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    I'm tired.......I need something new and invigorating!

    under windows, any decent cd burning app will have an option to make an iso disk. Make sure you dont just make a data cd with the image on it though.
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    Switching motherboards with linux

    you could always compile a somewhat generic kernel that you are sure will work with the new hardware, and then just stick it in /boot and set up a new grub entry. You can then just swap out the hardware and boot up into the new kernel. -march=pentium compile options may prove a problem (you...
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    Installed debian, now i need a little help.

    Like I said before, I would really recommend that you spend the time to download the .debs for the latest xorg version. Xfree is deprecated and being phased out of use in basically every distro, due to a non gpl compatible license change in 4.4. Not to mention xorg is working to improve on the...
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    Buying a 3rd HD for linux.

    You will need to make sure your live cd has the right filesystem tools for whatever you want to use. Any newer one should have them all (kernel support and mk<whatever>fs) btw disk managment is run--> diskmgmt.msc
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    I'm tired.......I need something new and invigorating!

    I dont think I;ve ever seen any linux vs windows overclocking results. If you do do it, i would be very interested to see what you turned up. Just see how high you can get using the same chip, and making sure both are 100% stable.
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    Getting Sound Card to work.

    do you have a kernel with the correct alsa driver options? you will need to specify i8x0 under device drivers->sound->alsa->pci devices and recompile your kernel. but first, see if you already have the modules see if find /lib/modules -name *.ko | grep i8x0 returns anything. If it does...
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    Installed debian, now i need a little help.

    you should go through xf86config (isnt that the cli version)? to setup xfree for you. As long as you can boot to a command prompt fine now, you are in good shape. Assuming you have the .debs of xfree 4.4 (although i would _highly_ recommend switching to xorg,) you can just run dpkg -i <full...
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    Getting Sound Card to work.

    it should be there. Go to the device driver section specified above, and you might as well compile it in as its not like you will be removing sound support ever. Once you have the kernel compiled with the correct driver, emerge alsa-utils (you should already have it), and run amixer set...
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    Answer Please

    Although that is too hot for idle (it might be ok for a prescott w/ load) I dont think the tips of the heatsink fins will be very hot. It would be a horrible idea to judge temperature by touching the fins, a few inches away from the actual die.
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    little help for a n00b?

    you should be fine with just a hardware firewall for a default linux install. Just make sure no servers you dont want are running. netstat should get you relevant info. if you are going to have a machine connected directly, you should probably work on some securing, especially if it is having...
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    I'm tired.......I need something new and invigorating!

    err.. i wouldnt exactly call emerge kde a lot of work. Try installing a large package with all of its dozens of dependancies and configure options by hand, from source. :( I got fed up with this on slackware, now i am moving to debian. The one and only reason is package managment...
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    A good book

    I agree entirely, however decent shell knowladge is extremely useful in general use, scripting can save hours on tasks.
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    Partially Installed RPM

    if you have a way to do this in your distro, use the gui to install the development set of rpms. you can probably get them of your installation cd, and then if you need a newer version of gcc (3.4 current?) or something you can download just the required rpms. Hopefully you dont have circular...
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    Linux - determing which interface is activated at start up

    I was reading through the gentoo power managment guide (should be in their doc section). It gives a lot of info on how to set up acpid, which you could probably use to moniter for a battery. There are a couple of init scripts that check whether it is plugged in or not, and sets power...
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    for a slow computer, wich Linux to choose?

    just fyi, a 600 mhz pentium with that much ram would not really be considered too old or slow in the *nix world, (without its forced upgrade cycles every year or two by one unnamed os vendor...). you should have no problem running x, even with a full desktop env. like kde or gnome. you may...
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    ". ./" Whats that?

    is ssh an option? i dont know enough about telnet to help with your problem, but i dont see why this would not work with ssh other than the fact putting login credentials in an automatically executing script is bad security practice
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    RAID Recommendation For Exchange Server

    not trying to argue, but i am just curious why ^^ recommended sata drives immidiatly and for the parent: can you give a little more info; what size you need, how much you think you will spend exclusively on drives, and how redundant you want the system to be?
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    Artifacts? Whats Going On Here?

    ahh okay i guess it wasnt just you :p. make sure your card isnt overheating: ie fan is spinning and it can get through a few loops of `your favorite 3d benchmark` edit: wow i thought you were talking about that weird ghost thing. i would almost guarantee you those colors are normal parts...
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    X800 Pro problem ...

    after you finish installing the ati drivers, check to see whether the card is detected properly. under the device manager, display properties, driver control panel working. try a different, possibly more stable driver revision. Maybe even stress test your card to see if it works and gets a...
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    Artifacts? Whats Going On Here?

    wow, i am impressed beyond belief with your eagle eyes :eek: did you notice that while playing the game at a normal speed, cause i cant see anything wrong after staring at the screens for 5 minutes... :confused:
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    Trial and Tribulations of an Intel 3.4E Overclocker

    no definatly do not get the reserator, you will probably get worse (although totally quiet) temps than you have now (which are pretty bad imo, you are pushing 70C :eek: )
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    Well, I like it!

    i do like gentoo and was considering switching back to it from slackware, but decided on debian what about any of those is gentoo specific though? you could do any and all just as well on any other distro, and with more learning involved, espeically with reiser4 installation. i am trying to...
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    Linus Torvalds

    he is still very much involved in kernel development, this somewhat surprised me too when i first learned that, dont know why :) if you look at the lkml (kernel mailing list) you will see current emails from him regarding kernel work
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    Issues with Knoppix on laptops?

    i would just go with knoppix 2 (text console) and then you can tweak things from there. if you are doing recovery you can probably get by without x, but if you are trying to do something that requires it, you can edit your XF86Config or whatever else is needed
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    very new to linux. Noob questions inside!

    you can probably change the actions of startx by editing ~/.xinitrc
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    Help with VI script

    you could just add an if [ `echo scs.txt` -e '7' ] then echo "its equal to 7 mrmagoo!\n' (or is the \n outside of the quotes...?) else echo "sorry its equal to `echo scs.txt` instead\n" fi
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    Issues with Knoppix on laptops?

    if you get a boot prompt, on my knoppix version you can press f2 for extra boot options.
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    very new to linux. Noob questions inside!

    and dont forget about xmms for an amazing and very widely used winamp replacement i think i will try rhythmbox when i get home; i have a gtk+ fetish... :eek: :D
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    A few noobish questions(Remote Administration, mp3 broadcasting)

    i would recommend gnump3d for mp3 broadcasting. it basically sets up a web server ona specified port and you can browse through your shared directory and play music/playlists from a remote web browser if the remote machine is *nix you can simply have the x server display remotely to it
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    Building a Gaming PC... Part 2

    umm, i think with $500 for computer and moniter a 9800 pro is pretty much out of the picture. even if he does get it it will require reducing everything else in his system to the point of everything bottlenecking the video card. save money on the harddrive, maybe get a case at a local retailer...
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    Building a Gaming PC... Part 2

    sounds good. i would spend the extra $30 or however much it is for a 9600 pro if you can, as the performance is significantly better. with that cpu cooler you can get an oem athlon xp 2500+ (~80) and switch to pc2700 if it is any cheaper
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    Building a Gaming PC... Part 2

    i am just trying to explain to everyone that a power supply should not be the last priority. it should also be be relative to the rest of his budget; spending $30 on a decent power supply would be a good investment imo (at least if i was buying this same system)
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    Building a Gaming PC... Part 2

    just a tip to Sorcerxo- newegg and most other online stores store the cart and account information serverside on a per-client basis. this means you cannot link to your shopping cart. look at the address of your cart-all it is is a link to a script that will retrieve and send to you _your_ cart...
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    Help with VI script

    you will not be able to > /file after a sed command because sed produces no output to the terminal except for errors. if you want more (of my probably feeble attempts to) help, maybe you could describe exactly what you are trying to do with this script.
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    noob linux question...regarding running progs at startup

    the > and < are special characters that will redirect the output or input to a different location. (input is a little more complicated, focus on output for now) normally commands will take input from stdin (this is like when you pipe ps through grep; grep is recieving standard input.) and...
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    More NForce 4 Chipset info....

    to agree with lithium, i also think nvidia will have a sli board for a consumer socket (most likely 939). seeing how hard they are marketing their sli technology to gamers, it would kind of defeat the point if they only made it available through 2+ way opteron (server/ high end workstation)...
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    Point me in the right direction(linux noob)

    wow thats a little scary. it matches my applications almost 100%, except for my xcdroast over k3b. (i would use k3b if it didnt start 5 other kde processes with it :mad: ) i stick to gtk apps when possible, but there is some really good stuff for kde qt i cant find anywhere else.
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    Having trouble getting the net to work...

    i think it will depend on the package installed, but on my slack 9 box it is (as root) dhcpcd (dhcp client daemon). it is not dhcpd though, as that is for a dhcp server.
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    Having trouble getting the net to work...

    just to finish up the explaination; *nix systems expect a list of dns (name resolution) servers to be in the /etc/resolv.conf file. it will go through the ones listed in order until a dns record is found.
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    Linux questions? Yeah I've got them

    you will need the kernel options for fat32 built in or as modules (they will probably be with stock kernels). since fat32 is a windows file system, it was not made to hold file metadata, such as unix permissions which means the only way to effectively set correct permissions for a fat32 file...