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    Noctua NH-D15 30% off, $99 at Amazon

    no, the daily price is $109.95 with a fan, not $149. The fact that the amazon one comes with two fans may make it worth it for $99 if you need a cooler compared to this, but the one I bought in 2018 came...
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    Noctua NH-D15 30% off, $99 at Amazon

    The original price was $89.95 back in 2018. Because that's how much I bought it for. From Amazon. It NEVER, EVER cost $149.95. EVER. Amazon is scamming you by lying.
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    ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 Intel AMD AIO CPU Water Cooler PC B-Stock $54.99 EBAY

    There may be ones that can compete since it did come out more than two and a half years ago and there's a lot of new product on the market. But if you're trying to compare them, you have to make sure you at least equalize the fans on them. Changing the stock LFII fans to some powerful 3000 RPM...
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    Deck Accessories? Skins\Shells\Docks\etc tell us what we must have and post what you have. Likes\Dislikes etc.

    Please DO NOT buy this case! Several people have mentioned what they get is either not what is shown at all (one person got a case that has no recesses or velcro flap at all or compartment), and one user got a case that doesn't clear the thumbsticks at all. This seems to be some cheap copycat...
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    Cinebench23 13700KF 6100Mhz First out the box test

    Jeez, someone apparently besides Ripley didn't like the cornbread...
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    Cinebench23 13700KF 6100Mhz First out the box test

    Why are half of the e cores missing in the ratios and even others missing in the VIDs? Try resetting the default layout in hwinfo sensors options.
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    Nreal Air AR glasses

    Way too expensive. These are for rich people. But they sure seem like an interesting toy. Durability would also be an issue.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I'd like this if it's still available. *edit*, thank you, redeemed successfully.
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    Refurbished Onexplayer Mini with AMD Ryzen 5800U $599 ($1,259 retail)

    This uses the last gen 5800U which has a much weaker GPU, which is why it's discounted so much. The Steam Deck is in general simply better and more powerful than this, so even at that discount, there's simply no reason to get this over a Steam Deck, unless you want the possibility of using...
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    [EXPIRED] RTX 3090 Ti $999.99

    If a 3090 Ti is $500 in two months, I'll personally give you a mansion off an island in Florida. And an Aston Martin to go with it. Regardless of the 4090's timespy scores, a 3090 Ti is not suddenly a slow card. tl;dr: the price will not drop that low retail, except maybe in the used market...
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    512GB SanDisk Micro-SD Card. 53% off from $99.99 to $46.99

    A $4 discount does NOT qualify as a "hot deal." If it does, I have some land to sell you in Florida. Note :B&H's normal list price for this SD is the same as Newegg's.
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    512GB SanDisk Micro-SD Card. 53% off from $99.99 to $46.99

    This is not a deal at all. This is an A1 card, not A2 with faster ROP's, and I paid $53 for this in July. Amazon is scamming making you think the list price is $99 when it really isn't. Newegg sells this card daily for $51.
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    Instead of the APEX

    Wait for z790 Apex or Extreme. All the problems with Z690 will be fixed.
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    Repasting a gpu but need help on removing cover

    Most AMD reference cards involve removing backplate screws (if they exist, usually Vega and newer), GPU X-bracket, PCB screws (can be any from a few to a lot) and I/O bracket screws. Watch out for the fan cables and on some cards, LED cables that you may miss when trying to remove the PCB from...
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    Replacing the CR2025 BIOS battery with a wire!

    You can also use a CR2032. The voltage supply is the same. It's just thicker so you have to make sure it will fit in the housings. Hacking, I have no idea.
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    Steam Deck Tips & Tricks

    With Steam open, the triggers cant control the mouse because they become analog. Steam takes over the Deck controls as a gamepad. You would have to use a program to disable Steam from doing that. You can still remap the buttons in Steam Input anyway, if you want the trigger clicks back. Try...
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    Are you bending your alder-lake?

    Don't risk it. There's already people on OCN who bent their pins doing exactly this.
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    Are you bending your alder-lake?

    Absolutely not. You won't have enough pressure on the pins, so you're going to have stability issues, especially with memory, even if it posts (people had the same problems trying to use direct die without a proper mount). But what's much, much worse, is the CPU being unsecured in the socket...
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Anyone have an Escape from Naraka key they don't need? (Please don't POST the key, PM). It's on sale but I'm not interested in buying it because it doesn't support key remapping or inverted mouse apparently, and I use ESDF to move around :( And apparently no steam deck compatibility either.
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    Bulk thermal paste? Favorites?

    Best bulk paste is either GD-900 or GD-007 from GD's own official web store (to avoid getting any counterfeits)
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    Zotac rtx 3090 @ $999 on woot

    I never reply to threads here but I had to reply and just say "Damn." If someone needs a card for an upgrade, well, there you go. That's basically the price the most expensive MSRP 3080's were going for. If 4000 series wasn't so close to release, I'd be tempted to bite and mess around with...
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    Liquid Metal w/ Stock Heatsink

    Is the heatsink made out of pure copper or nickel plated copper? If yes, then no problem. Just try sanding "wiping" the copper or nickel plating with 1500 grit sandpaper to make the surface rough, then clean it off fully, and then take about 10 minutes to slowly spread a few very small drops of...
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    Far Cry 4, Escape from Monkey Island (Prime Gaming June 1st)

    So the games don't have a DRM free installer? I mean for single player games that's easily (and SHOULD be worked around).
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070: up to 30% faster than RTX 3090 in gaming

    I can cool my **Edit** Shunt modded 600W 3090 FE on the retail cooler but it reaches 80C at max fan speed. and that's with a thermal pad rework and liquid metal with an 0.2mm indium pad sandwiched on both sides between the LM (I think this gives temps somewhere close to in-between pure LM and...
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    I think I understand what you mean. The second half of the final episode felt just too much like "real life", where people who had lived and fought together, were now getting separated by new lives, like a college graduation ceremony and final get-together party. This is a difficult enough...
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I haven't seen Kyle this happy about hardware in a very long time.
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    [H]OT!!! Neo Forza FAYE 32GB CL19 (2x16GB) DDR4 4400 ($120 shipped)

    These are good for a Rocket Lake system, where you can use djr or something in gear 2 mode for very high bandwidth since DJR can reach 5066 mhz + in Gear 2. You don't want these for Gear 1 mode since the timings will suck where you're usually limited by the IMC lottery at 3600-3733 or 3866 mhz...
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    Did I get Sold a Broken 2080 Ti?

    Ok. download display driver uninstaller, download newest nvidia drivers (try 472.12), run DDU in windows safe mode, clean the old drivers, restart, install new drivers.
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    Creative Super X-Fi Headphone Amplifier - $60 - AVSForum Best of Cedia 2018

    To me, the sound sounds just like if I was using surround loudspeakers, although the windows sound test positioning sounds "off", but game positioning is just completely flawless. It's very obvious in games if a sound is coming from directly behind me as opposed to in front or to the side...
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    Did I get Sold a Broken 2080 Ti?

    Is your clock speed stuck at 1350 mhz?
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    Will Alder Lake ever support PCIe5 SSDs?

    Yes but it uses CPU lanes, so it may knock down the GPU to Gen 4 if both are installed. Keep in mind no one knows the answer to this yet since you can't buy either a PCIE 5.0 video card or SSD yet.
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    Creative Super X-Fi Headphone Amplifier - $60 - AVSForum Best of Cedia 2018

    This problem is usually from you taking a bad ear/head picture. Did you do it yourself or did someone else do it for you? it's always best to have another person do it so they can get the proper angle on the camera. I sent my head pictures to Creative awhile back (long before Gen 2...
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    Creative Super X-Fi Headphone Amplifier - $60 - AVSForum Best of Cedia 2018

    Did you actually enable super x-fi mode? It's possible to have 7.1 selected but still have super x-fi mode off.
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    Amazon’s New World game is bricking GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards

    No it's not the game. It's crappy AOZ power stages combined with multiple power stages per phase, causing imbalancing and then overloading. Founder's edition cards (3080 and 90) have 10 phases to 10 power stages for NVVDD, so, no boom. The game is shader heavy in the menus. Path of Exile with...
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    11700K Temps Different across cores

    15C delta is a bit high unless youre running small FFT AVX2 or something. But deltas are definitely higher than any previous chips. You were lucky if you had 10C on a 10900k running Prime95.
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    RTX 3060 Ti broken capacitor

    Are you the original owner of this card? If yes, why is there no warranty, that doesn't make sense. If yes, why did you apply liquid metal to an unprotected card? I'm not saying this is the cause, but those caps falling off are often the result of gallium based liquid metals eating away the...
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    Creative Super X-Fi Headphone Amplifier - $60 - AVSForum Best of Cedia 2018

    You're talking about "Gen 2" SFXI HRTF. The Super X-fi amp got an update for that like a year and a half ago. The X3 and X4 should sound identical in spatial quality, except for different amplification, bitrates and other stuff that I don't know about since I don't deal with audiophile stuff...