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    What do I put in an oldish computer with AGP?

    I guess I'll be getting a 7600GT then yay.
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    What do I put in an oldish computer with AGP?

    AMD Barton 3200+ 1GB RAM 9600 pro shitty 300W PSU with a 18A 12V rail. I am pretty close to retiring this machine. What would be awesome would be if I could keep it usable for at least a while. Obviously I haven't really been able to play any games for a long while so I don't expect any...
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    Who still uses Socket A platform in their main rig?

    I'll be using my 2500+ OCed to 3200+ until I need something faster. So far, it's been great. I'll get something better later on and this will either be underclocked and retired to replace my linux server (366MHz CeleronA) or sold to someone (my brother uses a 850MHz P3 with a GF4). I haven't...
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    AMD 3500+ now or x2 3800+ later

    While it's a bit late, you made the right choice imo. You'll be able to OC the 3500+ with stock HSF, yes. Don't expect a clock of 3GHz though.
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

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    My computer "eats" videocards

    A bad power supply seems most likely. What kind of voltages are you pulling on the +/-12V?
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    Itching to ask...Hz limit helps frames?

    No, a GPU upgrade will not help with ghosting. Ghosting is normally the result of poor response time.
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    Can a video card get old and slow?

    Probably not hardware related. I'd say you've got some opengl setting that CS doesn't like. Perhaps you have turned on/off vsync?
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    Confusion about Vsync

    Try turning off triple buffering.
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    Confusion about Vsync

    Smoother, yes, faster, no.
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    Is this a graphics glitch? BF2 Screenshot

    Increasing AA might remove some of it.
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    Processor Speed Problem

    Since you've got an A7N8X, I guess you've got a Socket A cpu, and thus you don't have cool n quiet. You also say it's normally 1.83GHz, which a 2500+ normally does (166*11). Your chip however is running at 1.1GHz (100*11), so just go into BIOS and change the FSB from 100 to 166 or from 200 to...
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    Idling at high temperatures OK?

    It's just a matter of noise vs temperature. An idle temperature of 40C is no problem at all.
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    processor question

    In a year, video card performance can double. You'd be lucky to see 25% improvement on CPUs in the same period.
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    2018 with the system in my sig with a bit less aggressive OC on the video card.. I can probably raise it a bit though, my 9600P likes to overclock. edit: Ooo now it's at 2145 3dmark. Can...
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    Is it possible that a 6600/6600GT card work on a AGP2x mainboard?

    2x AGP uses a different slot, at least my brother's P3 mobo does.
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    OverClocking 9800XT

    The 9600 is a 128-bit 4 pipe core. The 9800xt is a 256-bit 8 pipe core. I really don't think they're based on the same core.
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    why do i feel it is slower?

    There's also a built in windows delay for opening menus, at least in Windows 2000. I removed it using Tweak UI and menus pop up instantly on my not too amazing system.
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    Keeping your parts dust free. (need tips)

    I agree, filters help a lot. It's a lot easier to clean a filter than cleaning your entire computer.
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    2800+ Barton Heat Questions...

    It's a safe temperature. That doesn't mean you shouldn't work to improve it. My 2500+@3200+ with athlon stock fan does 45C or so.
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    What was your First PC?

    My first PC was something like a 286 with a 270mb hd. My father arranged a cool menu system (we didn't have windows) that I could use to start a bunch of games (commander keen and stuff). I still have most of the stuff from that comp on my HD as I've moved everything from computer to computer as...
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    AGP 1X Whats a good card ?

    I'd go with a Ti4200. My brother uses one with his AGP2x mobo and it works quite well.
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    what converted you to AMD?

    I went AMD because a 2500+@3200+ was way cheaper than anything else available to me, comparing performance/price.
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    What's The Most You'd Spend For A Processor?

    More than $300 will never happen.
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    Completed: Project Nighthawk: Skunkworks F-117A

    This will be really neat. Hopefully you'll find something useful to do with the gauges.
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    Bad Fps in Counter Strike

    There is an ENORMOUS difference between 100fps and 50fps in CS. 50fps is not playable under any circumstances. All weapons hit wherever they feel like. I don't see how anyone can not notice the difference between 30fps and 100fps unless you've got refresh rate fixed at 60Hz.
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    Asus A7N8X-X and older hardware

    A friend of mine is going to buy a A7N8X-X to replace his shitty matsonic board. Now, he's got a 2100+ t-bred with a 133MHz bus. I'm thinking it should work, but I couldn't find any info on ASUS' homepage. Does anyone have any experience with something like this?
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    Do You Beat Your Mouse?

    No. Seems pretty useless to do. A friend of mine kicks the side of his computer whenever his computer crashes (10+ a day?).
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    started a hp net server coffee....

    That's one really long sentence.
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    i would like you all to stop using steam ...

    Who didn't expect Steam to get completely destroyed today?
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    MX510 humming sound

    My Logitech Dual Optical seems to make a very slight sharp sound from the front of it, where the cord connects to the mouse.
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    Any benchmarks with the 6800LE in it?

    It's supposedly a bit faster than the 9800XT which means it's most likely faster than 5950 and so on.
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    Rosewill ATI RADEON 9600XT Video Card

    Seems to be right. 9600xt is 128bit, 500MHz core, 300 (600ddr) MHz memory
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    Which of these two cards? (128 6800 v 256 9800)

    the 6800 should be faster most of the time, the 9800 is slower even though it's got 256mb ram.
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    FX5600 vs 9600xt?

    While the 9600xt will be a slight improvement, it's probably not a huge step. I wouldn't upgrade to anything less than at least a 9700pro. 9800pro's are fairly cheap, consider one of those if you need a better card.
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    Nvidia in your cell phone?

    Quake is very playable on my father's Axim. Quake 2 is supposed to be playable on it too, haven't tried.
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    pci-e vs AGP

    The PCI-E card won't run much faster, if at all. Not yet. However, in a year or two PCI-E will most likely be faster than AGP due to the fact that PCI-E is faster, simply.
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    what exactly does the dvi connector ...

    It'd likely go the other way if you were to use an adaptor. Quality would decrease.
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    The worst overclocking A64 3400+ ever...

    Using fans and heatsinks, not water or peltier etc.
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    what exactly does the dvi connector ...

    Not sure if I understand your question but the DVI-connector is used primarily for flat monitors. It can also be used as a VGA-connector if you were to use an adaptor.