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    Corsair Graphite 380T Sneak Peek

    Can't wait. Blew my old Z77 motherboard and have been pushed back to my four year old 1090T system. Been thinking about my next system being a mini-itx and 380T looks like a very nice little case. Might make the idea of dropping money for a new system very tempting.
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    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    Fallout 3, 3000 hrs and counting...once I finish out the mod list for my Tale of Two Wastelands game. Didn't even think of WoW...geez, I have played this game since Vanilla! I don't want to know!
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    Looking for sci-fi RPG with sense of exploration and mystery

    X3: Terran Conflict, and X3: Albion Prelude are good space exploration type games. Not a lot of RPG elements though.
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    When creating a character, do most people just make a white person?

    Depends, an American of German descent I prefer to play with Roland in Borderlands. I play a Nord character in Skyrim, an Imperial in Oblivion, and a Dark Elf in Morrowind. My Mass Effect toon, German Shepard, is white. I mostly play Tauren in WoW.
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Which system are you getting it on?

    Probably wait for a sale price on the game...if Origin actually has sales as I have never purchased a game through them. I really enjoyed the first one, but just couldn't finish the second one.
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    Card for Skyrim with ALOT of texture mods etc.

    I'm running a GTX 770 4GB with a fairly heavily modded Skyrim and running an ENB. It stays around 55 to 60fps the vast majority of the time. Unless Deadly Dragons screws me and drops two or more dragon in my lap. Then things get interesting for me and my fps.
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    Fallout: New Vegas

    I am running through Fallout 3 with the plan of doing a Tale of Two Wastelands Roleplay where my toon in Fallout 3 will later end up as the courier in New Vegas. Got this idea off of the mod of the same name, and considering I have about 4500 total hours between these two games I figured it...
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    7 Ways to Avoid Paying $99 for Amazon Prime Free Shipping

    Since I started as an Amazon Prime member I have averaged about 85 orders a year. This year seems a little slow as I have only made 17, but add Prime Instant Video I still kind of think it is worth it. I will review my ordering habits at the end of November and make my decision if it is worth...
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    Square Enix Releases a Revealing New Final Fantasy XV Trailer

    For me its a toss up between FF4 and FF6. Of course, for me these go up to the top of the list next to Skyrim and Fallout 3 as some of my favorite games of all time.
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    Square Enix Releases a Revealing New Final Fantasy XV Trailer

    ~sigh~ Gave up on Final Fantasy after I couldn't even get into FF12. Kind of sucks as I have been playing Final Fantasy since the NES days. Shoot, Sega even screwed up the Phantasy Star and Shining Force series. Its probably explains why my PS3 gets more use as a Sega Genesis Emulator.
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    Why do you love games? Answer with a game.

    Fallout 3/New Vegas, Skyrim, and Shogun 2 Total War.
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    Nuclear Launch Code at US Silos Was 00000000

    Lol, that was what I was thinking!
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    Activision and Infinity Ward Will Kick off the First Clan Wars

    Wow B4 is really broken. Ya'll are making me happy I decided to stick with Bad Company 2. lol
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Yeah, played it for a few hours and uninstalled. Went back to Skyrim. Personally, I would rather they would have taken a few ideas from Borderlands and put out a co-op option for the next Elder Scrolls/Fallout. I haven't really been thrilled with most of the MMORPG options that have come out...
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    Thinking of picking up skyrim

    Unofficial Patches, SkyUI, Unread Books Glow, Skyrim Redone, Reproccer, Balbor's Reproccer Patch, ASIS, High Level Enemies, and Immersive Armours and Weapons. Those are some of the best mods out there. ~grin~ Of course, only do this after you have played through Vanilla skyrim with some of...
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    Xbox One Best Buy pre ordering

    I'm going to give the PS4 a year before I buy one. I want to see if there are any games worth buying for the system. As I'm mostly an RPG console gamer and the PS3/360 generation RPG choices were kind of abysmal. I'll stick with my older consoles and the PC until then.
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Hope for no GFWL + SecuROM like in Arkham City. I still refuse to purchase the game until they remove both of them from the Steam version.
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    Sim City $32 at GMG

    Have they got the single player version corrected yet?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Video Card Review @ [H]

    With me updating to a 2560x1440 display, and the fact that my GTX 670 2gb is having fits over the heavy texture mods I use in my Bugthesda games. I wonder if the upgrade to the 780 would be a good option? I have been eyeing the thought up going up to a 4gb version of the 670/680, but I am...
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    140mm Case Fan Recommendations

    Those fans are pretty good. They move a lot of air and are very silent. I have most of my 140mm slots filled with these fans. Its too bad Amazon doesn't carry them.
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    Peter Moore: EA demonised by homophobes and whiney Madden fans

    Why does this look familiar? I have seen this Anime I just can't place it. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion? (Yes, I started going through my Anime collection. lol) As far as I can tell EA's purpose is to piss me off even more. I haven't purchased another game published by them since...
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    Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack

    With the original Borderlands, the level cap raise was part of three of the DLC. Instead they separate it this time, to get an extra $5 dollars. Its a good game, not as good as the first one (I want to play Roland again!!!), but definitely worth acquiring the DLC's during a Steam sale.
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    A customer of mine wanted to run a game...

    HELL YES. That is still one of my favorite old games.
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    Have you gone Retro?

    My PS3 spends more time as a Sega Genesis Emulator thanks to the Sega Genesis Collection, then it does playing PS3 games. ~grin~
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    5.25 Inch Bay and an SSD. How to fit it?

    Velcro for me as well.
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    Please recommend a silent cooler for i5

    I have a Noctua NH-L12 for my HTPC and I am looking at a NH-U12P for my Gaming system (my Zalman 9700 NT is running at 3000RPM and sounds like a jet plane for some reason).
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    What's the game you could play over and over?

    The games I have played over and over again the most have been Final Fantasy IV and VI, Empire Total War, and Fallout 3
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    The Worst CEOs of 2012

    Best Buy can't die! Where am I going to go to look at a product that I want to buy from Amazon? ~grin~
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    What game is immensely popular that you just can't seem to get into?

    Call of Duty after Modern Warfare 2: I played the games for the SP story based campaign, and not the MP. Once the campaigns started dropping under 10 hours I stopped buying except through a Steam sale. The Witcher: Couldn't get into it. Enjoyed the books, but not the game. Asassins...
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    Got my Cooler Master HAF XB!

    I have been looking at this case as well, for my rebuild in June, and this post really helped me picture it. Nice lookin' cat, he seemed to enjoy himself. ~grin~ My Domino is very much the same with interesting new toys. The lower 80mm fans, did you turn them as intake or exhaust? I was...
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    Does anyone own an Asus VG278HE?

    I have been eyeing it, but I keep talking myself out of it because of the horrible things I have read on this forum and others about Asus lack of Customer support.
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    Cooler Master HAF XB

    Its part of the HAF series, that how they all look. Hardware Canucks has a video review on youtube. Looks pretty good, and I would have loved to see a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX version as well.
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    Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Debuts on the Internet

    Thanks a lot. I have needed to sit down an try and get into the TV series again. It didn't click with me the first time because I grew up with the original series. Another case of the older one being better then the remakes, based on nostalgia I guess. Plus, I didn't appreciate the continued...
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    SWTOR Freemium preview

    I have tried multiple times to get into to the game, and I was so excited I went out and purchased the CE version. $150 dollars, OUCH!! MMO's just aren't really fun to me anymore. I have had more fun running with friends through Borderlands co-op then I have through MMO's. Now our next worry...
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    A case mod in honor of Vampire: The Masquerade

    Nice case. Makes me wish someone would come out with a Bloodlines 2. ~grin~ Ah, good ol' buggy game.
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    What are the best Strategy/RPGs?

    Shining Force 1 & 2. Old Genesis titles, but still some of my favorites. Also, look up Shining in the Darkness (RPG not Strategy RPG, still a hell of a game though).
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    Anybody else here not have an iphone or android?

    I don't even own a cell phone. If I didn't need a land line I wouldn't even have that.
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    Going from Creative to ASUS camp. Any driver issues?

    I haven't had any issues with my Creative Recon3D card....yet. Although, I did have a lot of much older Creative cards that were a real PITA. I also had a PCI Xonar DX that worked fine until I upgraded to a motherboard without a PCI slot.
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    The Secret World

    Looks interesting, but I have till April of next year paid off on WoW (Annual pass + CE version of Diablo 3). So, once April hits if I'm completely bored out of my mind with Pandaria then I may give it a chance.
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    Rage questions .. **SPOILERS**

    Maybe they will pull a Borderlands or a Fallout 3...although, somehow I doubt it.