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    Hard disk Encryption

    Thats pretty slick. Hows pricing, if you don't mind saying?
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    Hard disk Encryption

    Truecrypt really isn't tailored for that kind of deployment. They did just release 6.1 though which adds token support and custom bootloaders. :)
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    Need Anti-Virus suggestions Less than ten posts below yours and on practically every page of this subforum since the dawn of time. In case that link is too much trouble: Norton is shit. Nod32 and Kaspersky are the two best paid solutions. Avira AntiVir is the best free...
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    x86 Router Software - Help!

    All Untangle needs is a low horsepower P4 with ~512mb of ram. Thats not all that much to ask for considering everything it does.
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    security question - how to secure laptops for when they are out of the office?

    Sure, it should be, assuming that the proper infastructure is available. However, since hes dealing with Sonicwall and worrying about av updates when not connected to the lan, it isn't a huge leap to think that there is no vpn or central file repository in place. Disk Encryption is the best...
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    security question - how to secure laptops for when they are out of the office?

    Really, I think you aren't addressing one of the key issues here. Laptop theft. Its not as uncommon as you may think. You really need to look into some proper precautions rather than worrying about av definitions that might be a day old. Check out TrueCrypt and other software like it and...
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    Managing Windows PCs from Linux?

    I use Radmin which emulates perfectly under wine. You might want to look at one of LogMeIn's paid flavors for remote support. Pretty sure they have linux support on the client side now. Depends on your budget obviously, however.
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Hey martin, mind throwing up the link to the wallpaper? Thanks.
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    passwords on flashdrive

    For some reason I think hes more concerned with keeping others from going through his stuff in the event it is stolen vs protecting top secret documents. Don't get me wrong, TrueCrypt is awesome. But, this is the wrong application for it. Tying the device to only machines which you have...
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    passwords on flashdrive

    Everyone here realizes Truecrypt cannot be ran on machines that you do not have administrative access to, right? Meaning for a thumb drive Truecrypt is worthless.
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    passwords on flashdrive

    As in? Do you wish to manage your passwords for various services? You'll want KeePass. If you want to password protect the contents of the drive, your best bet is just a simple password protected .rar courtesy of WinRAR Unplugged. Even something as simple as this would take your federal agency...
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    Networking rant.

    And how often do you walk into a client and see a 3-5 year old E Machines that doubles as the secretary's desktop chugging away? Every one specs the best around here but few implement it. Sadly, even fewer take the middle ground and run with a reasonable system.
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    Disadvantage of Windows Firewall?

    Also, if you are going to use a software firewall, do use a decent one. Zonealarm and Norton products are practically legendary for being shit. Comodo is still my personal favorite, although I feel that it is largely unnecessary these days. Eset's Smart Security Suite is supposed to be quite...
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    Lan but no Wan access

    You want to disable access to the internet? Is this for all machines or just a specific few?
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    Building custom UTM appliance, need hardware recommendations

    If you are emailing them back with more questions, find out some more detailed specs, most importantly the manufacturer of the onboard nics. The box isn't much good if it doesn't play well with untangle.
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    Building custom UTM appliance, need hardware recommendations

    Not exactly cheap, huh?
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    Building custom UTM appliance, need hardware recommendations

    Like I said, check out Rackable Systems. The C1000's that I have have two intel nics on board, out of band management (Although I haven't played with it), and a PCI slot if you want to run a blue or orange interface.
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    Need advice for 8 to 12 monitor setup if possible

    First, this is completely irrelevant to this conversation. Second, raid does not provide data security. It serves to increase availability. It is not a backup solution. Cloud, you've got the right idea. Suggest what might be a better method but in the end, give the guy what he wants unless it...
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    Building custom UTM appliance, need hardware recommendations

    Ah, I thought you meant specifically a unit with an integrated switch similar to a soho router. Have you looked at Some of Rackable System's products? 15" deep servers which have everything but power up front. I've got a collection of midrange P4's I use for stuff just like this. They go for...
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    Building custom UTM appliance, need hardware recommendations

    Why the switchports? Any place big enough to have a rack should atleast have a switch or two laying around? LogicSupply has a few microitx offerings which can run a C2D Mobile and a SSD. However, the prices quickly approach the $1000 mark. For smaller clients you might be able to squeeze by with...
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    Building custom UTM appliance, need hardware recommendations

    The XD is right around $1000 too. Can't say I see the advantage of going third party when theres no cost benefit. EDIT: The XD and XD+ aren't on their site any more... I guess they dropped out of the hardware game completely? The 24 hour preconfigured replacement bit was pretty sweet.
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    Politicians Fighting Laptop Searches At The Border

    No one bothers to read the articles any more, do they? This bill fails to address the key issue most have: The unlawful seizures committed against US citizens. All this pretty piece of legislation does is make them promise to be extra careful with shit that they should have no right to be in...
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    Anyone using cellular broadband for your primary connection?

    Who still offers "unlimited" plans? Last I looked into it, everyone but Altel was already capped and they were rumored to follow. Even for large business accounts, from those I've spoken to.
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    Anyone using cellular broadband for your primary connection?

    Generally before everyone changed their policies, you would be cut off at a certain point, throttled, or recieve a nasty phone call with threats of accouunt termination. Now, verizon at least, simply tacks on ridiculous overages without telling you a thing.
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    Running 3Com gigabit switch in passive mode by jamming the fan..

    Noise isn't a concern for Enterprise grade hardware. Reliability on the other hand, is. There aren't quiet 40mm fans which can adequately cool this switch. The damn thing runs hot even actively cooled. This isn't some company conspiracy to save 30 cents on a $300 switch, its a switch designed...
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    change windows vista basic color scheme ???

    You do realize, with the specs in your sig, Aero likely offers better performance in comparison to Basic.
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    one wireless connection over two computers?

    No. Assuming your desktop and laptop both have unused ethernet ports, you'll want to enable internet connection sharing. Hers a good guide for Windows XP. Note that ICS is a bit touchy and is far from an ideal solution. Ideally you'll want to purchase either a wireless bridge (Sometimes...
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    Multiple networks, simple configuration?

    Why is Network 1 double NATed? The DSL modem should be running in "Bridged" mode. Have you given thought to implementing a domain? Is network 2 at the same physical location? If so, why is it isolated? You shouldn't even consider using your server for firewall duties in addition to its current...
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    Access Point..

    You need a Wireless router capable of functioning as a "Bridge" A Wrt54gl with ddwrt is probably going to be your best bet. Useful links:
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    Rewiring cables...

    Pick a color scheme? Wire it to established standards Disconnect all equipment (Routers, switches, computers) before cutting the cables. Confirm / rewire the jack or cable at the other end of the run.
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    Need a good Load Balancing router.

    Downloading from multiple ips simultaneously might piss off your tracker. If you insist though, I've heard nothing but bad things about Hotbrick products. (Although I have no hands on experience with them) Your best bet for something like this on the cheap is an older server off of ebay...
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    Cooling a closet server with no AC vent

    As in phase change cooling? You need to be a few cans short of a six pack to even consider the idea on a production server. There are ductless AC units that you could install. However, they are typically too large for your closet, fairly expensive, and might violate the terms of your...
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    Cooling a closet server with no AC vent

    A single computer in a closet shouldn't need any specific cooling. Worst case, put a vent in the closet door or install a louvered door.
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    Verizon usb cellular modem question

    Verizon is $60 a month for 5gb with massive overages. They dropped the unlimited shit after a nasty lawsuit. If she wishes to use it as a primary connection she'll need to stay away from youtube and any sort of p2p like limewire.
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    Which Linksys Switch has NAT?

    As of today, the pix line is officially end of life. What exactly are you wishing to use this product for that you cannot accomplish with your current configuration? You mention only having one pc. Is this a college network, a home cable/dsl connection (If so: what model modem? Many include...
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    Software vs Hardware hard drive encryption

    This isn't even an issue in the real world. When a system is stolen or seized in a password protected state the first thing that anyone is going to do is boot their security disk of choice (eg backtrack) and either swap or crack the necessary sam files to gain access to Windows. By the time the...
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    Where to buy: Custom enclosure for cable modem , router, and/or switch

    Theres plenty of shortdepth rackmount cases you could use. supermicro is the first which comes to mind. Edit: Logic Supply has a lot of really cool stuff for this kind of application.
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    Low Carbon PC

    Keep telling yourself that. There's a host of far less power hungry options than an off the shelf AMD64 that's destined to run way to hot. And shoving a couple of parts from newegg into a sleek case is not inventing. Its false advertising with a hint of ignorance. A true low power solution...
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    USB Thumb Drive on Firewall

    Seriously? "the IDE connector on the motherboard has failed"
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    Making a router an AP?

    Disable dhcp on the second router and connect it to the first using the lan port. Someone else can probably detail it a little better but that's the gist of it.