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    VR Boxing against a ghost for 1st time: Thrill of the fight

    Anyone else play this game? I look goofy the 1st round, but i warm up.
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    H220X on order, want to expand system questions

    I am not sure if the swifttech r9 290x block cools vrms properly I thought I saw vrm temps very bhigh compared to other blocks in a review, but maybe I was mistaken and it was another block.I think in the future I will buy a 240 rad and 2 gpu blocks mebbe in a yr
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    H220X Performance

    well, i just ordered one :x Maybe i should've waited for more reviews from hardop, techpowerup/pcper etc
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    2x XFX DD R9 280x, bad idea?

    wow those vrm temps 0_0. I ordered 2 ASUS DC2T 280x's a few days ago, but they wont be here for another week or 2 probably.
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    Asus VG248QE 144hz 3D Vision 2: The Official Thread 2d lightboost is great. gsync should make 3d gaming smoother as well by better regulating the frames.
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    Asus VG248QE 144hz 3D Vision 2: The Official Thread

    ^ yeah the readability test is night and day between even 144hz and 100hz with lightboost on. I am thinking of buying a used 3d vision 2 kit from amazon for $89 shipped. Can i get it cheaper anywhere else? I dont see anything cheaper new or used on ebay or forums sofar. I wanted it for Dirt...
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    ASUS GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC Video Card Review @ [H]

    ^ did, it looks like i am out of luck unless i want to bust out the soldering Iron... Also, I discovered something that almost makes me want to return the card :/ it looks like ASUS used cheaper/ lower quality memory on some cards and I think I got one of them :(...
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    ARMA III Video Card Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    Yeah i already had it set to maximum performance. I will try fooling around with settings. i playedthrough the infantry single player mission w/ literally everything turned up and was avging 30fps.the benchmark on ultra preset also gave me 30fps avg :/
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    ASUS GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC Video Card Review @ [H]

    Is there a way to get voltage to 1.25 or 1.3v for this card in msi afterburner? Would editing bios work?
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    ARMA III Video Card Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    I ran arma 3 mark and recorded cpu and gpu utilization... gpu is only showing about 50% usage on average with my ASUS gtx 780 Direct CU II :/
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    GTX 680 SLI with GTX 770?

    i've been wondering this too, if you can flash 680 to 770 if they will sli. the 770 runs fasterram speeds and maybe different timings.
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    SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

    I think one of my older servers has a 350watt seasonic power supply. Its the only one I haven't had to replace a blown up or dead power supply in.
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    Whats your GPU-Z ASIC score ?

    Nvidia asic scores weren't reading properly w/ older gpu-z. With the current gpu-z 0.6.5, my asic score is %76.5.
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    I'd love to win! i've never won an online contest before. :(
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    30% off Origin code

    doesnt work for me with BF3 close quarters expansion
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    LG IPS236V bad as they say?

    the lg probably wasn't calibrated. Out of box, the colors were a bit off for me and only took a few minutes to remedy. I'm getting far less ghosting and screen tearing with this monitor than my 2ms and 5ms TN monitors...
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    LG IPS7 series announced, late August 2012 - price TBD

    omg... look at how thin the bezel is 0_0. I just ordered a LG IPS236 23 inch IPS monitor. Maybe I should return that and get this in a few weeks 0_0
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    Whats your GPU-Z ASIC score ?

    100% with my GTX 670 Windforce OC 2gb.
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    Best video setup for IRacing? Upgrade from 5970?

    thats interesting. i was thinking about gettingback into iracing. that is a pretty big performance advantage that the 7970 has over the 680 0_0
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    Best video setup for IRacing? Upgrade from 5970?

    you can snag a reference 7970 for $400 now. I'd try and get a nonreference dual or trifan design for $420 or so. the gtx 670 can do trip monitors as well.
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    Thinking of 7950 or should I go 670? (Objective help please...) Need Quiet Card!

    my gigabyte GTX 670OC windforce is very quiet. the asus DCUII is supposed to be very quiet as well. I went with the 670 since its better than the 7950 p4p right now. the sapphire 7950s should be quiet. I am unsure of if they have coil whine or not, though.
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    Do you think i7 920 @ 3.8ghz will bottleneck HD7970

    i have a i7 920 and a gtx 670. i can do some runs @ 2.8 and 3.8 and see if i get a difference in a few games.
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    Which 670 to buy?

    the wait is killing me >_<q I almost bought a 7950 yesterday out of frustration
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    Which 670 to buy?

    does the gigabyte windforce 3 card not have voltage control? I have one in my cart now, and i am wonder if i should wait for the Asus Direct CU to come into stock.
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    7950 vs 670

    I am leaning towards the 670 myself right now. If amd does another price drop, i may end up going with 7950/7970. I will try to wait another 5 dyas or so before purchasing anything :/
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    Gaming Headphones

    i ordered some Samson SR850 headphones off of ebay. hopefully they get here soon!
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    GTS 250 to gtx560 ti

    I currently have an i7 920 and a gts 250. my 560 ti twin frozr II will be here in a few days :)
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    7950, Are You Waiting?

    congrats on having over a grand to spend on gfx cards
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    7950, Are You Waiting?

    fudzilla says it comes out january 30th maybe i should just crossfire 7870's
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    7970 Crossifre Review Guru3d

    has microstuttering been greatly reduced in the 78xx and 79xx series, i wonder? I have been wanting to run crossfire for a while but scared away by the chance of microstutter.
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    7950 delayed to first week of February?

    dropping $450 is on a 7950 is really going to hurt. I thought That I was crazy when I spent $260 on a 5850 a few weeks after launch. :( I hope this extra month isn't to give themselves time to laser cut the 7950's.
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I like Corsair, because if you see their branding on a product, you know it is of high quality! Also, their tech support is top notch in my experience. !;) :D
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    Overclocked 6950

    I think the powercolor PCS ++ 6950's may come with pre-overclocked bioses. My normal powercolor 6950 1gb doesnt unlock, but it has dual bios and dual fans so i can OC it well past stock 6970 speeds.
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    [H]ot PowerColor Radeon HD 6950 1GB $179.99 + Free Shipping at Amazon

    can someone send me their bios they have off of bios slot 1. even if you havent tried unlocking it plz?
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    [H]ot PowerColor Radeon HD 6950 1GB $179.99 + Free Shipping at Amazon

    a few people have unlocked their 6950 1gb's :D hopefully mines will.
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    going from a nvidia 9600gt to a radion 6770

    you should be able to snag a 4870 or gts 250 for $65 shipped. that would give you a nice boost in fps for cheap
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    What is the best single width card.

    you can get a 5850 extreme for $150 at amazon. its sold out now, but its supposed to have voltage controls so you can make it get close to the performance...
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    Should I keep current gc for PhysX?

    ARMA III will use physx :). If you are going AMD for your main card, then keep the 8800gt, if not, then sell it. The hybrid physx worked fine for me in Mafia II. I plan on using my AMD 6950 and a gts 250 for physx, but the 250 isnt going in my case until Arma III comes out.
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    Sapphire 5850 RMA Process, THUMBS UP!

    not in my case. mines was handled by althon micro:
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    Sapphire 5850 RMA Process, THUMBS UP!

    got my replacement card a while ago. It seems to be a superior cooler, but it is a rev.2 so no voltage controls :(