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    Microsoft Considering Rebranding Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer may not have been popular among customers, but it has solid support from business. I remember when MS changed MSN search to Bing. It didn't change the market share of the search engine.
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    SSD Pricing Plummets

    I thought OCZ has gone bankrupted
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    PayPal President's Credit Card Info Stolen

    Why did you reply? I was not talking to you.
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    PayPal President's Credit Card Info Stolen

    I have used paypal as consumers. I never have any issue with it.
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    AMD to Keynote at 5th Annual Open Compute Summit

    Over 35% of Intel's revenue is coming from data center, so shrinkage of PC market has limited impact on Intel, but AMD is relied heavily on PC market.
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    NSA Targets Leaky Apps Like Angry Birds

    Is this what government contractors do? Wasting taxpayers' money?
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    The Age Of The iPod Is Over

    like MS Zune?
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    AMD to Keynote at 5th Annual Open Compute Summit

    With rise of tablet and smart phone, AMD will fade into oblivion.
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    The Internet Is A 'Gift From God'

    God is created by man, so internet is gift from man.
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    Does Your ISP Mess With BitTorrent Traffic?

    It has to be porn. :)
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    Bill Gates Says Government Spying Isn’t Always Bad

    Rich people lie and cheat. I am shocked. :D
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    Windows 9 Could Arrive Much Earlier Than Anticipated

    Give it up, MS. Corporation is not going to upgrade its operating system within a year.
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    Users Finally Giving Up on Windows XP

    Dell 2408 LCD | Althon X2 3800 | ATI 690G | M2A - VM HDMI | 8 GB | 80GB HDD
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    Users Finally Giving Up on Windows XP

    Problem, which I encounter with window 8, is drivers for old hardwares. Window 9 is not going to improve on that area.
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    Intel Joins Forces with Cloud Service Providers Around the World

    I am not surprised as 25% of Intel's revenue is coming from data centers. With shrinking PC market, they have to make up the difference from somewhere.
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    Marissa Mayer Fires Yahoo COO

    I used to visit yahoo sport on regular basis. I love the white background. Now, I avoid it due to its slowness. Therefore, I am not sure she is best person for the CEO position. She is making all the wrong changes.
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    Could You Fall in Love with Your Computer?

    With all BSOD, never.
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    Microsoft Cancels Security Essentials for Windows XP

    I believe it is money issue, since many old hardwares lack window 7 drivers. A direct upgrade is not possible. If they have to upgrade to window 7, they will have to purchase a new computer.
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    Price Hikes Are Your Christmas Present from Dish and DirecTV

    I have canceled it last year, and have not missed out on anything.
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    Google Designing Its Own Server Chips?

    Google's softwares are average at best. It is bucky and slow. I have my doubts about quality of google's hardware.
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    Resource Usage in Browsers: IE 11 vs. Firefox 25.0.1 vs. Chrome 31

    I have tried Opera 12, Chrome 28(?), firefox 25, and internet Explorer 10 on a computer which I have built in 2001. I feel that Opera is fastest. It has CPU athlon 1200 Ram 1 GB ATI 9200. Chrome and Firefox are very slow. Internet Explorer can't even load.
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    Microsoft Ends Windows 7 Retail Sales?

    If MS has maintained price of Window 8 at $15 or $40, there is no need to get Window 7 for consumers. I think one of reasons for the popularity of Window 7 among consumers is that it is easier to crack. By comparison, it is very hard to crack Office 2010 and office 213, their adoption amongs...
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    I am going against the trend. I think window 8 is easier to use without start button. That is because I only use few applications. I think Window 8 is designed with customers like me in their mind.
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    Microsoft Hints at Separate Windows Releases for Consumers, Business

    MS should give up on consumer market and focus on business clients like Oracle, and IBM. They are making billions.
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    Intel 2TB SSD in 2.5" and PCIe flavors coming in Q2'14

    It is time to ditch HDD for good.
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    Western Digital Black² Dual Drive

    There is no point to purchase HDD, unless you are using for mass storage. Their prime days are over. WD and Seagate have to realize that.
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    Wikipedia Kicks Off 10th Annual Beg-a-thon

    I support wikipedia as well. It has broadened my horizen.
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    Facebook Delivering More High Quality Content In News Feed

    Web surfers still use Facebook?
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    Microsoft: Office 2013 Service Pack 1 Coming Q1 2014

    I have been using office 2007 since its release. I have no issue. What is point releasing so many versions, 2010 and 2013?
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    Buying an network adapter. Recommendation?

    +2 for intel. I am using intel network card. Quality wise, it is the best. I have tried dlink, linksys, and tp-link.
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    India Launches Mission To Mars

    If satillate is able to reach Mars, it shows to the world that space exploration can be done without mega budget.
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    YouTube Tries To Fix Its Comments

    Google+ has been a failure. Why can't they accept that?
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    Intel: Small Businesses Burdened by Aging PCs

    For some small business, they have one computer, one cash register, and one scanner. What is the point of replacing them every 3 years. They are costly to replace. These business do not have large cash reserve like big ones. They spent a lot of money on software. For small business $5,000 is...
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    AMD Reports 2013 Third Quarter Results

    Here is breakdown of operating income: CPU: 22m Graphic: 76m Others: (6)m It appears that AMD is depending on graphic revenue to make profit. While Intel is CPU: 3,260m Data Center: 1,393m Others: (1,149)m It seems that McAfee is part of others.
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    For all of you MSE lovers...

    I feel that MSE is better than Norton and McAfee which I have used.
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    Microsoft's New Surface Tablets Are Close To Selling Out

    If I use as a desktop, icons are too small. If I use as a tablet, icon is too small. I will pass.
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    Dell Gives Up On Windows RT

    Once new CEO is in the office. MS could give up on consumer market and focus on Corporate market, like IBM, and Oracle.