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    Crysis Official Discussion.

    I'm on the very last boss of the game. And I'm having a difficult time. Since those little buggers keep respawning on me, I have no chance other than running the entire time. You have but a split second to line up your shot. I must of taken 8 Missile Lanuchers used all the ammo from them and the...
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    60 second Halo 2 TV trailer!

    Game does not impress me. Halo was trash, same level over and over again, and got very boring through most of the game made me want to stop playing altogether. The only part that saved it was co-op. PC users got screwed big time, with no co-op. I will not be buying it.
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    What games are gonna be hot in 2005???

    Word of Warcraft for sure. Half Life 2 of course STALKER not sure. Since there is no co-op alot of people turned away from it (including me). EQ2, alot of beta testers say it isn't as impressive as they once hoped. Overhyped? I think Dungeon Siege 2 might be a sleeper hit, if they...
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    Team Fortress 2 Is not Dead !

    I'd rather wait to see what the TFC Source looks like. Hopefully there is still the same functions in there from HL1, like bhopping. Otherwise, it will be utter trash.
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    New Nvidia Drivers causing an error. (pic)

    Installing the new 61.77 drivers. And I get this... I click 'stop installation' and it continues. But what is Windows Logo Testing about? Is it important to fix this?
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    I recently bought a HDTV 27". I got it at a good price. :) The TV does not have a DVI jack on it so I can't hook my computer up to it (I dont want to use composite cables). Someone told me it would be possible to sodder a DVI jack on the TV. BTW, there is a spot on the side of the TV for a...
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    Doom III 5900U v 9800Pro

    Thanx for the info guys. I can't wait for this game. Hey Jim. :)
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    Doom III 5900U v 9800Pro

    Since Doom III uses OpenGL, would the 5900U perform better with Doom III than the 9800Pro?
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    Free Gran Turismo 4 for Playstation2 DVD

    I got the same email. But I wasn't too bum'ed since they mentioned they were out of the disc when I signed up.
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    [HOT!] 200GB WD HD $88 (no MiR)

    Lol, thanx :)
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    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    PC Gamer gave it a 94%. I honestly can't wait!
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    [HOT!] 200GB WD HD $88 (no MiR) I just picked one up, since my other 200 is dying on me. I hope this isn't a repost...
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    Doom 3 is upon us.....

    Fold-out, much like the Band of Brothers DVD case.
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    PNY 6800 Ultra for $350 from CompUSA (YMMV) from 6/27 to 7/3

    Very awesome deal. If this does go down, it will be chaos. :eek: Would it be wise to upgrade from a 5900U?
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    How do delete a file?

    Never used this program, what does it do? EDIT: worked! :) Thanx, I shall remember this program for such occations.
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    How do delete a file?

    How do I delete a file (movie) that says its using other programs or users connecting to it? Now, I cancelled everything that is related to the movie. And I still get the error. So I took the next step. I went into SafeMode. Again, tried to delete it (with just the necessary programs to start...
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    Greatest game ever??? (THIS ONE!!)

    Team Fortress Classic / Half-Life
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    The crashiest game

    Diablo 2. When it first came out, not only did I have problems with it, but from what I read on forums nearly 50% of the people did as well. A few days later, Blizzard released a patch to make it work properly, and world was saved. :)
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    Halo Runs like ass.

    You won't even see Halo run fine even on the X800XT cards. Even though the game runs smooth on the Geforce3. *sigh* Still no Co-op = still no buy.
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    LMAO Planetside $9.99

    If there wasn't a subscription fee I'd play it. But $13.00(or whatever it costs) a month is insane for that type of game.
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    What's your game handle?

    HomerEBW Wookey
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    Final Fantasy I & II for GBA

    MMMmmm new dungeon!
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    Game Pad adapter

    Wow quick replies! Thanx for the help guys, but the $24.00 price tag is alot of money :( I'm just using it for SNES/NES ROMS. My friend got a $10.00 pad that works perfectly. I think I'll try his pad. Thank You for all the help!
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    Game Pad adapter

    I had this game pad for about 3 years, and only used it once. I'm on another computer that doesnt have the same connection for this game pad. I was wondering if there was a USB adapter for it, so I can maybe start using it again. This is my gamepad ... Thank You.
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    Final Fantasy XI

    BLM is one of the hardest classes to start out as. There is alot of solo time before you can start in a party. I'd say get to lvl 10 or 11 then start getting into a party. It is also a job that becomes very helpful in higher lvl's. As for gil everyone has gil problems in the beginning...
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    Gaming? Mouse? Sensitivity?

    I would too love to find a way to totally eliminate the mouse acceleration in Windows. But unfotunatly for me, I tried every register and fixed regedit and still the sensitivity is there. There is no hope. :(
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    Final Fantasy XI pwns me... :/

    I'm addicted to it. I play it every chance I can get. Once I lvl 3 times in 1 sitting! The game has its own economy and it fluctuats constantly. Everyone I play with is nice, and willing to help you when they can (except for a select few of course). The Japanese gamers are very friendly and most...
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    Random pop-ups / 'Welcome' screen stays up for a long time

    Thats a great website, I bookmarked it! Unfortunatly it didn't help me. I did however find a spyware startup app. I unchecked it. Rebooted. The 'Welcome' screen still lasted about 35-45sec. And I still got random pop-ups when browse any website.
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    Random pop-ups / 'Welcome' screen stays up for a long time

    Tried it, same results. Scanned found 6 this time, so I deleted them. Then scanned again and found the exact same 3 that were in normal mode, I deleted them too, like it did any good. :( Still welcome screen takes avg 35-45sec to load, and I still get pop ups. This is really annyoying. :(
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    Random pop-ups / 'Welcome' screen stays up for a long time

    First let me say no this isn't (or doesnt appear to be) a messanger problem. I have messanger disabled I double checked. I'm getting random pop up ads on my computer from time to time, I download some converting program and I guess there was alot of spy ware on it. I trashed the program and...