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    Amazing GTA V Image Quality Mod

    @ cptnjarhead, the 1st screenshot looks more realistic just from a quick glance. Maybe it's just the scene's you picked?
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    New York Prosecutor Seeks Law To Weaken Smartphone Encryption

    This is all massively dumb. These people talk in person. Anyone smart enough to know that they should use encryption, wouldn't say anything interesting in the clear. If anything they would say "I'm going to Dave's tonight" which would have been previously discussed in person to mean, start...
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    How To Protect Your Steam Account

    I suppose it's less likely you'll lose you phone? Which probably automatically logs into your linked email account and or steam app. Well and we know phones never get compromised and have no vulnerabilities. Damn computers.... going back into my tin cave now.
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    What A Neural Network Thinks Of Your Selfies

    Well it's basic training was based on "likes" so yeah, hot chicks win. This is interesting from a technical perspective, but it's not based on a robots unbiased good / bad. It's a robot being taught to judge like the masses. So the computer can see an image that's way too up close and judge...
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    Mythbusters Ending Next Year

    I can't say I've ever tried it with books and chocolate bouncing off my face, but whatever you're into.
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    Star Citizen: The Beginning of the End

    Seems like a lot of talk w/o details. They're still pulling in at least a million a month, which would support a lot of continued development. I have no idea of what a natural pace of development for a AAA MMO is like... if they start off with lots of artists, then ween them off as the game...
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    Selfies Killed More People Than Sharks This Year

    Sure, but how many of those deaths were while taking a selfie with a shark?
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    The Disconnect Between Game Reviews And Gamers

    Mad Max is a shitty mass produced lager. If that's what you like, then enjoy (also you've probably never had a good beer.)
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    California DOJ Unveils Website With Law Enforcement Data

    So around 5 officers unlawfully killed per year on average in California... Around 57 civilian homicides by law enforcement while in custody per year in California. Around 19 civilian homicides by inmates while in custody per year in Ca. Around 98 "accidental" civilian deaths while in custody...
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    Three Ways Women Unlearn Their Love Of Video Games

    "But where there is a welcome mat rolled out for men, there is only a bloodied stretch of briar for women." fuck off
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    Google Must Pay Woman For Showing Her Cleavage in Street View

    Yet oddly enough the "Journal de Montreal" and "" got permission to show the pics of her and her jugs? Or are they going to get sued now for her emotional stress? Not to mention why the hell does Google have to pay anything since the judge agreed that the emotional distress was not...
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    It's Time For Video Game Journalists To Engage With #GamerGate

    Can this be the new "Godwins law?" Think of the irony! As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Israel or Palestinians approaches 1.
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    Tracking The Homeless With GPS

    "opportunity for education" is not synonymous with CHEAP His whole point is that there is an opportunity if you're willing to put in the work. You want it to be CHEAP. That's not the same thing. It's almost the opposite.
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    Tracking The Homeless With GPS

    Fascinating, most of my friends and co-workers were either born in Mexico or born to illegal parents in the US. They are all working and make ok to very good salaries. It's interesting that you mention "culture" because all of my friends have adopted basically American culture and have done...
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    Tracking The Homeless With GPS

    Wait a second on the "76%" everyone seems to be throwing around. Just because you have no savings doesn't mean you are poor. At all. That absolute lie needs to stop right now. I know rich people, poor people and every type in between that don't have 3 months of liquid cash "saved" up, and it...
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    How Google Screwed Up Glass

    I sympathize with the idea that it's creepy... but it's probably unavoidable. It will eventually look like every other pair of cheap sunglasses. Like most other things that have got in the way of privacy in the last 10 years, it will probably bother younger people less. Eventually they'll...
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    Complaining About Video Game Boob Physics

    What do you expect from a company that can't spell "rise" correctly?
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    ATF 3D Printed Gun Exploded When Tested

    Why do people keep making entire guns out of plastic? The hardest part of getting a gun is the regulated part, the receiver. Any jackhole can buy and sell barrels and other parts unregulated and cheaply. Print the receiver, use inexpensive, easy to access metal parts for the spooky boom hole...
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    Motorola Patenting A Neck Tattoo That's Also a Microphone

    Ok, but it cost more than the guy's private college tuition... so 200K + for the printer and it has to be run by a team of highly paid engineers. At this point it's much less effecient than just running a machine shop. It doesn't compare well to the commercial 3D plastic printers, which cost...
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    When Is It Morally Right To Kill A Zombie?

    "Like is there any difference between zombies and say someone with mental health issues and a case of rabies? " So if there is an outbreak of SYMPTOM-X (you don't know what it is, lets say it turns out to be mutant rabies) that causes people to turn violent and attack others, spreading...
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    Spooked By NSA, eBay Founder Plans Hard-Hitting News Site

    That's pretty bad-ass to manage 2 gunshot wounds to the head in a suicide. Double gun? Full auto? Some sort of elaborate suicide contraption? Or did he shoot himself in the head and decide he wasn't dead enough, so he put another round in?
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    Battlefield 4 Beta Now Open

    So it recommends a 6 core and not a 4 core. Does it actually use 6 cores?
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    Microsoft Exec. Makes $1,400 Automatic Beer Brewing Device

    $1400 could buy me a looooooooooooooooot of beer. Or if I wanted to get crazy it could buy me a loooooooooooot of beer making equipment, with money left over for more beer.
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    Teen Hacker Making $50k A Month Arrested

    Yes do this. Then laugh your ass off as they cart away your asshole neighbor Juan who you've been stealing wifi from.
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    What You Do and Don't Get With The New iPhones

    unintelligent and intelligent are the same thing because they both have intelligent in them. I can haz Nobel prize now?
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    TechCrunch Apologizes For Not Screening Presentations

    If it had been homosexual hackers making a dickstare app, we might hear about screening, but nothing about sexism. The same is true if it were women hackers making a dickstare app. Basically only heterosexual males can be sexist.
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    8-Year-Old Kills Caregiver After Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

    If it had been a kitchen knife to the back of the head we'd have a better story. Anyways, lots of stupid here, but there isn't much to fix at this point since the 8 year old seems to have taken care of the problem already.
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    What Is the Funniest Number?

    Clearly it's number 2. There are literally thousands of crappy #2 jokes.
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    Developer Accuses Microsoft Of Making "Rape Jokes"

    This will be my new catch phrase while commiting all immoral (real or virtual) acts. Not in a gruff manly voice, no, I will my best to match the commercials.
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    Developer Accuses Microsoft Of Making "Rape Jokes"

    "whoever thought it was a good idea that I play against a producer is gonna get it" Unlike what might have been a bad virtual rape/violence joke from the man.... his character easing his fist repeatedly into the virtual wolf fighter........ the woman in this case made an actual real life...
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    Exploiting A Software Bug = Hacking?

    "Exploiting A Software Bug = Hacking? " That is the stupidest question I've heard all day.... and I was helpdesk today. Yes, that is exactly what hacking is. By definition, intent, any way you look at it. I had to do a double take to make sure that it was a question mark I was looking at...
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    Man Convicted of Hacking Despite Not Hacking

    I don't even see this as social engineering, sounds like he asked for access or paid for access. Social engineering involves some kind of deception from the person performing it. "Among other things, what the jury concluded was that he coaxed, sometimes through monetary payments, his former...
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    How Much Money Do You Really Make Mining Bitcoins?

    Also there may be other risk factors....
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    How Much Money Do You Really Make Mining Bitcoins?

    Depends on how much power your machine draws while mining and current bitcoin exchange rates. Looks like today's rate is ~120 coin and in the last 30 days has ranged from 50 to 266 per coin. That's a big range, I would guess somewhere between decently profitable and waste of time while mining...
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    Windows 8 Has Driven Millions To Become Apple Users

    Microsoft Windows division is flat year over year. All of their other divisions have grown. Microsoft's extra revenue is from their other divisions. Windows 8 screws up the "desktop" paradigm. A desktop in the real world is a scratch pad place where I can get work done. I can move things...
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    You’ll Never Upload Your Mind Into A Computer

    Every "you" is different. From different points in time etc. A very good computer copy would be another "you." It would just be running at another time and place. Try to understand that you are not the person you were moments ago. "You" is just the current emergent property of your current...
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    Stephen Hawking Says The World Will End

    I'm pretty sure almost all religious beliefs also foster negative things, so your desire for religion to be net positive isn't assured. I could talk about all the subtle things like dividing neighborhoods, rejecting sound scientific theories etc, but lets just start with the big obvious one...
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    The Scariest Search Engine On The Internet

    All I know is that the article features a guy named "Dan Tentler" and "tentler" is a slang term my friends and I came up with to describe an RV tent trailer.... "tentler" and that's awsome that somebody has that as their last name.
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    NASA Looking for Funding to Snag Asteroid

    Seems like we should be flying sample missions if samples are what we want. Seems like we should be upgrading the space station for long term human space activity (CAM module among others) if that's what we want. The porposed mission in the article is pointless.