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    Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service

    This is out fault. No, I'm not joking. We must force changes to the laws that allow the rich to control the president and congress through legal bribes. In case you hadn't noticed, the state and federal governments are no longer controlled by the people. Either we work to fix this or we spend...
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    HP Says Microsoft and Intel Are Now Competitors

    The computer/tech industry is not controlled by market forces and is unrelated to free enterprise. The Chinese are destroying all competitors with the aid of US government leaders. Leo knows this and that is why he tried to eliminate the hardware business. To avoid the inevitable. A service only...
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    Dell Declares the PC 'Undead,' Windows 8.1 Starts to Shine

    I don't know what Michael Dell is really thinking, but if he actually believes that desktop computers will become dominant again, he's lost it. The desktop computer is just returning to normal, a tool for professionals. Desktop computers were dominant a couple of decades ago because good...
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    PLP & MisMatched Aspect Ratios

    I agree that 4K is the next "standard" monitor for the [H] crowd, but it will take a couple of years for the tech and market to settle out. If I needed to buy today, I'd buy a pair of 2560x1440, 27inch monitors for <$800.
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    PLP & MisMatched Aspect Ratios

    I don't game on my 20/30/20, it's for business only. After using it for a few months, I found that I only needed one of the 20's for palates and menus while I use the 30 for drawing or Photoshoping. That's how the other 20 was relegated to internet use. So I think you're right, a couple of...
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    PLP & MisMatched Aspect Ratios

    Are you aware that you can rotate the Dell 2007FP display so that it is 1200x1600? That is how you get the match-up. I can tell you from experience with my 20/30/20 that 1200 across is already too narrow for some web sites. 900x1600 might not be very useful. I'm ready for 4Kx1.
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    AMD's Matt Skynner Talks New Radeon Cards

    Firefox+noscript+adblock plus. Just allow all from [H].
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    HDMI 2.0 officially announced: 18Gbps bandwidth, 60fps 4K, 32 channel audio

    Well, DVI did it by going dual-link. I don't know about ARM chips. Too bad they didn't jump on high frame rates combined with deep color before they went to 4k. But the TV manufacturers needed something to sell into a saturated HDTV market so they panicked after 3D flopped and jumped on 4K...
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    HDMI 2.0 officially announced: 18Gbps bandwidth, 60fps 4K, 32 channel audio

    In general, I agree with your skepticism. But in this case they are near the limits of low cost chip manufacturing. Look at the current speeds on Ethernet for example. Most motherboards come with 1 gigabit Ethernet. 40 gig adapters cost as much as a cheap PC and 100 gig is nonexistent.
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    N.S.A. Foils Much Internet Encryption

    NSA data isn't used to catch terrorists. It is used to control people. Ever notice how our representatives in congress often vote against their convictions. That's because the NSA has dirt on everyone and the current regime uses it to manipulate the system. The truth about the internet is in...
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    Upgrade time - 1x30" or 2x24"?

    I decided to put off any more monitor or desktop computer purchases until the 4K monitors and HDMI 2.0 are available. My 2560x1600 monitor paid for itself several times over but I'm ready for higher resolution. If you do any engineering drawings or graphic design, waiting for 4K looks like a...
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    Recommended resources for Linux novice?

    Downloaded the free book PDF from Sourceforge. Looks like just what I needed. Thanks!
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    Google: We Are Above UK Privacy Laws

    Hurt these creeps where it hurts the most, in their wallets. In your browser use Noscript and block all google advertising scripts. Stop using I use for search and for, you guessed it, maps. These turds at google show the same kind of arrogance we get...
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    Recommended resources for Linux novice?

    Look like some great resources, Thanks.
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    Recommended resources for Linux novice?

    I spent a few hours on the Mint forum and several others but most of the info is above my pay grade. I think what I need is a crash course on Linux 101.
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    Recommended resources for Linux novice?

    I've had all I can take from Microsoft (satan) and I don't want to switch to Google (lucifer) so I decided to switch to Linux for many of my computers. So far, I've used Mint on one computer and it seems to be adequate. But I need to get up to speed on Linux so I can maintain my own computers...
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    Must switch from Firefox to Chrome-advice please

    What about all the security vulnerabilities in older versions? Seems like an invitation to exploitation.
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    Must switch from Firefox to Chrome-advice please

    Says they don't support any of my old CPUs.
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    Must switch from Firefox to Chrome-advice please

    I just read the browser comparison test on Toms Hardware.Very surprised to see FF win.It could be something like Javascript rendering that makes a big difference on my old computers. In my experience, FF has been getting much slower over the past couple of years.
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    Must switch from Firefox to Chrome-advice please

    I unchecked hardware acceleration in the FF options-advanced-general tab and FF runs even slower. The computer I'm currently working with has a 2.16G single-core Athlon CPU. Can you be more specific about other things I could try. Not sure which profile you're talking about. The other "internet...
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    Must switch from Firefox to Chrome-advice please

    Well, Firefox 22 was the final straw. It runs so slow on my old "internet terminal" computers that it is dysfunctional. I started using the Comodo Dragon version of Chrome and it runs fast enough. What do you guys use in place of the Noscript extension in Firefox? Any other...
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    Laptop for word processing & web research

    If long life and cool running are important, check out the new Intel-Haswell based notebooks that should start arriving any day. Look for the ULT or ULX suffix on the processor. You are right to stay away from the consumer HP notebooks because HP decided to save a buck and put crap keyboards...
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    Just How Much Do People Hate Windows 8?

    Time for the annual reminder about what is real and what isn't. Businesses don't exist so they can't care about anything. Stuff like corporations, companies, universities, and countries are all just make-believe. People are responsible for all of the software features you guys complain about...
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    Windows 9 Coming November 2014?

    In the past, the driving force behind a new OS was the new hardware. Things like USB, USB2, CD, DVD, etc were things we really wanted. And we needed a new OS to properly support them. So what about the current "next big things" in hardware? I'm not panting for blueray, thunderbolt...
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    Google Glass Banned from Seattle Bar

    Maybe the problem is that Google Goggles have the same effect as beer goggles. You know, making people seem more interesting and attractive than they really are. Quicker hookups mean less bar revenue.:D
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    How much GPU to run 20-30-20 plus 1080p

    Well, thanks again Formula. You sold me on the A10. I can live with 2 monitors plus HDTV. Artcher
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    VA ONLY for me from now on

    I have four IPS monitors without a hint of backlight bleed in any of them. I briefly owned an LG monitor that had terrible backlight bleed with progressive rot. I returned it. It could be that LG has never figured out how to mount their own panels in monitor frames. The IPS panels in all of...
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    How much GPU to run 20-30-20 plus 1080p

    It's for editing HD videos on the hard drive. Sometimes I use my current system to record live TV but I really don't need that capability on the new system.
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    How much GPU to run 20-30-20 plus 1080p

    Formula, thanks for the reply. I did look at the AMD FX and A series chips. When I compared the i5 to the A10, the performance difference was about 40% for a cost difference of about $100. That's $100 difference in total system cost, not a huge deal considering you get a much faster CPU. Like...
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    How much GPU to run 20-30-20 plus 1080p

    I'm plotting a core i5 build for a business workstation (no gaming) but don't know how much GPU I need. I'd like to use my 20-30-20 set while watching a 1080p video on the HDTV. It seems like most cards support only 3 monitors unless you go to one of the specialty cards. Also, I've read that...
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    More attacks is past 6 months than previous 15 years

    I guess I didn't make it clear. I've been experiencing these problems, not just reading about them. My security procedures and software have protected me from all but one infection. Any day now you are going to read a headline like: "half of all home computers in America infected with malware."...
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    More attacks is past 6 months than previous 15 years

    Is it just me or are the bad guys winning? So many common and popular web sites infected. Obscure professional web sites infected. Repeated attacks through email. It's become so bad lately that I put it in my signature. Have I just been lucky in the past or have the attacks really ramped up?
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    Is Tiger Direct OK?

    I've been buying tech from Newegg and Amazon but would like more options. Is Tiger Direct a good source? Anything to watch out for? Any other place you guys recommend? TIA, Artcher
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    End of the Line for Online Passwords?

    Most logins are restricted to a few attempts. Why doesn't that stop password cracking?
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    How useful are tablets? Is there a consensus?

    I was in a hospital waiting room for two hours today. While there, many people spent some time in the room. At least 4/5 of them spent their entire time staring at a smart phone. No tablets in sight. All of these people were hunched over looking at their phones. I can't believe these things...
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    How useful are tablets? Is there a consensus?

    I had a similar opinion to yours. Right now I spend about half of my time on a desktop and half on a notebook com terminal. But there are times when a tablet could be very useful: When I'm on my feet working with a small group of people and want to share what's on the screen. When I want...
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    How useful are tablets? Is there a consensus?

    Before I crap away time and money on a new tablet, is there any consensus on how useful they are? I'd set up a poll but I don't even know what to ask. Here is what I know: Tablets are about to start outselling notebook computers in the US. When I ask people who are using tablets what they...
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    Exploding Arrows In Super Slow Motion

    You don't need explosives to make carbon arrows explode. A steel plate will do. Ask me how I know.:)
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    Security Updates Available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

    No adobe reader and no Java on any of my internet connected computers. Flash is installed but it is protected by noscript. There is simply no need to put up with the constant risk. I can hardly wait to get rid of Flash. Don't surf the web with your primary computer!
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    Thoughts on why my Windows 8 is slow/lagging....

    A lot of new win8 users discover that all of those live tiles consume a lot of cpu cycles and internet bandwidth. I've read several accounts of people disabling or deleting those apps and that speeds up their computer significantly. Just passing this on. I have no experience with win8 yet and...