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    Xbox One’s Unlocked 7th Core Isn’t Much Of A Boost

    To be fair it's very difficult for a very-high end PC to do 4K above 30fps in a modern game today. Still, I think it was ridiculous for them to release a generation of consoles as underpowered as they did. The systems can barely hit 1080p in an era where everybody is already chomping at the...
  2. N The Twitch for programmers.

    Fantastic! Now everyone can watch me get distracted and play Netflix when I'm working on my side-projects.
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    Do gamers using steering wheels generally get better laptimes vs control pad?

    The closer to sim style gaming you get the more useful a wheel becomes. F1 2013 is challenging but not completely sim-like, and IMO actually plays better with a wheel because it requires those smoother inputs. I get better lap times with a controller though.
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    HL:2 on Windows 10

    Do you get a dump file? A crash report? Have you tried reinstalling Steam and the game itself? Do you have the problem with other Source engine games? Have you tried different versions of your video drivers? Windows 10 hasn't officially been released yet. Play around with it if you want but...
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    Haven't played/beaten games in awhile, where to start?

    Create a spreadsheet, break the games down by genre, and work your way up from there. I like to mix up the genres every so often. Here's the spreadsheet I'm using to track everything, though I...
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    Half Life 3 almost confirmed?

    If the talk is game physics optimizations I would say that Left 4 Dead will be at the heart of the discussion.
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    Another Kickstarter Game Bites The Dust?

    Exactly. Just because a bunch of guys had a pretty cool idea doesn't mean they're capable of executing on it.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    BioShock Infinite. For a two year old game it looks freekin' beautiful and oh man is it terrifyingly good.
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    Battlefield hardline worth it?

    DICE is a subsidiary of EA and is supposedly "collaborating" on the game with Visceral. What that actually means is unknown to me, but it implies some involvement.
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    The best reason to own a new PC is to play five-year-old games

    It feels like the author literally clicked "Random" on XKCD and decided to write a post about the firs gaming-related comic he could find:
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    From Full-Time to Contract Developer?

    It sounds like you and I are one and the same. I'm actually in the midst of building a little recipe database app to learn AngularJS. Thanks for the info. It's something I'm looking at more and more these days.
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    From Full-Time to Contract Developer?

    I'm a .NET developer, mostly. I'm comfortable across the stack but specialize more on the back-end of things... IE working with databases, building APIs / service layers, performance optimization, etc. I can write Javascript / jQuery and if you ask me to build a UI I can put something...
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    From Full-Time to Contract Developer?

    Yes, but many companies here offer supplemental coverage for spouses and dependents. In this case I would fall under the former and still get coverage while increasing my earning potential and exposing myself to a wider array of challenges/problems to solve, albeit in a more volatile environment.
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    Windows 10 Build 9926: Where's Windows Update?

    ....but but but its flat! And minimalistic! Isn't that what all the kids are yapping about these days?
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    From Full-Time to Contract Developer?

    Has anyone made the jump from being a full-time employee as a software developer to a contract developer who hops from contract to contract? What's involved in making that jump? Currently I'm a Senior Developer / Team Lead with a financial institution. While I have a decent amount of...
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    Fable Legends will allow for XBOX One / PC cross play.

    I love the new Microsoft.
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    Leaked Windows 10 Build 9901 Shows New Details

    You'll eventually need Windows 10 for DX12.
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    SteamOS On A Sub-$400 Gaming System

    I know! It can't even run Far Cry 4!
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    2 Xbox Ones and ASUS RT-N66U problem

    Check the NAT settings detected by both Xbox One devices in the Xbox's Settings / Network menu. After you run a network test (multiplayer test) press all four shoulder buttons on the controller to force a complete scan. My guess is that both of your consoles are either Moderate or Strict...
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    Prey 2 RIP

    I was originally hoping for a true successor to Prey because I really liked Tommy as a main character, but I suppose his story arc had completed and they had nowhere to go with it. Prey 2 was set to take place in the same universe, but was a drastically different game. The original plan was...
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    Watch Dogs 2

    The fact that the game doesn't need to be backwards compatible with the 360/PS3 will help. Us PC gamers will still be limited by the consolization of the game for PS4/XB1, but it should be a better experience. Graphics aside, the game was sorely lacking in polish.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    The Wolf Among Us, Little Big Planet, possibly Castle Crashers, and hopefully some Forza!
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    The last game you played that actually made you feel good?

    I recently played Spec Ops: The Line. It has been a while since I played a sticky cover third person shooter, so it was quite refreshing... especially considering that I started *avoiding* third person shooters for that very reason.
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    Sony “Danced In The Aisles” When They Heard The Xbox One Price

    It's a console launch. There are some hardcore Forza (XB1 exclusive) fans and some hardcore sports gamer fans (think FIFA, multiplatform) who have purchased the new consoles. Destiny has the potential to sell a lot of consoles but I don't think it will. Little Big Planet 3 will help sell a...
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    10 yrs since

    Yup, and then Far Cry came out of left field and kind of blew everyone away with its visuals. It was too dark, relied too much on closet monsters, and was too damn long. I thought the game was pretty cool but by the time I got to Delta Labs I couldn't bear to play the game any longer. The...
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    Crytek In Financial Trouble?

    It was expected to be a launch title. It doesn't surprise me one bit that the game was less-than-perfect.
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    Watch Dogs was intentionally hobbled on PC

    It's too bad that video game demos have become a rarity.
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    first day of week help

    DateTime input = //... int delta = DayOfWeek.Monday - input.DayOfWeek; DateTime monday = input.AddDays(delta); See this StackOverflow link
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    Simple psexec UI

    If I understand correctly, you're just creating a GUI interface that builds command-line arguments that get passed to psexec. Any programming language that can display a GUI and also call a system executable can handle this. Java's fine. You could also use C# (very close to Java) and build a...
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    So Activision wants people to talk about Call of Duty Advanced Warfighter

    Hasn't COD always sold more for its multiplayer than its single player campaigns? I was always one of those guys who played COD more for its single player than multiplayer, but after Modern Warfare 2 I really couldn't stomach it.
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    Games that left an impact

    Did you think you'd have to wait 7 years (and counting) to get an answer? I absolutely love Half Life and I'm happy to wait for a quality product, but after 7 years I have a hard time really being invested in the story like I was in the past.
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    App Culture Erodes Ability To Make Serious Software

    What you're asking for is more granularity in the software packages or perhaps more flexibility in the install. Microsoft Office has a whole slew of powerful features that get used on a regular basis in the corporate world. I can understand why a student writing essays probably doesn't...
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    Detecting all devices withing wireless range using C#

    Take a look at the following: If using the library itself doesn't accomplish what you want, you can use the source code as a guide to help you build what you're trying to accomplish.
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    Good grief, how do you not get overwhelmed?

    Are you familiar with the concept of a T-shaped developer? A T-shaped developer has a broad base of knowledge and knows many languages, but has a very deep knowledge of a few. What this means is that you'll likely know a lot of languages at above an elementary level, but have specialization...
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    Console owners what TVs do you own?

    Remember that with gaming you want minimal bells and whistles. Things like "high refresh rate" televisions help smooth out and enhance the quality of the video but they introduce input lag, which can be a nuisance in single player games and put you at a disadvantage in multiplayer. You should...
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    Are you (still) excited for Watch Dogs?

    I'm a huge fan of Person of Interest... so yes, I am very excited about this game!
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    Strange psexec or maybe cmd issues

    Isn't this a scoping issue? Variables assigned with set are only available in the local cmd context. cmd /c implies that you're executing the command prompt and closing that process immediately after. Since that variable was local to that newly spawned cmd context, it is no longer valid in...
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    South Park : The Stick of Truth

    It doesn't seem like the game is too control-heavy. It looks like it'll play similarly to Paper Mario where there's a mix of platforming and turn-based RPG action. I'm probably going to go with a controller. I'm also still hesitant to get this game until reviews are out. I've seen enough...
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    As far as I can tell, the ranking system is simply used for matchmaking and possibly bragging rights. I've yet to see any instances where you had to be a certain level to unlock or use a weapon. That's the way it should be, IMO. If you want to get creative I'm pretty sure you could bind a...
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    L4D3? (Source 2.0 reveal)

    IIRC Halo 2 was the only PC game that flat-out required Windows Vista to run. I've heard that people were able to work some magic and get it running on Windows XP too, though.