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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Beautiful water cooled set up(s) Shu-tography and csd!
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply

    My SF600 is out for delivery today, hopefully have it installed in the next few weeks. I bought direct from Corsair's site to avoid the 2-4 week delay on Amazon. I'm excited!
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply

    Tried going to that cache link that was listed, then logging in, but it would keep taking me to the main Amazon front page. When I would click the cache link again I'd have to log in again. Vicious cycle. Couldn't pre/order it, going to have to wait until they put it back up officially for...
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply

    Here I was hoping it would be early February - when they announced it at CES. I was hoping to have my build done before The Division dropped on March 8th. PSU is my only hold up!
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply

    So glad I held off on finishing my build. PSU was one of the items I was waiting on, specifically the SF600. Can't wait to see if the February time line stays on course.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Thanks for the heads up on the HG10. I haven't heard much about it, just thought it would be a viable option. @fs454 Thanks for the reply, I'll see what temps are; at this point - saving roughly $250 on a GPU is almost too good to pass up. I'll update after I get it all put together! :cool:
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Good morning all! Haven't posted in a long time, but been lurking on this thread for about a year now. I got my v4 back in July and have been slowly getting parts together for my new build. I usually build/sell every 9-12 months, decided that this will be my last rig for a long time (its...
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    FS: 32gb HP Touchpad w/ case

    nice price and bump for u :)
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    FS: IPad 2 32gb Wfi White

    How old is it?
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    WTS 16gb HP Touchpad (w/box) $170 shipped

    Good price and bump for you 8<)
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    FS: Nintendo 64 Console + Games

    If you can find it and it is working LMK and we can talk 8)
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    WTB: HP touchpad 16G

    you may want to try a aaron's (the rental place) i bought one on thursday that came with a case for right under $200
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    FS: Nintendo 64 Console + Games

    To bad its not a Sega Genesis 32X Console. I've been looking for one of those for while.....
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    why do you say that
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    Nikon lens $65

    Will this lens work on a Nikon D3000?
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    AceGoober FS/FT/WTB Thread

    long time no see Ace.... bump for ya:D
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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    I like BLUE!!! with orange of coarse WDE!!
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    Galaxy 4th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    War Damn Eagle!
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    Help with Evga X58 sli 3x

    Thank you Cruiza and Headcase for the reassurance!
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    Help with Evga X58 sli 3x

    I'm also in the same boat. Not to bring up a somewhat "dead" thread but I've been reading elsewhere about this problem. I don't want to have to buy a i7 920 in order to install/update my i7-930, I mean, even dealing with the shipping costs/return (if that's possible). There has to be a...
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    FS: New EVGA E758-A1 3-Way SLI LGA 1366 Intel X58

    Sent you a PM, looking forward to the pictures.
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    1st gen ipod touch 8gb

    how old is the ipod?
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    LCD TV

    Anybody reccommend an afordable LCD TV 32" under $600?
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    FS: HP DV8000 laptop, Razr2 V8, ATT Tilt

    good price.....
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    WTS: Asus A8N32-SLI Premium (s939), Apple 20 gig 4g

    email me pics of the ipod please? How old is it?
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    FS: Dreamcast: games, consoles, accessories, and bundles!

    you have a sega or know anybody that does? bump for ya:0)
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    FS/FT: 30Gb ipod video black

    how old is it and do you have any ref's?
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    FS: IPOD NANO 4GB, 1GB, + Shuffle 512MB Set

    how old are they? how long will the batteries hold a charge? lmk
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    Sega Genesis with 4 games and 2 controllers

    did you ever find the "sonic and kunkles "?
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    AceGoober's [FS/FT/WTTF/WTB] Thread

    wasssup goober? bump for you:D
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    Antec Nine Hundred Case w/ Spot Fan $79.98 after $25 & $18 MIR +shipping

    i bought both the case and PS on Dec 20, 2006 for a new build then they put it on sale over a month later!!! Looked up their policy and if you can find a better price within 21 days they will match it. Although the case and PS to me are the lamborghini of a computer the price is extremly Great...
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    WTB 2x512 HyperX PC3500

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    Need A Good Case For Best AirCooling

    i just bought one for christmas for a new build along with antec PS. awsome combo although pricey. no complaints yet :D
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    [FS] Cheap Digital Camera!

    interesting Gerber carpet ;) BTW i don't think i have ever seen a 16MB HDD...
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    x1950 vs. 7900gto

    What size/Manufacturer PowerSupply is good for the 7900GT as I am using a 450W cheapo (one that came with my case) and it will not consistantly power up? (This is a new build).