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    Amazon Workers Must Sign 18-Month Non-Compete Agreements

    ROFL actually you can, it's called signing your rights away just like with an NDA, same reason you can't work for an R&D company and then sell the secrets to another company or start your own with their secrets. If you don't like the non-compete clause then don't sign it, if they still say you...
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    Facebook Developing Solar Drones To Deliver Global Web Access

    when all information has to be routed via your network to the rest of the world...:rolleyes:
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    iPad Air 2 for Every Member Of The British House of Commons

    So you honestly believe the members of the house of commons are as tech savvy as high schoolers, especially in LA.... rofl
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    iPad Air 2 for Every Member Of The British House of Commons

    If that is a problem, it's easy as fuck to lock apple devices down to skin and bones, remove all games and prevent new apps from being installed. don't be hating on the hardware just because the IT staff doesn't give a fuck about implementation
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    iPad Air 2 for Every Member Of The British House of Commons

    Fuck no, I expect them to tie a couple tin cans together with string... :rolleyes: seriously get a grip From an IT perspective, having them all on one platform makes security a fuck ton easier to organize.
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    License Plate Scans Show Where You've Been

    Yep, full on Minority Report right here. The only reasonable use for a system like this is to identify individuals who already have a warrant or bolo issued for them. Get into a vehicle with a warrant out for your arrest, the doors lock and the car self drives you to prison...
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    License Plate Scans Show Where You've Been

    You say that like debtors prisons were never a thing or weren't popping back up... Or like the tv tax going to the bbc, it's a civil thing, yet it's treated as a criminal act... I never said phone bills were related to the common man being a slave, that is just common knowledge. We still...
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    Super Fast 3D Printer Coming Soon To Kickstarter

    Just imagine an Antonov An-225 flying patterns over a country with a couple hundred assassin-bot machines continuously printing terminators that base jump into your town/land-side for days or weeks on end especially if you could rig a KC-10 or some other aircraft to refuel the component tanks
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    Super Fast 3D Printer Coming Soon To Kickstarter

    Super strong metal alloys with conductive/insulated components built in, that would mean no need for assembly, once the fucker is printed it can power up... oh yea walk off the assembly line ready to terminate rofl :eek:
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    Google Fiber Is Coming To Salt Lake City

    Isn't that what a free market is supposed to do? You know, the opposite of monopoly practices :D I can't wait till they bring that up to Montana in 2137 :rolleyes:
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    License Plate Scans Show Where You've Been

    You could also have the system disable the car if they are late on their phone bill or whatever you want right? It doesn't matter the reason when you are dealing with slaves amirite?
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    Dumbass of the Day

    My thoughts exactly.
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    HTC Will Replace Broken Smartphones For A Year

    The ignorance in your statement is fucking classic! Do you think they need any reason at all to charge you more or less for their product? Do you really think an enhanced warranty is a BAD THING? Haters gonna hate...
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    [H]Domestic- Today Only, Great cheap vacuum, Eureka upright $70

    Oh man, that is so true, definitely not a Dyson, but it's a fraction of the price. I still have my Eureka going on 5 years and that bastard still has enough power to pull old carpet apart if you aren't careful. The lowest height setting for hardwood is not a joke, if you put it on that setting...
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    Google Unveils the New Chromebook Pixel, Powered by 5th Gen Intel Core Processors

    damn, you aren't going to be [H]ardcore gaming on this thing, but it will play LoL rofl
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    Facebook To Stop Counting Likes From Some Accounts

    up to date data trends = $$$ out of date data trends = $ How do you think FB makes their money again? Advertising? :rolleyes: They sell your data, and the companies buying it are wanting it to be current so they can more easily market to you... YOU.. YOU
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    Facebook Is The Leading Cause Of....

    OMFG world breaking news everyone!!! Finding out your "friends" (use that term loosely in this case) enjoy their life and even OMFG took pics to proove it happened?!?!? while all you care to do is sit on your ass stacking Facebook... If it wasn't Facebook, it would have been MySpace, forums...
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    Valve's VR Headset is Called the Vive and It's Made by HTC

    Oh man, I remember this headset when I was putting it on to play Duke Nukem back in 1998 I wonder if it's gotten any better... or worse???
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    Human Head Transplant Just 2 Years Away, Surgeon Claims

    If you guys and gals can't figure out this has Walt Disney (attach his frozen head to a cloned body made with DNA extracted out of said head [hehe alliteration is fun!] and wammo! we get to see his lost movie "It's a Small World War After All"
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    Google Confirms Wireless Service 'In Coming Months'

    Yes, but they better send me txt messages for places with high quality reviews and coupons. If I want to see a menu I can look online myself. To paraphrase the USA founding fathers... "No textation without couponization!" :rolleyes:
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    FedEx Refuses To Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns

    I would have to agree with you kirbyrj, well at least in my experience in hearing about people of influence off themselves this time last year, none of them used a gun! It could just be the business though... maybe poor people fit the anti-gun narrative better??? Five top officials from...
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    FedEx Refuses To Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns

    So you are saying someone in the state of mind to commit suicide will say: "Ahh fuck it I was going to order a home made untraceable gun, but I have to use UPS shipping because FedEx won't ship it.. ARGHH @#^%@#$%^ motherfucker!!! I might as well live!" NOT "Well fuck, no gun... hmm where...
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    Want Fiber? Do More To Get It, Google Exec Tells Cities

    Awesome, that's not too bad for true GB service, heck I only pay $40 right now for charter cable and it's not too bad but I am sure ot[H]ers like me enjoy multitasking and would actually use the bandwidth. I remember reading about the deep packet inspection, and I would definitely pay the...
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    FedEx Refuses To Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns

    *cough*righttorefuseservice*cough* The Federal Civil Rights Act guarantees all people the right to "full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, without discrimination or segregation on the ground...
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    Want Fiber? Do More To Get It, Google Exec Tells Cities

    Ugh, don't remind me about that, I've been contemplating moving down to Austin after visiting a few times for SXSW & ACL. Just curious how much does home GB service from AT&T run? (feel free to PM if it's against ToS for the forums, or if you just don't want to blast it on a public forum or...
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    Quote of the Day

    If my hero Elon was truly worthy of adoration, he'd set up free internet service and it would turn the world on it's head.
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    Intel Dual-Core Waxes Intel Quad-Core (and I eat crow)

    Awww this thread is getting me all misty! My Q6600 G0 stepping beast is about to be retired to an HDPC-XMBC setup. I've not had a single problem with it for almost a decade... damn that was definitely worth the money! Now it's tax season and time to upgrade, most likely to an i7-5820k (everyone...
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    Developer Won't Comment On The Order: 1866's Five Hour Length

    So instead of making good content, they are going back to the old metric of hours of un-skippable cut scenes? Please, give me a good reason to NOT play the game... just weak
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    Facebook Post Leads To Home Invasion

    Interesting theory... it would work in all the "castle law" states... :eek: I just hope you aren't considered an accessory before the fact by giving someone the idea... :rolleyes:
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    Record Labels Keep 73% Of Spotify Premium Payouts

    Because people are lazy as fuck! They would rather give 90% away to have someone else 'make them a star' then complain afterwards
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    Google Waze Draws Ire Of U.S. Sheriffs

    There are laws in place to make police cruisers 'visible' and 'distinct from the rest of traffic' This app just makes them more visible. If the police aren't doing anything wrong, why should they care if we know where they are?
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    Netflix: 4K-Capable PS4 And Xbox One Coming This Year

    Projecting much? Where did I say America sucks? Please put more words in my mouth... Relevancy: Would you like to compare stamp collections? If you even know what that means...
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    Netflix: 4K-Capable PS4 And Xbox One Coming This Year

    Maybe in America, but the rest of the world where they are actually investing in infrastructure, this is good news kinda...
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    The MPAA Isn't About Helping Hollywood Any Longer

    I can simplify it for you :) It was all about the status quo when the "industry" was created. Unions: Employers could treat employees like slaves as long as they "paid" them. Once society changed and the idea of slavery in the work place was reduced (notice I didn't say eliminated) society...
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    Ratpadz XT $25 w/Free Shipping

    Say what you want about ratpadz being too thick, but I am ordering again. Here is my story: Late one night I was playing some aram in LoL and I thought I heard someone at my front door, but it was late and I knew I had locked it so I ignored the noise and continued to rock Alistar. Seconds...
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    Bethesda: The Elder Scrolls Online Ditching Subscription Fees

    I am sure to piss some people off but in my opinion: pre-orders and special editions and all that BULLSHIT are a TAX on the naive and those who lack self control. I remember the good days when you signed up to beta test a game for FREE and actually enjoyed finding bugs to help the game grow...