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  1. J

    The Pentagon Wants to Replace Passwords with the Way You Move or Walk

    I guess this would be good so drunk me cant login to social media and make an ass out of myself.
  2. J

    Google Might Announce a Game Streaming Platform Next Month

    This will be awesome for games that dont need perfect latency. Which is most of what I play. Google already has all my info due to my gmail account so I wouldnt mind a streaming service from them
  3. J

    AMD Link Performance Monitoring App

    Oh yeah a feature that opens up a service externally that I have to worry about securing. *sigh* Wonder if this feature will be available on Mobile chipsets and I will be able to connect to them on public wifi networks.
  4. J

    The Epic Games Store Is Now Live

    Return policy is pretty decent. Im cool with store credit as long as their library grows, which I expect it to with the cheaper fees for publishers. "We're launching with manual refunds through player support, and automated refunds will follow soon. We expect to provide each user with...
  5. J

    Microsoft Edge Development Will Be Based on the Chromium Open Source Project

    Unless it does something useful that no other browser does, its wasted time. Edge is a fine browser (pretty speedy too) but has not a single feature that makes me want to even give it a chance.
  6. J

    Questionable "PC Classic" Console Promises Major '80s, '90s DOS Games

    Thats cool, that cheap plastic is already pre-yellowed just like my old PC's =P
  7. J

    Disney+ is Coming in 2019

    Will this be the next Origin to Steam but for movies? Everyone hates it but we reluctantly use it to get the things we want.
  8. J

    DDR4 Prices are Falling

    Would love to get 2x16GB DDR4 for the next rig. Fall hard memory prices.
  9. J

    Apple Shifts XR Production to Older iPhones

    Now you have me scared buying used... *sigh* dont know what I will do.
  10. J

    Fallout 76 is Allegedly Easy to Hack

    Sounds like they tried to use console engineers to make an online PC game.
  11. J

    Apple Shifts XR Production to Older iPhones

    Unknown what I will do for my next phone. Likely will not be an Apple or top of the line Android due to price. Either that I will switch to buying used phones, though this bothers me a bit security wise as I am not the original owner and it will become not supported sooner. Will have to see if...
  12. J

    Apple Shifts XR Production to Older iPhones

    Count me included in the group of users priced out of ownership. Cant justify that much for a phone when there are fantastic alternatives for hundreds cheaper. Currently have a 7 and holding onto it for another year.
  13. J

    Windows 10 October Update Might Not Launch In October

    Im running 1809 currently and so far everything seems fine. Had the standard issues with my Google Drive app and similar that seem to happen every "upgrade". Didnt have the folder deleting issue others had. That being said I have not pushed this to any of my users. Most are still on 1709.
  14. J

    What motherboard manufacture supports their board the longest?

    This time around it will likely be Ryzen, will be my first AMD chip since the Athlon XP 2100+. But more looking at BIOS updates verse socket support. Nice thats really good to know, almost all my equipment didn't get Spectre/Meldown bios updates which made me sad and brought about this whole...
  15. J

    What motherboard manufacture supports their board the longest?

    Its getting to be time to replace my current gaming desktop and I typically keep them for 5 years or so before putting it on server duty. One annoying thing that happens every time is after a year or so the manufacture never releases any updates. Now I dont care if they keep up with the chipset...
  16. J

    Android Security Updates are Now Mandatory

    Considering the iPhone 5S still gets security updates and is on the latest version of iOS, this is very much needed requirement. For reference that phone was released in 2013. Non-name brand Android phones have had a bad habit of only providing updates while the phone is still on the store...
  17. J

    Motorola Partners with iFixit to Sell Mobile Repair Kits

    This is a great start! Hopefully others follow suite.
  18. J

    Amazon Posts Environmental Footage from Their MMO

    Lets hope its not the same regurgitated MMO everyone has been making the last decade. I want something new and innovative.
  19. J

    The U.S. Postal Service Has Announced New Prices for 2019

    I would be fine with only a less than 2.5% increase (since not all goes through USPS) in prime next year. But likely it will be more like $25 increase
  20. J

    Swiss Researchers Find 5G Security Gaps

    Better to find this stuff now, but still a little late as a lot of rollout has already been started.
  21. J

    Sony Could Be Planning Backward Compatibility for PS5

    Sure and they will pull it again on the first refresh of hardware.
  22. J

    Audi Unveils an Electric SUV Called the E-Tron

    Eco friendly yet still uses batteries with super rare minerals and can barely be recycled. I will stick to my combustion engines until better battery tech is out.
  23. J

    Apple Special Event is Streaming Live

    I have owned iPhone's since the 3G and I think im finally priced out of their market. This isnt an upgrade year for me on my phone so I will hold onto my iPhone 7 but next year I likely will be upgrading. As of right now the Pixel's look very nice price/feature wise. I wish phones would stop...
  24. J

    Study Finds that Millennials Prefer Multiple Content Providers for Streaming

    I think its less prefer and more have to. All the stuff I watch isnt on a single service, I need multiple to follow my interests. Still cheaper than cable and way easier to cancel
  25. J

    UBI CEO Doubles Down on Streaming Games Over Hardware

    I agree this is the future of how games will be played but not sure how far into the future that is. The biggest benefit of this is only your connection really matters, if you can stream a video fast then your device is compatible. Linux would finally get gaming the way they want without all...
  26. J

    Shigeru Miyamoto Warns the Games Industry That the Free-To-Play Model is Too Greedy

    All those battling mobile games are horrible for pay to win. It feeds into your desires to win and conquer and ups the price steadily over each purchase. Game of War and Mobile Strike being two of the worse offenders. I have though as others pointed out seen a few good FTP tactics implemented...
  27. J

    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Full Specifications Revealed

    I wonder what the cost to core ration is comparing the 1080 ti vs 2080
  28. J

    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    Wow thats not a subtle increase, im good thanks.
  29. J

    Magic Leap One Is Available to Creators Starting at $2,295

    After all that hype and secrecy this is a huge disappointment
  30. J

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gen 2 Full Specs and Availability

    That 2920X price point is tempting, its a bit more than I want to spend but we will see. I wont be a month 1 upgrader anyways, so I can wait for reviews. Motherboards offered will likely make the declension for me on which direction I go. I dont NEED to upgrade now, just want to.
  31. J

    Ninja Becomes the First Twitch Streamer to Reach 10 Million Followers

    Given I never liked watching sportsball either but I cant get into Twitch stuff for games. I did enjoy watching someone sculpt with clay once, that was neat to see their technique.
  32. J

    Fornite on Android Forgoes the Google Play Store for Increased Revenue

    People have also been getting viruses on Androids for years by downloading the wrong thing Google play store is not a clean place and there is lots of malware and sometimes viruses from sound/look-alike apps. Its really not any different from PC's iOS store isnt free from virus/malware but...
  33. J

    Early Reddit Database Was Hacked and User Information Accessed

    Online password managers are a hackers wet dream. One location to compromise to open up so many possibilities. Personally use a local password manager and unique password for each site. I always enable 2fa when ever I can and prefer an authenticator vs text message/email. I agree with...
  34. J

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990X for 1850 USD

    This would be amazing in a VMware cluster, now that we have a pricepoint it seems doable. Just need VMware support now.
  35. J

    AMD ThreadRipper 2nd Generation, Intel i7-9600K & i9-9900K Cinebench Scores Leaked

    Woundnt mind seeing a single core vs core comparison to see how it stacks up. Even if the AMD is slightly behind that wouldn't be an issues due to the massive core count difference. Just dont want it to be very behind the intel in a single core vs core comparison.
  36. J

    Up to 144TB NVME Storage in Action - "M.3 SSD"

    For sure, my NAS systems are still primarily spinning disk for cost reasons. SSD/NVMe is great for OS/cache drives but still too expensive for NAS systems.
  37. J

    Up to 144TB NVME Storage in Action - "M.3 SSD"

    The fact that you can fit that many NVMe drives in a 1U chassis is amazing. Sure the speed would be fantastic but think of the datacenter density you could have with that.
  38. J

    New MacBook Pro i9 Slower than the old MacBook Pro i7

    But the hard drive! Hahha
  39. J

    Cosmetics Company Silences Critics on Social Media and Receive F Grade from BBB

    Its ok, they will just give the BB some money and reply to a couple of customers and they will be back to an A in just a couple of weeks.