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    NVIDIA CEO Says It’s Crazy To Buy A GPU Without Ray Tracing In 2019, Implying GeForce RTX A Better P

    It isn't, because by the time you do need a Raytracing card all of Nvidia's current line-up will be too slow at it. But I do hope that the sentiment becomes true sooner than later, hopefully by 2021.
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    My expectations plummeted to zero when I saw that the sign around the middle of the trailer reads: "This facility has gone 5843 says without an assimilation" That sounds so stupid. Like ST:D levels of stupid. It seems clear that whatever is ruining ST:D is going to ruin this as well. God...
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    Sadly, I think that's been the case for Georgiou since at least midway into S2. Saru on the other hand, seems much more resilient to crappy writing if only by virtue of Doug Jones' tremendous acting talent.
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    For me, season 1 started out somewhat meh, but turned into pretty enjoyable romp when they got to the mirror universe, but then ended with a truly horrific finale. Season 2 started out a bit better, but then got worse with each episode with surprising speed. I'd actually place Season 2 of STD...
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    Intel Announces Sunny Cove Brings 18% IPC Improvement

    These graphs are weird. The second one (hardly an improvement over whiskey lake at 15W) seems to contradict the first slide, unless 10nm is truly terrible in terms of efficiency as well as just not clocking very high, or Sunny Cove's IPC increases have come at the expense of perf/W. And then...
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    YouTube Demonetizes Anti-Vax Channels

    No, you're being restricted to a range of speeds. Or you could not drive at all. You aren't being compelled to perform an action. But more than that compulsion and restriction are much more than simple corollaries. For example, restricting speech that criticises the state is bad enough, but...
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    YouTube Demonetizes Anti-Vax Channels

    False equivalency on a couple of fronts there. Restricting certain behaviour and actions is not the same as compelling actions and behaviours, and no one thinks that reckless driving is safer than following the rules of the road. But when you're advocating for society to put anti-vaxxers in jail...
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    YouTube Demonetizes Anti-Vax Channels

    Anti-vax sentiments are wrong and dangerous, don't get me wrong, but that doesn't hold a candle to your kind of callous, moralising, authoritarianism. Not even close. I'll take the anti-vaxxers over people like you any day.
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    Here Is the Samsung Unpacked Press Event

    Eh, even if I had that much to spend on a phone the truly enormous bezels on the front display are a total deal-breaker. Also not the biggest fan of the big camera cutout in tablet mode.
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    What happened to Steam's First Early Access Games?

    Heh, while I wouldn't say that I'm in development hell, I've certainly been guilty about focusing on minutia in my own project. The other side of the coin is if you go too far too fast and your game is complex you can often just end up with a buggy, hard to maintain mess. When I do my KS in a...
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    Wrong. Even ignoring goodwill, install base, and other intangibles which certainly aren't nothing, the correct business move is to find the price value that maximises profit when accounting for volume at each price point.
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    AMD Previews 7nm Ryzen CPUs at CES

    I mean, could be that or not wanting to make your entire current product line look hopelessly obsolete when your next gen parts are still about half a year away.
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    AMD Previews 7nm Ryzen CPUs at CES

    If you watch the part of the livestream where Lisa holds up the processor, you can actually see the attach point of the 2nd chiplet shimmer here and there as the light catches it at certain angles.
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    AMD Previews 7nm Ryzen CPUs at CES

    Neapolitan6th Those scores seem a bit high across the board.
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    Navi, Vega II, Ryzen 3000 and More AMD CES Rumors

    I mean, Vega 20 performance increase could be pretty much anywhere. A straight shrink with double the bandwidth and a bit higher clocks likely doesn't get you all that much. But also double the ROPs to go along with that and you probably get some substantial benefits at 4K, perhaps even beating...
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    Navi, Vega II, Ryzen 3000 and More AMD CES Rumors

    I'm just going by the leaked info, hence the "if". Obviously this all should be taken with a grain of salt.
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    Navi, Vega II, Ryzen 3000 and More AMD CES Rumors

    If Vega 20 hits between 2080 and 2080 Ti, and Navi only hits the 2070, then even if AMD didn't have excess Vega 20 products to sell in the consumer space, it would make a great deal of sense to ship another "frontier edition" type SKU if only to dampen Nvidia's halo effect somewhat.
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    Apple Turns Its Back on Customers and NVIDIA with macOS Mojave

    Ironically enough, that's also Nvidia's philosophy. It's amazing how long Apple can hold a grudge though.
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    The Definitive iPad Pro Durability Test

    Actually watch the video, apologists. It's the amount of force that is required to bend that is the issue. In this case, hardly any at all.
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    Blizzard Responds to Diablo: Immortal Backlash

    I don't know about you guys, but I'd love a good Diablo game on mobile. What I don't want is all the typical mobile game monetization crap. Maybe the backlash will help to temper that a bit. One can hope.
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    Apple “iPhone XS” Leaked

    It's, uh, interesting how the bottom portion of the planet is smooth while the top portion is super aliased. I suppose the marketing material could be WIP, but not something I'd normally expect from Apple.
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    AMD on 7nm and New SVP & GM

    It's not so much how high a market cap each company has as it is who will buy the most wafers. Assuming AMD moves the majority of their business over to TSMC, I don't imagine Nvidia would be able to compete for that metric. Especially if Zen 2 ends up capturing as much market share as many...
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    Star Wars Resistance Trailer Revealed

    Rebels was for kiddies too.
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    AMD’s Zen 2 Will Reportedly Offer Higher Core Counts, Major IPC Gains

    You're wrong. Yes, there is a limit. Yes, some tasks can be threaded better than others. Some tasks will exhibit negative scaling. The kind of stuff you do in games programming, especially since you tend to have many, many instantiations of similar tasks and system, as well as highly...
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    Study: Humans Show Racial Bias towards Robots of Different Colors

    Unfortunately the paper is hidden behind a paywall. I'd like to see the methodology and how the black and white robots compare visually. That said, I'd be hesitant to draw the same conclusion and even more hesitant to assign a high probability. Whether or not there is a racial preference at...
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    AMD vs NVIDIA Drivers....FIGHT!

    That's exactly been my experience. I'm sure Nvidia still puts more resources into their drivers overall, but those resources have become so heavily skewed towards performance that stability has suffered.
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    ArenaNet Fires Two Guild Wars 2 Writers over Twitter Exchange with YouTuber

    Letting Price go seems obvious enough. By all accounts she's rude, abrasive, and extremely bigoted. But the firing of Fries looks unjustified. Sure, I disagree with his defence of Price (and his defence of argument from authority fallacies in general), but looking at what he wrote he appears...
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    AMD confirms 7nm Radeon RX Vega

    My assumption is that they intend to launch a Vega 20 gaming SKU, but depending on what Nvidia decides to do (eg. launch a new generation where Vega 20 can't even compete with 1170) there may not be a good place in the market for one. In other words, AMD isn't promising a gaming card because to...
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    AMD's ARwall Tools Help Filmmakers Get Rid of the Green Screen

    If they could then later replace the background in post, say, using the reference background plus a little bit of ML magic, and make this process about as painless as a single click, then this would be an obvious step forward in film making. Giving actors and crew a better idea of how things...
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    Logitech G513 Carbon Mechanical Keyboard Reviewed

    I did a google search for "G513 double shot" and came up empty. So yes, there's certainly the potential for worn etchings. That said, in my experience this isn't a problem that Logitech keyboards tend to have. It's Razer that tends to get worn etchings. Likewise, it's Razer that has a history of...
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    Logitech G513 Carbon Mechanical Keyboard Reviewed

    Well aware that the G413 is the direct predecessor and the new version is a small update.
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    Logitech G513 Carbon Mechanical Keyboard Reviewed

    I'm never buying a mechanical keyboard from the likes of Razer, Logitech, or Corsair ever again. Crappy doomed to fail switches, and/or crappy doomed to fail keycaps with proprietary keys, and/or crappy doomed to fail LEDs, and all in all shit quality materials, construction, and QA. These...