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    FT: iPhone 3g for iPod touch

    For some reason the pics aren't showing up, so here's links showing the screens.
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    FT: iPhone 3g for iPod touch

    I have a 8GB 3g iPhone that I want to trade for an ipod touch. It's got ios 4 on it now. Jailbroken and unlocked. Normal scuffs on the back, but the screen is perfect. It didn't get used much because I carry a work phone all the time as well. I have a case for it as well...
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    Demonoid registration is now open!!!

    Gah The one PM'd to me was expired. Anyone else have one for me?
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    Demonoid registration is now open!!!

    I need one, if available.
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    Free Guitar Pickholder + 5 Black Picks

    Wicked. Thanks ;)
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    Western Digital 1TB WD10EADS $84.59

    You got a free upgrade then.
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    iPhone 3G now 16gb $200.00

    I love AT&T. :heart:
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    4 beer glasses, and bottle opener,

    Shit's weak. I threw it away...
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    Free AT & T Ring Tone

    iphone sonofa....
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    Free Gillette Fusion Razor **First 500 Daily til 5/16/09**

    Apparently, it's just a chance thing.
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    Free Gillette Fusion Razor **First 500 Daily til 5/16/09**

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    [H]ot iFone Mini $86.99 w/ Free Shipping

    iPhone knockoffs. :rolleyes:
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    4 beer glasses, and bottle opener,

    Thanks op! ;)
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    WTB: laptop hdd

    Cool. PM me please. Thanks
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    WTB: laptop hdd

    bump (I don't have a dick joke for that one) edit: lol dick bumps
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    FS/FT: -7" Laptop(s), 10/100 & 1000 switches, KVM, MultiFunc Printer, Vista OEM 32Bit

    What is the HDD in this pic? pm me.
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    WTB: laptop hdd

    I would prefer a small-ish one. (lol again)
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    WTB: laptop hdd

    Ata-6. size doesn't matter (lol) PM me a price or for a faster reply, email me: dvowel at Thanks.
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    What are your IT job hours?

    Network Administrator 8-5 M-F 1 hr lunch On call 24/7 I'm on salary too, but no complaints. ;)
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    Home lab for CCNP and beyond?

    I bought a 2600 from them. They had be had cheaper from ebay, but you take a chance there.
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    What home user virus and firewall software do you use?

    NOD32 & a hard firewall.
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    Terminal Server Logon to domain.

    You aren't using RDP over the internet are you?
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    Has there ever been a class action law suit against Symantic?

    Speaking of Symantec, anyone use Endpoint? I spent hours removing that crap from a server registry because it dropped my network shares. Biggest POS I've ever used.
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    underwater fiber

    What he said. Plus, I've made some pretty tight bends without any problems.
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    Those things tend to get hot as hell, and lock up.
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    Netra x1 error loop

    I have an old Netra X1, that's getting stuck in a loop that I can't figure out. If I do a boot diag, it goes through all the steps, then I get a PSTATE error continous loop. I can't get it to an ok prompt at all. I have to #. back to lom> then do a poweroff to shut it down. I've switched...
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    Locking Wall Jack

    Or if your cheap: :D
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    Turn My Wireless Router To An AP Only?

    iirc, all I had to do was turn off dhcp on mine. How many connections do you need? I'd limit your scope to a /24.
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    Dell notebooks competitively priced / spec'd

    I have kind of the same problem here. We use IBM, and I personally don't like IBM laptops. (driver problems, ect..) So, I have to buy about 15 next week, and I don't want to buy IBM's, but I'm not really sure where to start looking next. I'm thinking Dell, but does anyone have a...
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    Server 2003 rdp/iis hacked

    Just my FSO. At least as far as the important ones go anyway. If that person became hostile, we would have a large problem. ;)
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    Server 2003 rdp/iis hacked

    First thind DoD told me; Never write down passwords. Anywhere.
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    Actually, I couldn't stand it when I frist started the job. It seemed like everything was misplaced, but now I kinda like it. ;) I still get screwed up sometimes going between them and our www/mail machines that run linux.
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    I agree, but we run a lot a solaris machines at work, so I do the same at home. It's just easier to keep up on it that way.
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    Server 2003 rdp/iis hacked

    Celerondude. Nice. Also, Godaddy.