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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Just picked up a Anne Pro 2 with Tai-Hao Miami keycaps. I think it matches my PC well.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Ducky One 2 Mini and Razer Deathadder Elite
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    temporary network cable like a extension cord?

    Connectors aren't hard to put on.
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    Best software for syncing two folders on the same PC.

    I need to be able to sync two folders on the same pc whenever there are changes made to either folder. I looked at Sync Toy but it looks like you have to set up scheduling? That would work but is there any software that will do it as soon as there are changes made?
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    Insane DSL speeds - 170-245Mbps! How could this be possible?

    While your DSL connection isn't shared the bandwidth providing your DSL service is shared. There is only a certain amount of bandwidth allocated to the DSLAM your DSL modem is connected to. Your problems could be from busy times overloading the amount of bandwidth they have provisioned to the...
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    Problem with Netgear N300 (WNR2000) not detecting internet correctly.

    I work for a service provider and have had nothing but issues with these routers and only this model of Netgear router. Customers buy them all the time because they are the cheapest router Wal Mart sells. All of my DSL customers are connected to DSLAMs that are in layer 2 config. They are...
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    Slow DSL

    If it's truly bonded DSL you won't need any special hardware other than the modem they provide. You plug your router into that. You aren't getting two IP addresses or anything. Bonded just means it uses two pairs of wires to get to your house instead of one pair. To provide the increased...
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    Wireless Access Point Recommendation

    No. You add it to your network and run the Unifi Controller on a PC on the same network. It see's it and allows you to configure it. I have ran into Java issues running the controller on older PC's but using Win 10 I have the controller on my main PC and run it when I need to do something to the...
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    Wireless Access Point Recommendation

    I think that is for zero handoff and stat tracking. Like how much bandwidth devices have used and such. Otherwise the Unifi Controller is used to configure the AP. For the love of god I wish that would dump that aspect of it and just let us connect to the AP directly and configure it like any...
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    Windows 10 Updates other computers on Internet...

    Yep. I work for an internet provider and I have had a few customers complain about slow internet. I found the problem to be windows update. This might not be an issue for most people but when you have DSL customers with less than 10Mb/s it certainly is an issue. I've also had issues with...
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    Recommendation for WiFi directional WAP?

    Ubiquiti Nanostation It's POE. You can set it up as a directional transmitter. Or you can put two of them in a bridge but that will require...
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    bulletproof AP

    Ubiquiti has been flawless for me for 2 years now. Just bought an AC Lite to upgrade. Haven't set it up yet.
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    Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router - Which network cards?

    Do you really need that? Do you have gigabit internet? Are you transferring huge multi gig files wirelessly every day all day? The AD tech is only good in line of sight. Meaning your devices have to be in the same room as the router to see the benefit. The press releases for this router even...
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    Need help setting up whole home wifi solution

    Yes. They will work with any router. You only need the controller software running to configure them and to use seamless roaming. But if you get multiple AP's they will work fine connected to any router.
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    Need help setting up whole home wifi solution

    Thanks for the info. I already use an Edgerouter Lite with Unifi AP's. So I might pick up a few Open Mesh AP's and see how they work at home. Sounds like a product that could fix some of my customers wifi issues if they want to spend the money that is. How well do the wireless repeater models...
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    Need help setting up whole home wifi solution

    I've been looking into Open Mesh and I'm a little confused about what acts as the router? You have to have a Cloud Trax compatible router but I'm finding little info on what those are?
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    25 x 25 fiber. I don't see the need for anything faster.
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    Ethernet not faster than Wi-Fi

    Are you going to figure out what internet service you are paying for before complaining about no difference between ethernet or wifi? Or are you going to ignore our advice? I'm guessing we will never know.
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    Dell T20 Mini-Tower "server" for $139

    Normal price.
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    3rd Party SFP's

    Yes it is for production. I work for a internet service provider. Thus my hesitancy. Saving $350 isn't that big of a deal. But Calix wants $1800 for a single multi mode 10G SFP. So saving over $1000 would be a big deal. I haven't found a multi mode one yet though from a 3rd party vendor. I'll...
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    3rd Party SFP's

    I need some 10G Calix SFP's. Calix wants $400 for single mode 10G SFP. I found some 3rd party ones for $44. What is the general consensus on 3rd party SFP's? I'd hate to have one of these be the cause of problems or be the cause for Calix to blame a problem on one. But the price is very tempting.
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    AC56r Acting crazy

    Are there any firmware updates? I guess you know why the router was refurbished. Or not.
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    AC56r Acting crazy

    Well for starters make sure the problem isn't with your ISP's modem or your internet connection.
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    Ethernet cable short by about 2', best way to extend? (outdoors)

    They make all sorts of outdoor ONT's. We use Calix ONT's that go in an enclosure on the outside of the house. Our remote cabinets are fiber fed and are not heated. They have fans that run all the time. Cold and heat isn't really an issue.
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    ESXi 5.5 on Dell T20 crashing after PCI Network Card install.

    Never mind. Put everything back to stock and tried installing Win 10. Guess it's the PC that is the problem.
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    ESXi 5.5 on Dell T20 crashing after PCI Network Card install.

    I am a novice at vmware and virtualization in general. So keep that in mind. I recently bought a Dell T20 to install ESXi 5.5 on. I have it running on a USB drive. I also replaced the 4GB of memory with 16 GB of non ecc memory. I wanted this machine for home use to install a Win 7 vm and a...
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    Having IP cameras on my main switch slow everything down?

    Figure out how much bandwidth the cameras use. I doubt security cameras are saturating a gigabit connection.
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    Question about network wiring

    Wires plugged into the UPS should be going to the ONT. To power the ONT and to send alarms from the UPS to the provider. Looks like they used cat5 for this purpose. Is the ONT outside? Can you take a picture of the entire setup?
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    This chart will infuriate anybody who pays for broadband in the US

    I live in a town with 1200 people in rural Iowa and work at the towns phone company. We have 850 DSL subscribers. The highest speed we offer is 10/1. Starting this spring we are going 100% fiber to the home. Hopefully we will offer up to 100/100. And increase speeds in the future. It will be a...
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    Dell T20 Mini-Tower "server" for $139

    Can you run ESXi 5.5 with this machine easily?
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    Comcast is counting local data towards data cap?

    Oh damn. I guess it's impossible for him to be wrong or ever make a mistake. :rolleyes:
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    options for 10gigabit firewall

    Why even offer that speed when consumers can't even utilize it?
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    Xbox One $31.00 with free shipping

    Bought one but cancelled the payment right away after ebay closed the listing. Took a chance. No harm done.
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    Xbox One $31.00 with free shipping

    Bought one. We'll see what happens.
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    Question about internet speed and gaming

    The only thing it will change is the speed at which he can download games. Gaming doesn't take much bandwidth.
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    I've had an ERX for a month now and anytime it loses connection to my VDSL modem I have to power cycle the ERX or the internet to work again. Anyone else having this same problem?
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    Wired Router Recommendation (small business)
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    D-Link DWL-922 Wireless Router Aluminum Case

    I've never had a router overheat. Labor wise I'd just buy a new router.