into my delta fan, so the 3-pin header is...
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    Which is faster?

    $219 is a lot for a P3 1GHz. Unless you really want it for some reason, just buy something newer.
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    Is the AMD64 make up for the loss of GHz?

    Oooo.. I like that analogy. I had never thought of a nice simple way to explain it in layman's (sp?) terms, but that is perfect.
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    Mobile 2500+=roxx0r overclock

    Folding = running Folding@Home (just wondering if you had some other application eating your processor cycles by accident) A 5MHz o/c on your video card shouldn't make more than 100-200 difference on 3dmarks, in my experience. So, you should have cleared 18,500 with your 9800 at stock, I...
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    Mobile 2500+=roxx0r overclock

    Were you folding during your first benchmark or something? There is no way a 5MHz o/c on your vid card would add 4k 3dMarks.
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    need help with cooling

    Aside from the already supplied answers, in general people have their fans arranged to have them blowing in from the front/side, and blowing out the back/top. I'm pretty sure you weren't asking which way the wind is blowing :D Your case temps, as mentioned above, depend a great deal on the...
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    Spy ware killer...PLEASE!!!!!

    Yeah but you can run Spybot + Ad-Aware weekly no problem. I'd hate to reformat every week.
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    Best way to remove the P4 heat sink pad?

    Second that just for emphasis. Read it, memorize it. Quote it to your friends in conversation. Ok that might be a bit much :p
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    My 3dmark2001se Score...

    Hm... not really sure what type of feedback you're really looking for here. It's not a bad scrore for the card you've got, though I'm not that familiar with that particular card. You could probably o/c your processor to at least 3.0 GHz, which would help your score some. Other than that...
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    11 vs. 7

    Photoshopping: Using Photoshop, possibly for professional image editing, drawing a web comic, etc... Photochopping: Using Photoshop to manipulate a real image into an unbelievable image. See the difference ? :D
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    Is CAS2 memory really worth the premium?

    Ah, yeah, you'd notice the difference between the CH-5 and BH-5 (as you mentioned that you could run the BH-5's at stock voltage). Had me confused there hehe.
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    No gains upgrading gf2 -> 9800pro???

    There's definitely something wrong with your drivers. 3dMark2k3 is pretty much all about the gfx card, so you should not have such a low score. Your CPU is not that slow that it would cause that. If you're sure you've got the latest ATI drivers, and your latest chipset drivers, and it's still...
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    Is CAS2 memory really worth the premium?

    You're saying you see the difference between 2-6-2-2 and 2-5-2-2? I was under the impression that the 5/6 number was nearly inconsequential, but the other 3 numbers could have a marginally noticeable affect.
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    11 vs. 7

    I actually have just started playing with this, and I found a got a slightly higher score when I lowered the timing to 7 from 11. Need to test it more times, though. The difference was marginal at best though, so I'm not worried one way or the other.
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    Is CAS2 memory really worth the premium?

    I'd say it's worth it if you've already got a killer rig and you're going out to get the last little bit of performance, but, for most people they probably have a bigger bottleneck. What video card are you running? Also, you might consider investing the money saved by going with the Value...
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    thermalright heatsinks and Abit NF7-S v.2.0

    Going off topic here but Bugalaman I saw in your sig And you're running at 200MHz FSB. You should definitely tighten up those timings :D That's some nice ram, and even my "crappiest RAM in the world" is running CAS2.0 at 200MHz. Just my thought :)
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    thermalright heatsinks and Abit NF7-S v.2.0

    Well if you've already ordered (received?) the 947, try it out when it comes in :) Assuming you're not really strapped for time, or thermal goop, then there's no harm in checking it out. (assuming you're careful and don't smash some capacitors while you're at it) But if you prefer to be on the...
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    I am .. dead... what to do!

    Well I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to salvage the broken processor, but it's nice to see it won't be discouraging you from any future projects, and that you'll be sticking around here for a while :) I think one of the long time members once said something along the lines of "If you...
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    9600Xt ----> 9800PRO

    I'd have to recommend getting an XP-M (mobile) if you're buying an AMD processor right now. They overclock insanely higher than the desktop XP's, and fit in the standard Socket A motherboards. Plus their multipliers are not locked.
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    The term "bottleneck"

    nice bottle.
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    I am .. dead... what to do!

    Well, if most of the pins are straight, you might actually be lucky and the processor might still be useful. Yeah, twisting or prying with a knife is about the only way to get it off. It's probably not as glued as you think, you just need to get that initial breaking of the seal and it should...
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    Am I The Only One

    Did you change your timings? If so, that would be the culprit. I know I can only get up to 190ish at CAS2.0, then I have to bump to 2.5, so I stay at 190 for now.
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    Did I get ripped?

    -1: Flamebait :)
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    Athlon XP 2500+ with stock cooling

    I think it depends what you mean by "too high". I think as long as you're under 60 then you won't encounter any trouble, though I wouldn't really want my processor running at 60 degrees all the time. And if you're hitting 60 stock, then you're not likely going to want to overclock it. 50...
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    best barton heatsink/fan

    Vantec AeroFlow ($24.99 @ new egg) cools very well and is pretty quiet. The ALX-800 also does a very good job, but it might put you just over the $30, depending if you find one that comes with the Delta or if you buy your own fan.
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    Best HSF combo for 2500+

    38 degrees is fine for an idle temp with no case fans. I'm assuming this is with stock cooling at stock speeds?
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    ALX-800 just arrived...

    Well my new Thermalright ALX-800 has finally arrived after way too many shipping problems. It's pretty much as advertised. The only thing that was a big surprising was that on the tops of some of the fins there appear to be this small little burn marks. No big deal though. The bottom was...
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    Wait for new celerons to upgrade?

    I'd really have to recommend a P4 over a celeron. Celerons have been shown to perform dismally for their clock rates (even compared to Durons, much less a P4), so if your mobo can support a P4, I'd sooner go with that, than a celeron. Maybe those new Celerons with the bigger cache will...
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    Advanced Stats?

    That's the one, thanks!
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    Advanced Stats?

    I know there is a site that gives really detailed stats for F@H (upcoming conquests, upcoming threats, daily production, etc) but I've lost the URL and I couldn't find it anywhere (and search is disabled). Can anybody help me out?