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    How To Stop Using Google

    floppy? lmao....good one guys :) as I get older, it feels more like a floppy than a SSD lol
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    How To Stop Using Google

    Well, I'll use their search, their maps, and youtube....never have much desire for anything else I never see their ads (it's all filtered out, funny how it all works that way) I think it's ridiculous to base it all on "tax avoidance". That's the last thing I would even consider. When I...
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    Does Google Now Have A Women Problem?

    This has NOTHING to do with women. This is the internet. This is Google. This is 1's and 0's. This is (by nature) gender neutral. All I see is a person so overwhelmingly consumed by "apps" that there is a major failure to see a much larger picture. This is happening to both men and women and...
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    10 Years Ago Today: Booting From A USB Drive

    That's funny, I distinctly remember installing Win98se on quite a few computers where the "install disk" was a CD (not a floppy). I also remember installs where the "install disk" was a file on D drive...installing to a blank C drive....where it was a single physical drive cut into two separate...
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    The Achilles Heel of Open Source: Elitism

    elitism is just one possible view (narrow that it might be) What were talking about is the difference between someones passions vs. the dollar signs in the eyes of someone else. People will "buy" software. I personally don't understand why "free" has become such a bad thing. You will always...
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    10 Years Ago Today: Booting From A USB Drive

    Not sure what world your living in. I stopped using floppies when I stopped using Win98se (didn't even use them much at that time either). The only reason to need any CD's, DVD's, or USB floppy drives for drivers was for the initial acquisition of them. After that, they got put up and kept for...
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    Which Companies Protect Your Info From The Government

    yeah right, whatever.... anyone believes this nonsense stand on your head These companies wont protect jack crap You had better be protecting yourself
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    Pirates Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

    This isn't about piracy at all. It's not even about game development. This is a Hollywood/tabloid stunt for the "look" of things. It's to get people talking about something that doesn't even matter just for the purpose of talking. This entire situation represents the very thing that I take...
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    Pirates Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

    A free version was made available. As with many free versions of comes with advertising. This kinda thing happens all the time. What makes this so different that it becomes news?
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    More Info On Microsoft's IllumiRoom

    well, if we can't have 3D, this might be the next best thing.
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    Home Wi-Fi Routers Are Easily Hackable

    That's precisely the kind of mockish thinking that gave us what we have. Your missing the point. These updates ARE NOT meant for what you think they are. Take a look around you. What "fixes" are being done? Most of the very same things that caused so many issues with IE *STILL* exist. ALL...
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    Home Wi-Fi Routers Are Easily Hackable

    Your preaching to the choir here :) My comment on this was rhetorical. This is something I'm always talking about. Many of the same ole issues that have always plagued IE now have most other browsers turned into swiss cheese....specifically because of HTML5. People are told that they...
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    Home Wi-Fi Routers Are Easily Hackable

    No one has to do is update their browser, then all is right with the world again.
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    Using GPS To Commit Burglaries?

    While emphasis is placed on "using GPS"....that's not so much the issue. If this were the issue, fewer people would actually want it. This whole thing falls under the heading: "DUH!". In other news: the Earth is a sphere that orbits the Sun
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    Tracking Cookies Gone in Five Years?

    This guy talks like 'it's all about his company'. Makes me wonder if he has any real understanding of what a "cookie" is. It isn't going to be the elimination of cookies. It will be the elimination of the ability to get rid of them. The premise of the article though does make perfect sense...
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    America’s Most Damaged Brands

    Apple hit the mobile market hard from the get go with the iphone when it first came out and it's still going because the mobile market is still there (people are still wanting these things). They have a large enough fan-base that will buy anything the come up with (as is the nature of the...
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    Futuristic Headlight Technology Turns Rain Invisible

    well, until road grime builds up enough anyway (the projector) or a small pebble from the road surface gives you a series of dead pixels The only way I can see this working at all is if the glass of the windshield were to be the screen itself. It would be interesting to see what happens when...
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    Technology Gone Wrong: The Budweiser Buddy Cup

    lol.....two girls, one cup
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    Workers Demand Social Media Rights

    "A quarter of employees say they would not work for a company that banned social media at work." This quarter is made up of idiots "Helping to drive the desire for more technology choices is the increasing wish among employees to work from locations outside of the office." LMFAO....How is...
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    Google Bans Non-Play Store App Updates

    The more they do, the less appealing any of this stuff is to me. It doesn't matter if the "app store" has the name google, Microsoft, Apple, Android, or anything else. I'm not interested in the investment just so I can be lead by the nose having to ask "mother may I?" This kinda thing just takes...
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    Google Glass Already Hacked

    I guess they missed Patch Tuesday......maybe they should've updated their AV.....I'll bet Apple has something in their app store that will take care of it
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    Home Wi-Fi Routers Are Easily Hackable

    4 of these attacks require no active management session. 2 of these attacks require no active management session. ????????????????
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    Hollywood Exec Ignites BitTorrent Piracy Controversy

    My bonus shrunk has for alot of people not happy about it, but in these trying economic times, what are ya going to do? quit? I don't blame torrents. Hollywood execs can kiss my <b>yangyang</b>
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    Must Have Home Office Decoration

    lol This should be a postage stamp. I like it.
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    App Lets You Order Pizza On Xbox Live

    all for the love of apps?!?!?!? I've done this a couple times through the pizza place's usually just a phone call though. ok, so it's done over the xbox....ok....what of it? that's like saying it's cool if done on a computer running an Intel chip and not so cool when done...
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    Facebook Using Google's WebP Image Format

    Not exactly a fan of Facebook but I can see this sorta thing making alot of sense. I'll keep an open mind on this and see where it goes. It sounds like a great idea. This is one of those things that could go either way.
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    Social Media As Breaking News: Worse Information, Faster

    @ballistic90 Your correct: I meant PETA....sorry
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    Social Media As Breaking News: Worse Information, Faster

    "...can create a dangerous well of misinformation, witch-hunting, and egomaniacal info-spewing. Time for some ground rules..." This is a fair description of what we get from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Hollywood, all three branches of government, The...
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    Juror Jailed For Texting During Trial

    juror having someone do an internet search on the defendant to dig up any kind of dirt.... A person is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. Things may not always work that way but this is a clear violation of the defendants rights. If these sorts of things are to be tolerated (wether...
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    Microsoft's Bing Blocked by Browsers

    Wether or not MS is legally bound and required to go through a third party for certificates is one thing. MS (just like Apple and certain others) still has obligations to make sure things are what they should be. This is not really any different from blaming a thief (when it's in the nature...
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    Microsoft's Bing Blocked by Browsers

    favorite companies? Go back through everything I've ever posted on this site and think about that. I'm tired of hearing about so much trouble from so many companies because of dumb things done in dumb ways. It's not just MS.
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    Microsoft's Bing Blocked by Browsers

    I didn't say they were the same thing.... I said the difference is meaning HERE. It's not the point.
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    Microsoft's Bing Blocked by Browsers

    We're not talking about just anyone. This is Microsoft. It's not just MS, Apple should be held to the same standards. We're not dealing with some Joe Blow out there. This company has very important connections all over the planet. Technical sense OR legal sense, either way...same thing when it...
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    Microsoft's Bing Blocked by Browsers

    All this trouble...for what? This is something that MS should be doing, NOT handing it over to someone else. This is just an example of a kind of thinking that I've been commenting on for a while now. This is crazy. MS with all their money and resources and it has to be like this??? I'm...
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    Comcast Upgrades Speeds for Xfinity Internet

    If they're going to go through all the effort to do all this...they really aught to double the speed for any DOCSIS3 modem...across the board, regardless. It wouldn't have to mean losing any "tier". I'm sure it would be easier logistically.
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    Comcast Upgrades Speeds for Xfinity Internet

    I know that software isn't required for it to work. But, it is installed for new accounts (not every single time though). It's not required for modem swaps.
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    Comcast Upgrades Speeds for Xfinity Internet

    As for "data caps": Can we get a show of hands as to who has the ISP software installed and who doesn't? I really would like to know if this software has anything to do with who gets notices on usage.
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    One Fifth of U.S. Consumers Want an iWatch, Sight Unseen

    I don't buy or use Foxconn products because I like Foxconn....I have little to no choice in the matter.
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    Yahoo Shuts Down More Services

    I had a yahoo account years ago. Anything lost in this is just lost, I don't even know the password anymore (if any of it still works anyway). Many of the people I know turned their yahoo email into junk mail collectors for times when an email addy was required but it wasn't all that important...
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    House Passes Controversial CISPA Cybersecurity Bill

    Chris Wysopal, Veracode: U.S. Government worst at data security (ZDNET)