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    Retina display - worth it?

    LoL, you tell us man, you've got one
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    Apple Cinema Display

    It's not locked down, it's just controlled via OSX. Therefore, you need a workaround for windows. It has nothing to do with Apple telling you shit; they just don't like a lot of buttons on the monitor.
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    Has Apple ever screwed up your online orders?

    you'll love it at first, then you'll think it sucks because you can't customize it, then you'll realize over time that you have less and less desire to customize and you'll appreciate its simplicity.
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    iPhone 4 to 4S and 4S to 5---help me get something

    5 is an earth-shattering upgrade from a dumb-phone, a great upgrade from the 3GS, sort-ok upgrade from the 4, and not worthwhile upgrade from the 4S. It adds stuff that the 4S should have had (LTE) and is thinner, but that's about it. It's a ho-hum release for the most part.
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    How to 'protect' a Macbook Air while at college?

    Never leave the door unlocked. Put the thing in your sock drawer when you aren't home. Dorm thieves are usually just grabbing laptops off desks. Rarely do people have their room robbed completely. Out of sight = assumed she took it with her.
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    Embarassing problem, but would appreciate urgent help regarding iphone

    This. If you didn't have an answer to this problem within the first 2 hours of losing the phone, someone has the photos. Just hope they're not a douche.
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    Computer Won't Boot

    You're the best. Thanks again for the help and the articles. I think I finally understand a little bit of what's going on in there.
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    Computer Won't Boot

    I'm confused. From what you said, I'm thinking that you can't just add up the amperage on two rails and compare it to a single rail. Also, is it true that if they show max wattage for two rails that means it's really one rail??? Is there maybe an article I can read to help me understand all...
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    Computer Won't Boot

    I'm looking to use up some gift cards I have at Amazon from returning textbooks. The Neo Eco is $85 on Amazon right now, and I think there are some better units for that kind of money (right?). I'm looking to spend under $90, but it MUST be on amazon. Below is my research so far. I've...
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    Computer Won't Boot

    I know. When I bought the PSU I was a bit of a noob and relied on a friend to help me. Unfortunately, he wasn't the most informative about power supplies. It was definitely a PSU problem. I did the paperclip test on it, and the fan doesn't move. I understand that "never skimp on the...
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    Computer Won't Boot

    That's kind of what I thought might be going on too. What do you think of the Corsair CX600? Jonny Guru gave the thumbs up to the CX430, and I have some credit at Amazon where I can get it for $61 with prime.
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    Computer Won't Boot

    I've been having some problems with my rig crashing lately. I powered it off to see if that helped, and now it won't power on at all. I've listed below the specs and the problems I've been having. Any help as far as what to test or what needs replacing would be really helpful, as I haven't...
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    Good Mac-Centric Forum(s)?

    Yes you can. iFixit has teardown guides for everything. It's just a matter of having the right tools. Even products like the magic mouse, that are held together with glue, can be torn apart and reassembled.
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    Google's Marissa Mayer Named Yahoo CEO

    HIGHLY doubt this has anything to do with money. It's way more likely she wants to be the boss and right a sinking ship.
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    I think my local Apple store is hurting MacBook sales

    You guys like the clunky clicking? Tap to click is the best. Once you get used to it, the whole process is so much more precise and efficient.
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    It should hit a daily deal and be even less. I'd wait.
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    Worst Apple product you've ever owned?

    Logitech G9
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    smcfancontrol and i5

    curious to hear the answer as well. also wondering if the reasons it shouldn't be used on i5 apply to older procs as well.
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    My new macbook griddle

    It is intentional. Like I said in my post above, the heat has to go somewhere, and Apple INTENDED it to go to the bottom of the case, because they don't like noisy laptops. His laptop/notebook distinction was not a justification for the heat (as you seem to assert), but rather just an...
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    My new macbook griddle

    I was unaware of this. What is the reason? I use it with my C2D, is there any reason not to?
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    My new macbook griddle

    They're thin, which means decreased airflow, which results in higher temps. It's not a feature, it's the result of the design. The heat has to go somewhere, and given the choice between a loud fan and a warm bottom, Apple chose the later. smcFancontrol is what I use. On my mid-09 macbook...
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    Woz: Apple Made a Stinking Mess Of Siri

    Am I the only one more likely trying to find prime rib than prime numbers? I fail to see how this is a bad thing...
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    HTPC upgrade??

    I bet an SSD would help more than a processor upgrade when it comes to load time on a single program.
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    Windows 7 on MBA

    other trackpads were jumping around because your wrist was hitting it when you typed. That is more of a positioning thing. The apple trackpad is hands down, my favorite part of my MBP.
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    The thing that really bothers me about iOS/iPhone...

    Why do apps cost money? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you think they just materialize out of thin air?
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    Apple CEO Gives Up $75M In Dividend Income

    You're worse than the Apple-fanboys that go on and on about no viruses.
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    Diablo 3 at Micro Center for $49.99?

    Don't be too upset, sales tax there is 10.5%, and the traffic is hell, so it's almost not worth it.
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    Diablo 3 at Micro Center for $49.99?

    You live in bucktown/logan square/lincoln park area? I can't imagine there are too many places other than that are that have a MC and TD within .1 miles.
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    "New iPad" for the wife. Black or White?

    Make sure to get her a card and write some sappy stuff about how she's a great mother and you are so happy together. Women love cards. As you are making her pick it out, I suggest getting a $20 itunes gift card and taping it to the back of the mother's day card. She'll be like WTFRLY? Then...
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    Microcenter ins-stock vs. on web site

    My MC guys are all pretty good, but sometimes they are a bit understaffed and busy helping the people who don't know shit about computers. That said, I ALWAYS make sure to get a sticker on my stuff before going to the checkout lines. It costs me nothing and you can see it makes their day when...
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    battlefield 3 will it run?

    Buy the best single card you can afford :) Also, think about a new psu, as the ones that come in cases are normally utter garbage.
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    "New iPad" for the wife. Black or White?

    Take her out to a special one on one mother's day lunch and then go let her pick it out with you.
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    Looking at used iPad.

    FWIW: refurbed 16GB iPad 2s (wifi) are going for $319 with one year warranty from Apple right now.
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    Game Sales Continue Slide, Fall 25 Percent in March

    The article doesn't mention piracy at all. In fact, it does nothing more than say sales were down. Why are you guys bitching?
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    Facebook Beat Twitter to Instagram

    Yes, it is only a goofy app for taking pictures, applying some goofy faux-Photoshop filter and then sending it to your friends, it just also happens to have 27 million users. Facebook currently has 800 million users, and private equity firms value it at $100 billion (you might disagree, but...
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    Dented new mbpro due to defective bag

    You could ask that. But it's worth about $400. Why would anyone pay $700 for a laptop with a $500 dent when they could buy a non-dented one for $900? You are going to take a huge hit either way. Apple has great resale, but buyers want a pristine machine.
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    MacBook Pro battery cycle rate

    It would have to be so bad that they determine it's defective. If it couldn't hold a charge for an hour with normal internet use, then maybe you'd get somewhere, but it would probably have to be like <30-45 minutes.
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    "Quick Save" should be thrown out of video games.

    1. Don't use it. 2. Have self control you barbarian. 3. People with non-gaming spouses appreciate quick save more than you could ever imagine.
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    Late 2008 MacBook

    I have the mid-2009 with upgraded RAM and SSD, and it's still just a phenomenal machine. Made it through 3 years of back and forth to law-school without a problem.
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    My friend spends 9 hours a day gaming. Do you know any addicts? How can we help them?

    OP - I didn't read this whole thread because, frankly, f that. But I did see that people were saying it's ridiculous for you to meddle, and I just wanted to say the following: If I was doing something that was hurting people around me and I didn't realize it, I would like to think my friends...