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    Mirror's Edge Catalyst. How to diaable AA?

    Let me google that for you
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    Right. So we are looking at more of a duty cycle issue then. RX480 owners should probably set the power limit to -10% then for the time being.
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    Lot of placebo effect floating around. We should've been hearing about dead pci-e slots for years by now.
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    What Sucks About HardOCP Video Card Reviews

    Opening pictures in a new tab sucks. They also kind of low in quality. Frame times as well would be great.
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    AMD Nano running 4K 60HZ HDMI 2.0

    Looks like a DP to HDMI dongle. The one AMD promised to make?
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    AMD Catalyst 15.7 Driver is now available!

    Not on my R9 280.
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    Far Cry 4 Complete Edition Announced for PC and PS4

    No release for the US, UK, or Australia
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    Z97 board for Devil's Canyon build: MSI, ASUS, or Gigabyte?

    Holy this is just an Asus thing? I don't put my computer to sleep for this very reason.
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    GIGABYTE GA-Z97N-WIFI LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Why are the temperatures listed in Fahrenheit when everyone uses Celsius?
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    Microsoft And Miele Collaborate To Create Smarter Home Appliances

    My mom's LG oven has a thermometer you can stick in a turkey to measure the temp inside, when its done, it lowers the temp to keep it warm. No dry turkey.
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    Grand Theft Auto V Preloads

    With expansions, BF4 is 56 GB on my disk. So 60GB is nothing new.
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    AMD Catalyst 15. 2 Beta Driver - Update

    It's 2015, it should auto resize...
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    8 Things Anita Sarkeesian Wants To Change About Video Games

    Nothing wrong with those 8 points. I didn't realise so many YouTube commenters were also HardForum members.
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    Sony Looks to Increase Profit by 2500% by 2018

    2500% isn't difficult when your profit is really low.
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    AMD 6870 - would CrossFire be worth 50 bucks?

    I ditched crossfire 6870s for a R280. Much better choice.
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    Dragon Age III: Inquisition announced!!!!

    I tried emulating my PS3 controller. Works in windows but not in the game.
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    Dragon Age III: Inquisition announced!!!!

    After the patch, I can no longer move the camera with right click of the mouse. :/
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    Here Is Microsoft's First Surface Pro 3 Commercial

    That's a much better commercial than having a bunch of people dancing without telling anyone what it is.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    How about H add some basic image resize code.
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    Windows 9 Might Not Make an Appearance Until 2015

    Everyone keeping the previous boxed copy.
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    XFX Support abandonment?

    If your rep is away, it can take time. They have the weekend off. Then they have to catch up on Monday. XFX gave me an upgrade from a 7950 to a R9 280 on my RMA.
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    NCASE M1 version changelog and suggestions thread

    What is "won't make much of a difference"? 5% more airflow? Could be a big deal in a tightly packed case like this. To me, the lines on the rectangular vents work with rectangular shape of the case more than the round holes.
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    Amazon Offers Employees $5,000 to Quit

    Quitting with severance basically. This is rather clever and worth the cost if efficiency goes up and new motivated people get into new positions.
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    Is XFX really that bad?

    Update: My 7950 is being replaced by a R9 280. So I'm happy. :D That 7950 cooler sucked.
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    Bad Request error using Google Chrome

    I had it too. Clearing cookies for the past week fixed it.
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    'Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls' Sells 2.7M Copies in First Week

    My brother is loving the 2.0 patch
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    Is XFX really that bad?

    My XFX 7950 is en route for RMA. I'll make a post when it is done, good or bad.
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    That ‘Class C’ Google Stock Split Is Finally Happening

    They split the value by doubling the amount?
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    Asus ROG Poseidon GTX780 Has A Release Date

    Read a review. With the water cooling used, the fans never go above idle. It isn't half assed, and you don't have to buy a $110 water block.
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    2x GTX 780 vs Single GTX 780 Ti @ 5980x1080?

    That's because 7870s are not enough for that resolution. Two 780s will be great.
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    Kids’ Reactions to Old-School Rotary Phone

    I don't think those even work with the local phone company in Vancouver. Need a touch tone phone.
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    Horrible Frame Variance BF4 r9 290 Crossfire

    R290's no longer use the crossfire bridge, they use the PCIE bus to talk to each other. So there is a considerable jump in bandwidth need compared to previous cards. edit: I see you already know this now. H's R290 crossfire review said 2 cards use 750W so your 850W should be enough.
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    Most Powerful 140mm Case Fan

    Then buy the AP 141 and a PCI slot controller
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    Gigabyte RMA experience?

    Crap. My XFX 7950 just stopped displaying a picture.
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    r9-290x Quiet vs Uber

    The card throttles at 95C or as set in the driver software. Fan speed doesn't matter if you are under.
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    Watch Dogs

    The daylight shot isn't that bad, that pic has too much jpg compression. The art style doesn't rely on excessive contrast and saturation. Plus it's PS4 footage, so it lacks fancy AO.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Bugs? I did the MTAR assignment and got the gun, and it's telling me to do the assignment again.
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    Forbes Spears Facebook over WhatsApp

    Zero revenue? Whatsapp uses a dollar a year subscription with 400 million users.
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    Lacie Begins Shipping First External 5TB Hard Drive

    wut? 785MB is the read speed off of all 5 disks in RAID 5 thanks to Thunderbolt. A single disk will work with SATA just fine.
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    CPU - Thermal Paste - Re-apply?

    If you put it back on it will capture air bubbles.