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    [DEAD] Macrium Reflect Home 20% off - $55.96 Single - $111.96 4pack - till 4-11-2021

    Same, just used the free version last week to migrate to a new PC; but the rare sale makes me want to support a great product I've used for years; anyone know what the commercial version will get people who have mainly been using the free versions just to do clones/migrations? EDIT: Man, I <3...
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    Official nVidia 1080 Ti in stock thread

    Wow, surprised a few of these popped into stock at Newegg.
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    For Honor/Ghost Recon Nvidia Key

    Does the promo include the season pass?
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Thanks to everyone who've posted their Ti's installed.
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    FS: For Honor/Ghost Recon Wildlands Game Codes

    Is this the GR promo code that also includes the Season Pass?
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    FS: Apple TV 3rd Generation 32GB

    Originally bought for use with HomeKit but discovered I actually needed the 4th generation. Comes with power cable, remote, and inner box (outer shell is gone). $60 + USPS Priority Shipping or local pick up near 98052.
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    Warm: Better than Black Friday Logitech G910, G933, G900 for $206+tax at BestBuy YMMV

    Looks like this was the package (OOS):
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    WD 250gb SSD $20 DEAD

    What was your expected delivery date?
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    Mediasonic 4 Bay RAID 0,1,10,5 eSATA/USB 3 Enclosure (Refurb) $100 - 8 Bay (Refurb) $199

    Yeah, I have the tweaked BIOS that should enable port multiplication. It would be cool to have a separate enclosure for another RAID volume.
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    Mediasonic 4 Bay RAID 0,1,10,5 eSATA/USB 3 Enclosure (Refurb) $100 - 8 Bay (Refurb) $199

    Would this be a decent eSATA expansion for an HP MicroServer?
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    FS: Acer Predator 34-inch Curved G-Sync monitor

    Oohh ... WA? Where in WA? I'm in Redmond (98052).
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    [Newegg]GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-UD3 110usd After Rebate

    Hmmm why the low 3-egg ratings? Update: Read through the reviews and most are having trouble installing the 3rd and 4th DIMM slots. They can only use the 1st 2 DIMM slots. No quad channel love for this board.
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    Moto G 16g GSM (1st gen) unlocked - Amazon daily deal $85.99

    Looks like it's gone up to $95; get the 2nd gen for $5 more
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    Newegg $25 Gift Card Free $5 after purchase - 48 Hours only!

    Seems dead, added to cart but didn't see any bonus
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    Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless-AC3200 - $199

    what's your primary router?
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    Lost Account Access and Passwords Changed

    TY Kyle! Sorted me out today.
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    Warm: Acronis True Image 2016 3 Computers - $47.99 (Upgrade for $35.99)

    I was wondering when the annual Acronis cash grab would be happening...
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    Star Citizen: The Beginning of the End

    I havent been keeping with SC updates, but is there any validity to the thread that was posted to Reddit:
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    Android nerd, switched to iPhone 6 Plus

    What's Z using these days? I just finished reading through all 18 pages as I was considering getting a 6 Plus since up to 8.4 is JB'able. My current daily driver is an M8.
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    FREE to a good home: Cooler Master Cosmos aluminum case

    I'll ask my friend in Culver if he wants it.
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    WTB: Windows Key

    Yeah, I was shocked how cheap they are selling keys for on there
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    WTB: Windows Key

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    Greenmangaming Summer Sale

    Hmmm, you can even use the 23% off voucher on the Fallout 4 pre-order
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    Are Windows Phones all but dead?

    I almost picked up a WP device just so I could play that Samurai game ... then the Surface came out
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    ASUS Z97 Mark S Lucky Draw

    Speaking of cards in tandem, I am reminded of my madness when I used to fold and building a few of these quad 9800 GX2 rigs for the cause: It was all good until the summer months when the in-laws came to visit and were sleeping in the adjoining room and these rigs set off the heat alarm in the...
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    Silence is golden
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    FS: MITX Gigabyte Z97N Gaming 5

    tag for later
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    WTS: 2x iPhone 5 - 16gb white ATT

    Can you update your post with pictures?
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    32GB Amazon Fire Phone + 1-Year Amazon Prime Membership $140

    Also keep in mind that CM11 is now available and being actively developed so you can dump FireOS if you so choose. FireOS is slated to be updated to Lollipop, too.
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    FS Tivo Package, Intel 3570k CPU, Asrock Z77, Noctua HSF, 670gtx, cases

    The Mini's stream via Ethernet from the Premiere? So as long as the other rooms have connectivity to the same home router, it's all good?
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    WTB: Don't Starve (PC)

    Missed this from the summer sale; hoping someone has an extra copy from a multipack or a bundle.
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    FS Tivo Package, Intel 3570k CPU, Asrock Z77, Noctua HSF, 670gtx, cases

    Have you upgraded the HD in the Premiere?
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    Warmish? Amazon Fire Phone 32GB $159

    4.6.1 which is based off Kitkat did indeed roll out a couple months ago and turned the Fire into a much more usable phone. Yesterday, I loaded CM11 onto my Fire Phone and it's a whole new experience. Haven't tried making a voice call yet so I can't vouch for that quality.
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    Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked $159 with Free 1 Year Prime

    You can load CM11 on the Fire Phone, too, now.
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    Accessory That Triples Your Laptop Screen

    How long until the hinges wear out and the screens no longer stay when you position them? I suppose a workaround could be to angle the screens so the bottom edge aligns with your desk.
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    FS: 32GB iPad Air Wifi/LTE

    IOS version?
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    Walmart - iPad Mini 16/Wifi - $199

    The iPad Air originally came loaded with IOS7 which is arguably the best of the versions to jailbreak. So if you're into that kind of thing, there are a surprisingly number of sealed units still being sold by dealers.
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    FS: AT&T 16GB iPhone 5S

    IOS version?