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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    As a player who has been looking for a game that offers any semblance of Z-axis gameplay and some good quake/UT-esque gameplay when I first heard of Titanfall my interest was piqued. Unfortunately they totally fell short by modeling all the weapons damage models and feel in the COD shell instead...
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    Those grunts looked completely fucking retarded in that video. If I wanted to run around and murder bots all day i'll play UT with 31 bots on novice. The player had maybe 8 grunt kills for every player kill.
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    Did EA Lie About Battlefield 4?

    Hard to tell that EA is disliked when people keep shoveling their shit into their mouths as fast as possible. Same with Activision/Blizzard....
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    250 at least. I've played DotA since 2007, with 3k games under my belt in these 6-7 years. I only feel slightly better than competent at the game..
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    I laughed.
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    The International 3 - DOTA2 From the ending of Liquid vs LGD.CN
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    The International 3 - DOTA2

    Stacked hall for g1, the atmosphere is fucking awesome
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    Left 4 Dead 3 unofficially revealed

    You're salty about 10-15 dollars?
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    The release queue is only for new accounts.
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    DOTA 2 & Linux ?!

    Not really unexpected, it's been in test client for a while now and promised for release. Yada yada valve time but it was well known it was coming and real close.
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    EVO 2013 Las Vegas - Final Day

    That ChrisG v Justin Wong match was the fucking HYPE. Definite classic
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    Checked some of my 'in-game' hours..... Yikes

    Between dota+hon+dota2 i've probably totaled about 4000 hours played. Another 1600 in UT2004, maybe 200 in each COD4, TF2, and CS:S. 800 in vanilla WoW, 500 in Rift.
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    “Weird Paranoia” at Valve, Says Former Employee

    Unproductive? I assume the massive fucking cash cow that is DOTA2 isn't ringing any bells to you right now.
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    WTB: ~750w PSU and watercooling parts

    Edit 1: No longer looking for a power supply. PM's responded to. As for watercooling gear i'm interested in a D5 pump (mcp655) or MCP355 (laing ddc3.x) pump preferably with an aftermarket top, a 2x120mm radiator of any kind, and a CPU block. Also some misc gear could be nice, don't be afraid to...
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    Thats an in person ticket, to show up to the event, in a seat, and watch 5 days of tournament play at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle... The in game spectator ticket is free, but you can pay 10 dollars for the compendium and pick up a whole bunch of goodies. 25% of the compendium price goes to the...
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    Dota 2 Official Thread That bot has thousands upon thousands of invites to give out. 18,474 to be exact.
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    Razer has a new VOIP chat client

    Skype Mumble Ventrilo Teamspeak Ingame VOIPs C3 RaidCall Is it really worth any company getting into this market anymore..
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    Any good shooters besides BF3?

    csgo, quake live... that about it really
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    How Microsoft's Creative Director feels about consumers and always-on consoles.

    Nope, he hasn't been relevant to PC gamers since 2007.
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    Shootmania General Discussion

    Not saying I would be opposed to a instagib/rocket arena hybrid game, but the 1v3 point capture gametype is not my cup of tea. I'll wait and see if they do anything else with game modes.
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    Int isn't strictly wizardly. Try Windrunner, she's a hero that gets massively better as you get better, but is still easy enough to play new to the game.
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    Divekick...proof that gamer's are retarded vegetables?

    That's the point. It's the perfect side game at FGC tournies, LANs, any get together.
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    Dayz Standalone

    Please, you mean to tell me when this game goes alpha for like, 10 dollars or whatever the charge is going to be that you're not going to buy it? Doesn't matter if it comes out tomorrow or next year, everyone who has played DayZ will remember the fun they had and buy it. The hypetrain left...
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    Divekick...proof that gamer's are retarded vegetables?

    Next time DiveKick is at a FGC tournament, i'm posting the stream link here so some people can get educated.
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    Divekick...proof that gamer's are retarded vegetables?

    It's the most balanced fighting game to ever hit the FGC. (Dear OP, it's a joke game meant to not be taken seriously, and played as a fun sidegame for a little cash at the FGC tournaments)
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    EA Exec calls DRM a failed dead end strategy :)

    SimCity isn't massive, it is hardly multiplayer and it shouldn't be online. So if you chalk it up as a single player game, it's garbage. And if you chalk it up as a MMO it's even worse.
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    Anyone else bummed out that BF4 is coming out already?

    Not sure how anyone can play BF3, all you do is walk around with massive bloom, fog, dust, motion blur, out of focus vision, shitty looking blue filters and lens flares 98% of the time blocking you from seeing shit. I'll stick with CS and Quake.
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    Path of Exile

    So you're complaining at missing out on one chaos orb per month now to avoid a disastrous inflation of the economy. Good one? How does this change even effect you if you can't even pick up a chaos orb via the old recipe in the first place.
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    Path of Exile

    Farming vaal is not an exploit, the vendor recipe was poor so it was changed.
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    Path of Exile

    This was done because ways were found to farm vaal for 50 chaos an hour. If you think that nerfs the "casual" player then I don't know what to say, because the "casual" player won't be able to farm chaos for shit like the "hardcore" player, and the currency he does find will be vastly devalued...
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    Path of Exile

    Big 60 dollar mistake you made there on PoE..... You guys need to try out some races, that shit is fun. 1-3 hour solo/party is the sweet spot. 4 hour solo/party is a bit long. For the dedicated there are 1 week races....
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    Cliff B wants everyone to stop being so mean to EA

    CliffyB hasn't been relevant in.... fuck, damn near 7 years now. Can he just go away already?
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    One of the largest things you'll find that changes as you move into higher skill brackets is that it's not the mid who roams to the sidelanes to gank all the time, it's the sidelane supports that roam mid to gank.
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    Yeah, brokenly bad. There's a lot of things to do when your lane is a total loss, and generally mid ganking it once or twice isn't actually all that high on the list.... You can.... 1) Let them push the tower and static farm behind the t1 2) Have your top support or whoever is lane partner...
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    The Worst Tech Buzzwords of 2012

    Fucking CHAMFER is their "favorite buzzword" ? Bitches need to take an engineering class or two.
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    Has DayZ improved?

    Don't really agree with #3, scoped hunting rifles should be the most common pick up for a rifle in the game.
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    Q6600 ppd conundrum

    Considering that you're running 5 year old hardware, i'd agree with it not being worth running the machine anymore. I mean, lets say you had that q6600 new in 2007, would you think about still running FAH on a 1.8ghz northwood pentium 4?
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    Total distance walked in DayZ is equal to...

    Like I said, they probably just put "KM" on a stat that was actually in meters... Oops