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    Infinity Ward reveal 3 changes coming to Modern Warfare multiplayer

    I've got a whopping ~12 hrs into the game and I got it on launch- work too much. I do hop on occasionally but I'm PS4 Pro w/ controller. Same username is you want to add me, if you were serious.
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    Infinity Ward reveal 3 changes coming to Modern Warfare multiplayer

    Didn't even know that nukes were in the game
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    Recommend an inexpensive but reliable (obviously) PSU for 8x SATA drives

    Just grab a decent Corsair unit that is modular and buy as many modular SATA cables as you need (1 more is prob it). Don't even mess with splitters anymore.
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    Buy used 1080 or Vega 64?

    Had similar decision to make, went with Vega 64. A 1080ti would've been tempting but ultimately a 1080 wasnt going to cut it. Plus I like full chips not cutdown parts. Power and heat be damned, threw it underwater and undervolted.
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    What air cooler to get for 3950x? I don't want water cooling.

    There are literally a metric ton of guides to view online for first time water coolers. Read through a couple then see what your comfort level looks like.
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    Threadripper 2990wx Temperature WC

    I think I'll play with the overclock instead of phoning it in with PBO when I have time. I've run Prime blend on it before and temps were pretty much the same, anywhere from 25-30C delta between coolant temp and core temp. Probably just leave the paste application, Thermal Grizzly isn't cheap haha
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    9600GSO. Yeah there are something like 100 different versions of them out there lol they were one heck of a card in my early Folding@Home days. First card I folded on (before that I folded on a PS3) and would set me on the distributed computing path long term. I owned at least 4 or 5 of them...
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    How long have you used your power supply?

    Ran my NXZT Hale 1000w for ~6yrs then thought it was time to upgrade when I did the TR build. Settled on a Corsair HX1000. Humorously enough, I had convinced myself to upgrade thinking the Hale only had a single EPS and confirmed it by not seeing another one with the modular cables. As I was...
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    Power outage at Samsung chip factory halts production

    And here come the price hikes
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3980X 48 Core, 96 Thread CPU Reportedly Spotted in CPU-Z Support List

    A 48c variant makes a lot of sense to round out the product stack.
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    Stability and overclocking - what do you consider stable

    ~5hrs OCCT and I consider it good to go. Then load it with WCG BOINC WUs and check it for returned errors for a week or so. Then it's rock solid.
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    Threadripper 2990wx Temperature WC

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been running my 2990wx for a few months now and I'm still on the fence as to whether my temps are normal or too high. The PC is running WCG BOINC 100% loaded PBO 275w TDP 500 for both voltage settings. Dual triple thick 360 rads, D5, Yates in PP, MEG...
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    looking to spend $75-100 or a bit more if there is staying power...RX470, 1050ti, 7970, 1060

    RX470 or a refurb 970 (EVGA had them for $120 not too long ago after rebate), wouldn't invest in anything lower.
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    Best RPG Android Game?

    Grab the latest Mobile Humble Bundle, its catered specifically to RPGs this go 'round. Good variety of games with no in-app purchases and nice variety (action RPG, turn based, etc). It includes KOTOR at the highest tier. DRM free, support charity, you know the deal.
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    How much do you use your stylus or s pen?

    At least once a week for me, Note 3. I use it mostly for keeping track of 'To Do Lists'