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    Uncharted 4

    Been like 8 years since Ive been on the forums but I like it so far, but Im only on the 4th chapter.
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    New Driveclub gameplay Damn this game looks good
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    E3 2014: Sony's Press Conference

    Hell they could have mocked up some CG trailer or something, and yeah The last of us is a cash grab but I sold my PS3 before it came out so I'm happy with them letting everyone get a chance to play it and yeah Forza Horizon is different but the 1st one wasn't that great and it still doesn't...
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    E3 2014: Sony's Press Conference

    Dude seriously....this thread and the MS E3 thread mention the Halo collection like it's the deal sealer, and it's just not imo...I'm just like you, I've got the PS4, WiiU, and Xone and I was just disappointed by MS because there's still no originality from them,...just hey play your COD DLC...
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    E3 2014: Sony's Press Conference

    But again there just rehashing....MS is still hanging on to Halo way too much, for people to get jacked up about a remastered Halo 2 is just crazy imo. I told myself if they show a new gears I might buy an Xone but they didn't...just remastered versions of Halo and another Forza which we just...
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    E3 2014: Sony's Press Conference

    I agree, people on here are saying "oh shit master chief collection" they said no graphical upgrade other than running in higher rez......which means yeah it's going to look cleaner but the assets are still going to be the same. I think Sony won...never played the last of us an I can buy it...
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    E3 2014: Sony's Press Conference

    PSA: go under the PS store under apps and you can watch the conference on your couch;)
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    Infamous: Second Son

    Destructoid seems to like it... 9.5/10 Superb: A hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won't cause massive damage to what is a supreme title. Think I'm gonna pick it up this morning
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    The Order: Gameplay reveal yesterday

    They said they were using the scope ratio so you could see more horizontally in the frame, it is a little odd but there's some websites out there with a comparison with and with out the bars and it does hide quite a lot without the bars because the game was designed with the aspect ratio in...
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    The Order: Gameplay reveal yesterday

    Wow this is the best looking console game I've ever seen Gameplay gifs
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    Titanfall - Beta, anyone got in?

    Honesty, I was expecting more because this game almost looks like a 360 game with just a little more sheen...not much, I knew from the video's I had watched it wasn't jaw dropping but on the visual side it's severely lacking. The gameplay is almost exactly like CoD but with a mech twist but the...
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    Ps4 bf4

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    Tomb Raider DE Running at 60fps on PS4, 30fps on Xone

    Because the people who bought the new consoles like myself don't have a lot to choose from atm, I'm sure that's why their releasing it because there's an opportunity right now to sell it due to lack of game selection on the new consoles.
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    Tomb Raider DE Running at 60fps on PS4, 30fps on Xone

    Well I wasn't posting to start a war just a heads up for people who own both like myself and were thinking about picking it up, I played the original on the 360 and really liked it but haven't decided if I'm gonna get this one or not.
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    Tomb Raider DE Running at 60fps on PS4, 30fps on Xone

    It's not just gaf, gamesradar had a live stream running with the CD guy there stating it was running on PS4 at 60fps....makes sense with the PS4 having the stronger hardware, just wasn't expecting this much of a gap.
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    Tomb Raider DE Running at 60fps on PS4, 30fps on Xone

    Damn this is a big difference:eek: From Gaf... On average: PlayStation 4 = 60 fps Xbox One = 30 fps Yes, the PlayStation 4 build is, on average, twice the framerate of the Xbox One build. Both builds are rendering at native 1080p...
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    XBox One Owners' Thread (First Impressions, Thoughts, You Happy?)

    That's the biggest thing I can tell from my son's Xone and my PS4, the Xone installs slower and is much slower booting up a game from the dashboard but possibly could be fixed in a firmware upgrade.
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    Well this is a first........

    Well I expect network issue's with all the new traffic but not a 40gb game somehow getting removed from my hd lol.. but got in touch with Sony finally after almost an hour on the phone, had 5 different people from Sony look at my account and all of them including 2 supervisors said they didn't...
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    Well this is a first........

    Purchased and downloaded KZ shadowfall yesterday and it finished downloading around 3pm yesterday and I played through about 3 chapters and I get home from work this evening and KZ is not in the home screen menu so I go to my library and its showing for me to download it??? So somehow these...
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    Yeah it's odd...I cant access the store anymore just long enough for me to buy KZ and it's downloading the game but I still cant access the store....strange.
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    It doesn't record all the time, and to the above poster asking how you can tell when its have to give the share button a double tap then on the right side of the screen you'll see a box with a red circle and a screen in it showing your recording has begun, the notification will...
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    Now that dust has settled, are you playing your new consoles?

    BF4....thats all I can afford at the moment, I want Rivals & Killzone but my 11 year old had to have a Xone for Christmas so I must sacrifice my PS4 game library for now;)
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    FYI ps4 in stock at the zon

    Seems to be gone now
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    Played BF4 and I'm very impressed.....does anybody know how to fully install games like BF4 or are games like that just partially installed automatically with no option to fully install?
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    BF4 PS4 vs One Footage Coming

    Yeah your right, looked at BF3 and the embargo didn't drop until release day....;)
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    BF4 PS4 vs One Footage Coming

    No I meant reviews for the game in general, 360, ps3, pc
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    BF4 PS4 vs One Footage Coming

    Off topic anybody know why no reviews haven't been posted?
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    BF4 PS4 vs One Footage Coming

    Ugh I'm lost here...on current gen the multiplayer didn't look as good as the singleplayer in BF3. So they are comparing PS4 multiplayer to Xone's single player and the Xone's single player looks a little better? wouldn't this be common sense anyway? There's a reason why they're not comparing...
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    Xbox One speeds increased...but does it matter?

    I don't think it matters honestly, cross platform games will try and hit a target render so they wont be frowned on by the consumer for making a shitty port but I think on more demanding games you'll see the PS4 run them smoother. I think the 1st party games are where you'll see the...
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    Who won this generation?

    360 for multiplayer But the PS3's exclusives destroyed anything on the 360, Uncharted 2 was one of the best games I've ever played when you look at the total package and what it offered and I'm 35 years old and have been playing games since the Atara 2600 / Commodore 64 days and that says alot...
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    What Games Will You Be Getting (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U or Other)

    PS4 KillZone Driveclub BF4 Xone BF4 KI
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    Gamescom 2013 Discussion - Sony PS4 Edition

    Damn those look good, thanks for the links
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    Xbox One unboxing. Retail edition.

    If it makes you feel better I've got my son a day one edition reserved on Amazon, I'm sure I'll pony up for one next year but the PS4 just has me more interested as far as launch purchases go.
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    Any arcade cabinet fans on here?

    Here's mine I built a few years ago ;)
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    Which setup would you prefer?

    Whatever I can play the Uncharted on... That's the handicap of PC gaming in my opinion, ease of use and game selection.
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    Sony Wants Watermarks And Online Authentication Before Each Movie

    The consumer that's going to purchase a 4k TV is a very small percentage for now so who gives a shit what kind of DRM it comes with and most movies people purchase their not going to be playing the damn thing like a console. Most people play a movie once or twice and it goes the shelf. People...
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    Xbox Live's upcoming "Ultimate Game Sale"

    At e3 during their press conference they said to kick off there free games we'll get halo 3 and ac2 so take what you will from that.
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    Xbox Live's upcoming "Ultimate Game Sale"

    It gets worse, their free games that were supposed to kick off this month to compete with PS+ free deals were announced to be Assassins Creed 2 & Halo 3 but now Mayor Nelson's tweeted that's not the case and instead we get Defence Grid The Awakening.........yeah.:confused:
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    What's wrong with Playstation?

    Shit.... Warhawk Tekken Twisted Metal Destruction Derby Wipeout All time classics