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    Corsair AX1200 $237.98 shipped After rebate and couponoupon Seems like a good price considering it's $329 at microcenter.:D
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    My power cube. NZXT Rogue micro atx case. Core i7 920 at 4.4ghz asus rampage gene sli'd gtx 285 oc'd 2 ssd in raid 0 6gb corsair dominator slot load pioneer drive One push pull 120mmx2 rad in front. push pull 120mm mounted on rear. heatkiller cpu block MIPS chipset/mosfet blocks EK gpu...
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    FS 939 mobo/cpu combo aqua computer

    dfi nf4 sli-dr expert with amd64 3200 venice cpu. Both the nb and cpu were watercooled their entire life on this board. Ran daily at stock speeds(used for surfing the net). Comes with dfi box, manual, cables, and driver cd. $60 shipped Aqua computer cuplex pro for 939 boards. Works...
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    you can stream it live at gamespot
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    acutally the ps3 conference is today in 2 hours square enix conf is right now
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    psp gigapack, x-fi xtreme music, panaflo l1a's 80mm

    psp gigapack, purchased dec27th 2005. Firmware 1.5. Great shape. Comes with logitech playgear case. The softcase is still sealed in package(never used), earbuds are as well. $SOLD panaflo l1a's. I sleeved the cables(about 2ft long). $5shipped each Soundblaster x-fi xtrememusic...
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    NEC Consoles: Turbo grafx, Duo, PC Engine...

    you forgot super grafx
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    BluRay Wins?

    not to mention blu ray is composed of 150+ different companies. Sony isnt the ''mastermind" behind it, many posters on here seem to think that. lol
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    Professional Series Ionic Breeze $99

    ionic breeze lol = junk
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    Wtb: Emu 0404

    pm sent
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    xbox 360 to get or not to get?

    I'd pick one up again in 2007. Theres no games, theres bugs, sounds like a vaccuum cleaner when you turn it on. I will wait for games and 3rd or 4th revision.
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    PSP Firmware 3.0

    eh gta is working on 1.5 as of less than 48hrs ago...hehehe glad I never upgraded. :D
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    Playstation 3 Secrets Revealed

    ms delivered what it promised? lol Next generation games will combine unprecedented audio and visual experiences to create worlds that are beyond real and they'll deliver storylines and game play so compelling that it will feel like living a lucid dream." "To ensure that the next...
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    Soldering Iron

    weller wtcpt
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    Poll: 360+Halo3 or PS3+FFVII

    ffvii, games which require you to actually use your brain are fun
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    Sony: No PlayStation 3 announcement at CES 2006

    thanks for the info your name speaks for itself sorry but this isnt valid info. ;)
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    Sony: No PlayStation 3 announcement at CES 2006

    wtf is tgdaily? that sounds like a reputable site. lol
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    Xbox 360 Mod Chips Coming Soon!

    anyone try this?
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    Xbox 360 Mod Chips Coming Soon!

    demo disc :cool: doh we forgot to add protection mods feel free to delete if this is against the rules. Was not sure since this is a demo disc
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    ATI Says PS3 Is 'Unrefined'

    Article with an ati rep knocking down nvidia. So what else is new. The gameplay graphics in fatal inertia sure do look unrefined :p
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    PS2 Recommendations??

    The Warriors
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    Blurb in BW about the Cell

    CES in 2 weeks should be really good NEW YORK — For the first time in a decade Sony will be on the main exhibit floor of International CES, with what it claims is the “largest booth at the show,” which will encompass all of the company's divisions. Mike Fasulo, chief marketing officer...
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    Anyone have a NEO GEO??

    been playing neogeo cd on psp :D
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    some hints on PS3 online + ut2k7 to be launch game

    all its need now is the kb and mouse support for games which it is also rumored to have hmm gears of war or ut2k7, thats a tough call :p
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    Finally, actual X360 sales figures from Japan!

    I agree except for the techno part. Dont know many popular US techno artists, most are from the uk
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    Are you a true graphics enthusiast?

    9/10 ---damn diamonds
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    Finally, actual X360 sales figures from Japan!

    exactly and if the system doesnt do well in japan why would japanese licences make games for it?
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    Finally, actual X360 sales figures from Japan!

    i think the number outside the () is units sold :D as in 184 xboxs sold that month/week in
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    The battle of the systems

    anyone that voted 360 willing to gamble that it will be superior? thought not :cool:
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    gears of war zero hour vid

    the cnn shakey camera thing is awesome
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    gears of war zero hour vid

    looks good.2-3 levels link
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    PS3 or XBOX360 for me........

    I'd get a ps3 and use your pc to play the majority of the games offered on the 360 mouse>controller in fps any day of the week
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    Japan 360 Launch Day - Not a sell out.

    actually not a single part is made in america
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    What is the attraction of the Xbox 360

    lol thats terrible. wtf
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    So who's going to try to pre-order a handfull of PS3 and sell em on Ebay.

    huh? Its a new format. There will be very few blu-ray players available ps3 launch and they will most likely be expensive like dvd was way back. Video and audio buffs are always looking foward to next gen.