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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    How many/much DDR2 FB-DIMMs are you looking for? I may have a handful of 4GB sticks.
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    Microcenter in store Ryzen deals... 2700 $230 before $30 combo discount, 1600 for $99, etc.

    Combo discount on open box mobos I think varies by store, since the markdowns need to be done manually by a manager anyway. I'm pretty sure the Cambridge location doesn't do $30 off on open box boards, but if anything, the promotion they run is generally better, which is 50% off the original...
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    Intel Introduces New 9th Gen Desktop Processors

    Well, I mean, it's not like they haven't released consumer iGPU-less CPUs before. There were a few P series i5s back in the Sandy/Ivy Bridge generation, as well as the i5-2550K.
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    Star Citizen Has Made Over $200,000,000

    Kind of reminds me of Farmville or the other Facebook games that use the "shield" of beta to cover up any issues, but still bring in tons of money.
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    WTB cheap ryzen cpu

    Looks like the nearest Microcenter is like 2.5 hours away from the zip code he mentioned. Also, if one is going to buy that processor at MC, you should use the $5 off $30 retailmenot coupon to get it even cheaper. To the OP, I might have an extra Ryzen chip that I can sell. I'll try to take a...
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    I updated my mobo firmware.. Now Windows 7 no longer works?

    Just a thought, but if you're having issues getting through the W7 install process because the keyboard/mouse aren't working in the installer, have you tried installing W7 onto the SSD while in another system, then just swapping it into the Gigabyte system?
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    Threadripper 1950x 599 at Microcenter

    Does it need to be water/AIO? Noctua has a few of their heatsinks (U9, U12S, and U14S) that come in Threadripper (and Epyc) variants that have the enlarged contact surface.
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    WTB GT 1030 $75 shipped

    Not sure if you're still looking, but you can get a refurbished EVGA passively cooled one (i.e. a tall-ish heatsink) for $75 with free shipping today.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    It also depends on the timing. I'm sure some of those Best Buy laptop trade in promotions clear a whole lot of those cheaper laptops from the used market. If I recall, one of the previous ones basically got you a $75 BB gift card for any functional Windows-based laptop.
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    WTB - 5820k or cheapest X99 cpu

    There are also cheaper E5-1603v3, E5-1603v3, and E5-2603v3 chips.
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    What happened to the i7-7700K's at Microcenter ?

    I think they sometimes just do random stuff with their inventory system online. The other day, I noticed that the Ryzen 7 1700X and 1800X were listed as no longer carried, but I was looking today, and they're both back in stock.
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    MSI MSI Gaming X99A GODlike Gaming LGA 2011-v3 - $149.99 A/R @

    I'm not sure if anyone else has had similar experiences, but I've found MSI mail in rebates to be the slowest by far. I had a $20 one sent in and approved in February, and it wasn't until July that the prepaid card was sent out (where it took 10 days between the "Payment Processing" status to...
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    7 Years Ago Today Intel Launched the Core i7-2600K

    Well, that, and DDR4 prices as of late... DDR3 and DDR4 prices used to be fairly close for both new and used with DDR3 still holding a slight edge. You can still find 16GB of used DDR3 for about $60 fairly often, but you need a bit of luck on your side to find 8GB of used DDR4 for $60... That...
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    WD - Easystore 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $129.99

    I think some of the confusion might be coming from the fact that previously (and probably still now), the industry naming of "white label" meant the hard drives were refurbished drives, sometimes with their SMART data wiped and with their original factory label removed and replaced with a...
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    Threadripper MC Deals: 1950x: $899, 1920x: $749, 1900x: $499

    Their ad says the 1920X and 1900X get the $30 combo discount too. The other confirmation is that when you add them to the cart with a motherboard, the board gets discounted by $30.
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    Old laptop, what type of hard drive is this

    I don't know, it could have been one of those 2.5" SCSI drives, a micro SATA 1.8" drive, or those WD ultraslim drives with the SFF-8784 connectors. There's all sorts of weird stuff out there.
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    IMF Head Foresees End of Banking, Triumph of Cryptocurrency

    Oh, that's what IMF stands for. I was thinking the Impossible Missions Force.
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    40$ case tempered glass

    Yeah, it was one of yesterday's Shell Shocker deals. For those near a Microcenter with them still in stock, there's also a Cooler Master case with a tempered glass side panel for $57. It's too bad the $5 retailmenot coupon got pulled. Here's hoping that it returns next month (i.e. in 2 days)...
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    Intel Core i7-8700K Benchmarks Leaked

    Note that the X5650 benchmark there is a dual configuration, as it indicates 12C/24T.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Dibs on 2011 heatsink DisplayPort to VGA/HDMI adapters
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    WD Mainstream 3TB Internal Drive - In Store at Best Buy - $60-65 YMMV

    I'm not sure if it's nationwide, but I saw the WD Mainstream/Desktop 3TB drive (it's basically the retail packaged 3TB Blue) for $60 in store at multiple Best Buys. It was listed as a $60 clearance price at one store, $60 limited time sale at another store, and $65 normal price at another (I...
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    best Budget cpu is cheaper and cooler

    From what I've read, the Cryorig M9i (or M9a for AMD) performs comparably to the 212 EVO. It's only [$18 on eBay](, and when it used to have free shipping on Newegg, it was only $20. I still like the 212 EVO when I'm testing X99 boards, since it was one of...
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    Reverse deal - Sell your $160 RX 470 for $350-$400 now on ebay.

    Forget 3-4 weeks... PayPal has a 6 month window to file a dispute... Make sure you hang onto a copy of the eBay listing (since it's not going to be available beyond I think it's 3 months) and all tracking information until next January.
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    Reverse deal - Sell your $160 RX 470 for $350-$400 now on ebay.

    I haven't really looked too much into the mining stuff, but I'm a little surprised that something like this RX 580 8GB is in stock for $300 (and has been for at least a day, since I started looking at the Radeon pricing with this price spike). I wonder how long until they sell out, and if the...
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    I doubt it. It appears this product line (easystore) just came out about a month ago. I picked up one of those 4TB drives when they were $90, thinking it was just sort of an introductory sale price (and I only picked up 1, since my local store only had 1, and I happened to have a $85 reward...
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    I grabbed a couple of the 8TBs, but I'm just waiting for the 4TB ones to go back on sale for $90. I'm curious of people's thoughts, but what are the chances of WD/BB pulling a Kingston with the easystore line--building hype around this version with the Red drives inside, before switching the...
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    Microcenter - Tustin - Corsair Air 240 $25.59 (open box)

    Yeah, when it says "open box" in the title of the product (and it's found by sorting by "refurbished" rather than "open box"), I've found they're usually basically complete retail packaged items, just that were opened, but likely never used, and re-taped shut. Most of the ones I've seen like...
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    FS/FT: SFF Dell Inspiron slim PC (Mint!), Bundle of parts

    Just a thought, but if you still wanted to make that Inspiron into a gaming system, you could find a mITX board and swap it out for the Dell board. You do have to pay attention to where the 24 pin power connector is on the aftermarket board (due to the Dell PSU having a very short "reach"), and...
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    AMD Ryzen 6 Core and 4 Core Benchmark Leaks Rumor

    AMD must have been putting the pressure on back in November, when MC dropped the price of the 6700K to $260 /s. I think it's just a Presidents' Day sale, but what do I know? Monoprice had the 7700K on eBay for $310 a little bit ago, which coincided with a (targeted) 10% eBay Bucks promotion, so...
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    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    Just different chipsets. Looking it up, it looks like the 790 has the Q65 chipset, and the 990 has the Q67 chipset. The only thing I see different between the two chipsets is the the Q65 has 1 SATA3 and 5 SATA2 ports, and Q67 has 2 SATA3 and 4 SATA2. The 990 also lists support for Intel vPro...
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    GeIL/GoldKey 8GB DDR3-1600/DDR3L-1600 CL11 $20 @ Microcenter B&M

    It's "generic" stuff (1600MHz CL11), but at $20 for an 8GB stick, I think it's about the lowest price I think I've seen RAM in probably like 6 months. Buy 2 sticks and use the $5 retailmenot coupon, and you've got 16GB for $35+tax. Last time I bought desktop DDR3 was last summer when it was $40...
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    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    Upon a little further investigation, it looks like perhaps the 1155 socket SFF Optiplexes (390/790/990/3010/7010/9010) have the proper PCIe x16 slot spacing to use the dual slot low profile graphics cards. Newer models (3020/7020/9020/3040/5040/7040) have it right next to where the PSU goes...
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    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    Just something to keep in mind, but there are/were some of the SFF models that the only PCIe x16 slot is directly next to PSU, so those low profile GTX 1050 Ti models won't actually fit.
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    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    Quick! some of those Optiplexes from the same seller are $116. There are a number of them with i7-2600 and 8GB of RAM. I was literally just looking at desktops from that seller that were showing up at $156, but when I went to the actual item, they dropped to $116. When I refreshed the search...
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    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    I agree with this. I've seen a number of relatively cheap T3600s pop up over the past year, though they're generally going to cost a little more than the Optiplexes, though if you're upgrading it to be a basic gaming rig, the 635W 80+ Gold rated power supplies should be sufficient, and narrow...
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    F/S - 1080 FE, 780 gtx, 6800k, 4 different Socket 2011 Xeons

    Is the E5-2670 the SR0H8 or SR0KX stepping?
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    Man Streams 115 MPH Ride On Facebook, Crashes Into Garbage Truck

    I saw a guy watching a TV show on his smartphone that was mounted on the windshield the other day. Awhile back, I saw someone driving while holding their phone in one hand and a cup of coffee (or something) in the other. Or, another time, the driver was eating a bowl of cereal. Unfortunately...
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    Question about a future upgrade from an X5672 to ?

    The highest performance is probably the W3690 or the X5690.
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    microcenter in-store only: 512GB SSD $75 Micron M.2

    If you reload the page in incognito or a private window or the like, you should be able to get a new one. Clearing cookies and stuff might also accomplish the same thing, but I usually just get a coupon and then close the incognito window and open it again. It's up the to store/manager to...