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    Power Converter search "foreign adapter" should yield a number of items similar to this this is the only one that showed as being available online, but a number of the other ones were in stock at my local stores
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    Vendor reccommendation

    I'll second all of Preacher's praise. Ordered a 300D [my first dSLR...yay!] on Tuesday afternoon. It shipped on Wednesday, and was delivered by FedEx on Friday morning. That's even going nearly halfway across the country [NewJersey to Hickville, Missouri]. They called me Tuesday to...
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    Question about minidv cam and firewire input.

    the only other thing i can think of off hand would be one of the many video editors. my camera came with ulead videostudio 6 and you can watch video from the camera [looks pretty good on my comp...not choppy or laggy], but if it goes full screen i don't know how to do it.
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    Question about minidv cam and firewire input.

    in short, no. usb webcams use a different protocol than dv cams over firewire. however, orange micro makes a program called webcamdv that will emulate the usb protocol over firewire. essentially, when the camera is connected to the computer over firewire, this program makes windows think...
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    Who else has a Digital Rebel?

    i want one, does that count?
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    Show off your best pics!

    what a waste of a perfectly good gummy bear ;)