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    Recommend Wireless Router

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    Online Virus Scan

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    Partition Magic

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    Unmountable_boot_volume Error

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    bad network card? or what

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    back up dvds for a mac?

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    R40 Extremely Slow Boot Times...........Sometimes

    Haven't posted here in quite some time, but I'm having a little trouble with one of my laptops. It's an IBM R40 that's maybe two years old. When booting up, sometimes the laptop takes 30 seconds to boot up, and other times it literally takes 5 minutes or more. I can't understand what is...
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    FS: Canon BJC-55 Printer

    Selling this printer because I am a college student and it isn't practical. I also don't need the portability. In excellent condition but does not come with a print cartidge. You can find accessories for it here. Printer comes with the power adapter and has wireless capabilities...
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    blackberry lotus notes assistance

    Currently I have a blackberry synchronized with my lotus notes e-mail, but I am running into one annoying problem. If I delete an e-mail through my blackberry it will synch it back to lotus in terms of deleting it, but if I read an e-mail it fails to mark it as read. Is there any way to fix...
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    how do print servers work?

    When using a print server, is it necessary to be on a specific "domain" or "workgroup" to use the printer? I would think not since you aren't going through another computer. So a benefit of a print server would be that anyone can use it even if they are not part of a specific domain or...
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    Searching for Wireless Access Point/Printer Server

    can anyone answer this question?
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    Searching for Wireless Access Point/Printer Server

    Well I guess that brings me to another question. If I share the printer on a print server, would someone who is hooked up to another windows network at work during the day be able to access this when the computer comes home. Currently the settings don't allow that computer to gain access to...
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    Searching for Wireless Access Point/Printer Server

    I am currently looking to purchase a wireless access point with a print server included. I am generally fond for netgear products as they have suited me well in the past. I need some help deciding what to get in terms of "b" or "g" technology. Is it definitely worth getting the faster "g"...
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    Recommend Wireless Router

    what type of range do you get out of these routers in a large house?
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    Recommend Wireless Router

    Looking for a wireless router for my house that I can still plug a desktop into and use for about five laptops. Hopefully priced under $100. Thanks.
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    Good Cheap USB mouse?

    I've got a dell USB optical mouse that I will sell to you if you are interested. PM me. It's unopened and unused.
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    vertical colored lines

    Yup. Can you RMA it?
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    vertical colored lines

    Swap in a different video card and try your current video card with a different monitor. Report back with your findings.
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    How easy is Mandrake, use and install

    Mandrake will be easy to use, but you will want to have some idea of some basic linux commands to make the learning process much easier. What do you plan on using it for?
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    Laptop vs Desktop

    Would the original Counter-Strike play better on my laptop or my desktop? Desktop - 1.34 T-bird, 384 PC133, GeForce 2 GTS Laptop - 2.0 Ghz P4, 512 PC2100, Radeon 7500
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    build your own desk?
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    Desktop or Laptop for College [POLL]

    Okay. But IBM doesn't build their own hard drives anymore. You are referring to the DeathStars which aren't in production anymore. Maybe you should read up on them again.
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    Best webcam?

    I like my logitech, never used the 3com though.
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    Desktop or Laptop for College [POLL]

    From recent IBMs?
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    Desktop or Laptop for College [POLL]

    This is very true. Hitachi took over that section of the business. They don't have the same problems that they used to.
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    WTB: TI-83 Plus compatible keyboard, 128mb SMARTMEDIA card

    you can only have one "wtb" thread going on at a time, you should consolidate.
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    Problem with CDROM

    Try a windows repair or just reformat again.
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    I know this is not hardware but....

    Off topic. Thread locked. Banned? And no I don't know where you could get that. You would need to know someone that worked for Microsoft maybe.
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    Desktop or Laptop for College [POLL]

    IMO thats a hassle. Where do you go to school that you go home every weekend?
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    About to blow a lot of money on this laptop - opinions?

    I like IBM laptops. But they are more expensive.
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    Desktop or Laptop for College [POLL]

    Off Topic: My girlfriend and sister go to Holy Cross in Worcester.
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    Desktop or Laptop for College [POLL]

    I'd advise to stay away from Dell notebooks. Some have issues and other don't but I think IBM makes a much nicer laptop. I love my T30. My dad loves his T40. My sister loves her R40.
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    Best webcam out? Suggestions?

    I use a logitech pro for notebooks.