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    Samsung S27A750D 120Hz

    Ok so I just got the Samsung S27A750D 3d led monitor and I am wondering if I can watch movies or play games 3d on this monitor using DP to DP of the gtx 5xx. I understand that some games and movies don't have 3d but just wondering. Also, I am about to get a second of that model and will the two...
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    Acer S273HL BMII

    I need some opinions on the acer 27" model: S273HL BMII please!! because I am about to get two of them :). I look at the Samsung LED 27" S27A750D and it really nice but too pricey and I don't really do 3D much + I am using Nvidia so I don't want to spend too much money on them and then couple...
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    New GeForce 196.21 WHQL drivers from Nvidia

    does anyone of you have problem during the installation? Because It crashed twice during the installation. First, It showed black screen --> I had to reboot my computer. Second, It froze during the installation--> The process bar kept staying at the same spot--> I had to reboot my computer. I...
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    Kill A Watt readings

    your Wife hair dryer is equal to 1 high end computer or 3 low end desktops lol. Luckily, It cannot do folding J/K
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    Best gaming LCD with LED backlight?

    I think this monitor really fit into his criteria. You may find cheaper price online ;) It has 2ms, HDMI, 1920x1080, 23" screen and about $300
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    Logitech MX Revolution mouse - how to middle click?

    I always install the driver or software come with it to ensure that it works properly
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    Best gaming LCD with LED backlight?

    Samsung XL2370 ?? It's LED thin and sexy ;)P
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    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    Canon EOS Rebel XSi Lens: 28-105 USM f3.5-4.5
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    [H] Flickr Group! and post your Flickr link here Thread

    Here is my only few:
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    how to make photo look like this?

    Nice dude
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    Your opinion on this GTX295 from ebay

    Not recommended. I almost got rip off on the motherboard. Luckily, I fixed it. Also, You buy second hand product, you won't get any warranty... ;)
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    NVIDIA Delays Fermi to March 2010

    Delay is good. So I can save up money for it (or them) lol.
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    Any new info regarding Fermi release date?

    I have read that the Benchmark for GTX 380 is fake. Is that true??
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    Razer Copperhead: Gone

    uhm, I had no problem with Amazon. I got couple things from them and they still work for years....Maybe you out of luck
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    Project: MURD3R

    look forward to see more
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    Corsair O8D Revision

    I just got my Sleeving kits from Murder Mod so let the log begins: Sleeving kits: Parting out my current system: Installation the Corsair: Redesigned hoses: Some mod. for front air intake, I leave space between the fan and the cover for air can go through...
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    CypriUm - The Ultimate Water Loop Case

    all good stuff
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    CypriUm - The Ultimate Water Loop Case

    Nice rig
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    so expensive
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    My Voodoo Case Concept

    It looks sick
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    Rate my build

    you are luck guy, got 2 monitors for free=$600+
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    So Green !!)
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    Project: Red and Black

    it looks expensive
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    post pics of ur p180/p182/190s

    I used to have P182 too and I loved it but now I switch to HAF 932 because It has bigger room
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    Dead GTX 295 - What to get now?

    GTX 285s is my advice
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    someone start a HAF thread!

    I got one too. the mod. pics will post soon
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    Leaked Best Buy Memo Offers Windows 7 Details

    So that mean I can bring my Vista Ultimate that I bought from BestBuy 1 yr ago to get a new one for cheap or free? I am confused
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    Project: Hutch, a Qmicra v2 gets liquid...

    look good
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    New I7 Build

    Why everybody got Core i7 but me :p. I like your mod anyway. it looks cool