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    ASUS PA246Q: 24-inch, 1920x1200, IPS

    Yikes! As a FPS gamer, I may have to pass on current gen IPS tech if the input lag numbers are this high. I'd essentially be tripling my current input lag max...
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    Benq XL2410T - 120hz is the real deal for FPS gamers

    I'm sure 120hz is nice but I'd have to go 16:9 aspect to get it which I'm not about to do. For what it's worth my 2yr old BenQ V2400W has been awesome for FPS games, which are all I play. No lag at all and colors are great for a TN. I also realize I got a good panel too because there is no bleed...
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    Best IPS for gaming?

    And what would your recommendation be if the thread title were "Best 16:10 aspect IPS for gaming?" No way I'm going to 16:9 aspect -- fvck the panel manufacturers. In the 16:10 category, that only leaves the U2410, the ZR24w, and the new Asus PA246Q, yes ?
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    HIS Radeon HD 6950 259.99 after MIR

    In on the $260 deal - thanks! Nervous as sh*t about ATI's drivers but going to take a chance anyway as I want to play maxed at 1920x1200 and $335-350 for a GTX 570 is just too much money for me.
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    Time to decide on a setup: 1 U3011 vs 3x1 U2410/U2311H

    Take the single U3011 and never look back...
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    $300 gaming monitor suggestions for an older fan of CRTs

    Just wondering why you changed the global settings to force vsync off, as opposed to leaving it set to "application controlled" ? There are likely games that you'll want the option to turn it on in case you see tearing while playing. Just gives you greater flexibility that way.
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    BFBC2: considering upgrading

    FYI, I used to run an E6750 @ 3.6ghz with the same GTX 260-216 @ 660 mhz in my sig and it ran decent at 1680 x 1050 with 4xAA, 6xAF though occassionally would slow under heavy explosions and smoke. Now with the i5 760 @ 3.8ghz, I still run 1680 x 1050 but with 8xAA, 16xAF and it there is...
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    $300 gaming monitor suggestions for an older fan of CRTs

    That's really interesting. Like I said, the one I played with was hooked up to a separate computer system in another location away from the shelf displays. In any case, perhaps there is some manufacturing inconsistency in these given all the varied opinions. I'm not needing to buy anything at...
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    $300 gaming monitor suggestions for an older fan of CRTs

    I have to disagree with this. I was in a larger Best Buy yesterday and saw the Sammy PX2370 for the first time, hooked up to a separate PC and was playing around with it for a bit. Compared with every other monitor in the store, the PX 2370 was the best...hands down, in my opinion. I thought...
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    I got a new 24"

    OP, are you sure about NCIX no longer offering the zdp guarantee on BenQ? That must be very recently -- like within the past 2 wks b/c a friend of mine bought the G2400WD a month ago and got it.
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    dual 24" or single 30"

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    New monitor choices

    Have you considered the Asus VW266H? It's a 26" TN -- 1920 x 1200 rez, but fairly high quality. As another poster mentioned, when dealing with TN panels, you really don't want much larger than 26" when sitting < 4' away. In fact, 24" for TNs is the ideal size IMO. No offense, but I wouldn't...
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    Left 4 Dead FPS?

    My aging vid card is the special edition G80 8800GTS 640 SSC with the 112sp like the 8800gt (see sig) and it handles L4D better than I thought it would @ 1920 x 1200 with 4xMSAA/4xAF and everything else maxed. I'm typically getting ~ 56-68 FPS which can dip to ~ 42ish when the hoards come...
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    Samsung T240 vs SamsungT240HD

    I've seen the T240 in person and it's okay, but not as good as some of the other top TN panels like the BenQ G2400WD or V2400W or even the new 26" Asus VW266H, in my opinion. And like another poster mentioned, the 'HD' version has a lot of input lag for some reason, not that that's a priority...
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    Pick me the best monitor I can get for <350 dollars!

    I think you mean the 2209WA... He already ordered the Asus, but yes the Dell was mentioned.
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    Pick me the best monitor I can get for <350 dollars!

    Congrats Johnny. If it wasn't going to be the BenQ, then it might as well have been this Asus. Hope you get a good one! And FYI, I too came from a 17" IIYama CRT that I used for over 10 yrs. Let me tell you, I was shocked at first with how big my 24" LCD was by comparison, especially while...
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    Pick me the best monitor I can get for <350 dollars!

    Definitely. I don't own FC2 but to give you an example, with my aging card that would likely get owned hard by a 4850, I still play L4D @ 1920 x 1200 with 4xAA/4xAF and everything else maxed and it's butter smooth. Similar story with C&C3 -- maxed out @ 19x12 is fine. I can play COD4 @ 1920 x...
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    Pick me the best monitor I can get for <350 dollars!

    Hi and welcome to the forum. 1. BenQ G2400WD or V2400W ~ $340 shipped with ZDP guarantee 2. Dell 2209WA -- 22" eIPS panel ~ < $250 if you get the deal with Marcus (or Dell live business chat). See thread here in hardforum about the...
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    Pioneer to exit Plasma TV Business

    Exagerate much? My Dad & brother's TVs were prior to the Kuro line (which I've never seen either), as another poster indicated. But either way, Panasonic value for the $$ is hard to beat.
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    Benq G2400WD vs Asus VW246H

    Remember that the VW246H is 1080p whereas the BenQ will give you the full 1920 x 1200 (16:10) aspect, and thus more flexibility -- especially for PC work. I have the V2400W which uses the same panel and it is a fantastic monitor with virtually zero lag. And I play shooters almost exclusively...
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    Gamer loving my new Asus 26" VK266H

    Asus for sure. It's not even close, IMO
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    Gamer loving my new Asus 26" VK266H

    I've never seen the 2485 but the FHD2401 is just awful, as another poster mentioned. I'm sure you probably liked the glossy screen or you wouldn't have bought it but frankly the viewing angles and colors are just terrible on that monitor. Having seen both, the Asus would be an upgrade for sure.
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    Pioneer to exit Plasma TV Business

    Both my Dad and brother bought an Elite 3 yrs ago and paid close to $3k for the same TV... a 42" (forgot the model #) but I know it's not 1080p. Frankly, I never thought the image was worth the premium they paid. Certainly nothing special. Then for xmas 2007, I bought a Panasonic 42PZ700U, a...
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    Gamer loving my new Asus 26" VK266H

    Outstanding price now...
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    22 inch monitor help

    LG L227WTG-PF -- Fastest 22" TN on the market for gaming. Has a glossy screen but not too annoying when compared with others like the Acer F22, hp w2408h, and Gateway FHD2401. Picture is pretty nice too, IMO. Also check out the BenQ E2200HD -- 1080p resolution in a smaller package.
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    In some ways, I almost think the bigger question that really hasn't been mentioned much yet is 'can you live with a 22" 1680 x 1050 resolution monitor, even if it is an IPS? When I was shopping a month ago, I was seriously considering the LG L227WTG-PF. But in the end decided 22" was just too...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    Training? Or re-training after giving away so many of these monitors too cheaply?! :D
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    My long run down on FPS Games and the ideal monitor size, rez, and aspect ratio

    No, the Planar is an IPS panel, and as such doesn't suffer from the critical viewing angles like a TN does. And as far as the money goes, yeah, $800 is a lot of scratch just to play games. If it's for photo work too, then it's more easily justified I suppose. For reference, I start to notice...
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    My long run down on FPS Games and the ideal monitor size, rez, and aspect ratio

    I'm currently sitting ~ 4' away from my V2400W. This is a perfect distance for me and everything looks great. It would be a far different story if I sat only 2' away -- just tried it and the color shift is pretty noticeable. So I agree, if you sit close with a big TN, you're probably going to be...
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    Sooo I want to uy a monitor from Bestbuy ...

    While it certainly is easier and faster to return it to a B&M store, it's not necessarily cheaper when you factor in Best Buy is often $50 - $75 higher for a similar item you can get on sale online. You should check out NCIXUS. Their sales are great plus they offer the zero dead pixel...
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    good 24" monitor?

    I'd stick with the non-HD version of the T240. For some reason, that built-in tuner seems to introduce a lot of input lag...
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    BenQ V2400W In Depth Review

    I just remeasured... 18.625". But that's still going to be 473mm. Don't know where 468mm came from...
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    good 24" monitor?

    +1 on the BenQ G2400WD or V2400W -- Fantastic monitor. No lag, standard gamut, has 1:1, HDMI+DVI+VGA, and consistently high build quality. And both can be found for $315 - $330 shipped when on sale. Others you might try include: LG 2452T-TF -- Best viewing angles of all 24" TNs I've seen...
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    Anyone have a picture of a 16:10 display side by side with a 16:9 display?

    :rolleyes: The image on my V2400W TN is just fine, thank you.
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    BenQ V2400W In Depth Review

    Total height including the stand is 18.75"; Width is 22"
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    Backlight bleed: how much is acceptable?

    I don't like the splotchy look of that bleed at all. I'd ask for a replacement personally.
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    Best LCD Monitor For Both Console Gaming and Computer Gaming? (Concerning Resolution)

    Sounds like you want a 24" 1920 x 1200 panel for regular PC use, that has 1:1 mapping for your consoles, plus VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs (VGA & HDMI to handle your 2 consoles + DVI for the PC). The Acer you linked only has VGA and DVI inputs, IIRC. If you are at the $325 - $350 price point...
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    My long run down on FPS Games and the ideal monitor size, rez, and aspect ratio

    I appreciate your views, though I have to disagree on the 1080p aspect for gaming. Just find 16:10 to be so much better all around. Some of my friends game on a big screen and one has a new Asus 1080p monitor -- both look too "skinny" to me. One thing I wanted to ask is how far you typically...
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    e-IPS is a detuned IPS LCD panel for the same price as TN?

    Anyone know technically what it means to be de-tuned vs let's say an H-IPS or the panel used in the HP LP2475w? I like how Dell is introducing the 2209WA. Hopefully we'll start to see them in 24" size...but in 19x12 aspect. I sure hope we aren't going the 16:9 route in the larger sizes with...
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    Should I sell my current and buy this one?

    If you're staying with 22", why not get the 2209WA with the new IPS panel instead: