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    Apple Developing Mental Health Monitor for iPhone

    Youtube used to think I was depressed and single because I was up late talking to my girlfriend in a different time zone, watching shitty youtube content, lol.
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    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    I mean, I still log into my US East account every month to keep my characters alive. Faith bows aren't cheap.
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    So my retail W10 PC is going to get a one time free upgrade to W11, forcing me to buy W11 when I invariably upgrade a dead motherboard, just like the transition from 7-10? Sweet Silly me, for buying retail MS W10 at a MS storefront. I should have gotten a 5$ bootleg key. This was yesterday. No...
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    18 you say? They screwed me on my cyberpunk rebate, now it's my turn.
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    Activision Blizzard agrees to pay $18 million to settle EEOC probe

    A woman was sexually assaulted, and then she committed suicide. But you're right. They should let the men get back to making games, and stop "instilling fear" (read: repercussions) for travesties of human abuse.
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    Apple not recalling M1 due to screens cracking

    I stripped a mobo screw, and turned it into a flathead using a dremel. Well, I tried. I missed and put a slot shaped hole straight through the motherboard (the topmost screw, by a CPU VRM). It sparked like crazy one single time, turned on, and I'm using it to type this. That was 8 months ago.
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    Rate this soldering job?

    They look fine, but are you using fine enough electronics solder? They look wetted properly, and they're all nice and shiny so you don't have cold joints. But, just... too... much. Happens easily to me (blobby rather than the nice curved shape associated with a proper, solid joint) when I'm...
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    Intel will soon bake anti-malware defenses directly into its CPUs

    Say what you want about Intel, its nice to know you can always trust them to deliver a secure platform.
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    KFConsole hits 4K 120FPS

    Almost as good as the KFC Anime dating simulator. Almost.
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    Volume limiter AND amplifier software?

    The "enhancements tab not being visible" is a pretty common windows 10 issue (After a "recent" 2016 update, typically), one I faced as well. I actually re-installed with retail media after 3 days of trying to solve the issue. I'm not super knowledgeable of how windows initializes the GUI based...
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    Comprehensive Core i9-10900K Review Leaked: Suggests Intel Option Formidable

    Who would have ever thought, in a global recession, people are being a bit stingier on their spending on technology from 2017. And I'll have you know - I've gone Zen the last couple of years not because it was Fast, but because it's interesting. Intel has been boring for years. That's what [H]...
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    Mac OSX and ATH-M50xBT

    Do you have the issue with other BT receivers? I've got 3 BT receivers in my house, and with a 2016 MBP (running Mojave), none of them have this issue. BTW: These 2$ BT 5.0 receivers outperform anything else I currently have... For BT line out duty... Compared even to preamped boards in the 30$...
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    Can a motherboard take out memory when its RAM slots fail?

    2 VRM's on my last MSI board got so damn hot the white board got singed. I can see that killing RAM if the Vmem VRM failed.
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    'Pain switch' is discovered in an area of the brain associated with negative emotions and responses that could lead to a new wave of anaesthetics

    There was research several years ago - on those born without (or who had developed non) functioning amygdala - which showed function there was necessary to prevent unnecessary fear responses as well. I would have assumed that, since pain is an inherent aversive stimuli in all primates - and...
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    Senate passes spying bill without search and browsing history protections

    Just imagine how much storage space is literally being devoted to step-sibling porn searches haha. Whole buildings.
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    Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! Running real time on Playstation 5

    ^ Haha yeah. But for my friend who doesn't understand. What? EDIT: Jesus. lol.
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    Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! Running real time on Playstation 5

    This might be the first console generation I pick up, since the PS2.... It won't ever surpass a 35" ultra wide experience, but for casual couch gaming at 1080p/~4k, I'm rather interested. Just need a 55" 4K screen that surpasses the blacks of a basically new panasonic ST plasma, before I...
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    New build because what else am I gonna do?

    I'm also doing a rebuild because "what else am I gonna do" so I appreciate that aesthetic. Ketchup and a soft brush. No, really. Cover the inside of the copper plate with ketchup; after a good rinse under the tap. Let it sit for 5-15m. Use a soft brush to remove any built up debris from the...
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    Videocardz: Intel teases Xe-HP graphics processor – ‘Father of All’ GPUs

    I know it's not a retail product, but the LGA/socketed approach to graphics excites my watercooling fantasies. 12 combined power phases makes me wonder how thirsty the chip is. Hopefully Intel can get their software team fully on board. Without any of that "fine wine" bullshit.
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    This Witcher 3 mod raises the graphics to a new level of realism

    Ongoing re-work for a lot of the vanilla textures. It was playable a few years (months?) ago, and has gotten better akin to the TESV HDTP.
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    This Witcher 3 mod raises the graphics to a new level of realism

    I think that's one of the main separations between RPG players that are passionate about the TES titles, and those that like a more engrossing narrative. TW3 will likely be my favorite RPG of all time, despite my initial dislike for the character of Geralt (and especially the voice actor... at...
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    NVIDIA’s Ampere GPU Likely Delayed To Q4 2020, And Its Not Just Because Of Coronavirus

    The one with better aftermarket waterblock support, so most likely Nvidia. Also don't love the AMD partners, for RMA's here in Canada.
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    Advice on Amplifier

    Yep, probably ~98db at Fs for a lot of those sealed 8" subs at 100w. drutman How much power does a amplifier pull from the wall during high transient load? Say a sin wave hitting close to Xmax for your woofers? Worst case scenario, to be fair. I've got a pair of 12's and a 13.5 (3.6ohms...
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    A-RGB powered splitter

    I had a bad experience using a splitter like this with very high LED/m count aRGB strip, but if all the fans are the same, you should be alright. That board offers 12vcc and ground through the SATA connection. Should be fine for a bunch of aRGB fans. You can also make your own splitter cable...
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    securing sponsorships

    I was sponsored by Swiftech a few years ago (2010/2011?) I offered a good project statement, showed the beginning of my work, included my list of past worklogs (at the time) and offered to review the products I was given. As you would in a job interview, I asked questions, and engaged the rep I...
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    A-RGB powered splitter

    How many feet of aRGB strip are you using?
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    what is this display at 5:23 of this video?

    Any generic 4/6" touch LCD with HDMI/USB, for a car (12v) from ebay/aliexpress would do that. I have a 5" one that I used to run in 2 5.25" bays. I think I paid 120$ ish shipped, with a L HDMI cable. I had a "turn off LCD" shortcut set to deal with turning off LCD screens. Set it to a hotkey...
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    warped Lian Li hard drive cage

    You can typically drill rivets out with a 7/64 bit, and re-tap for 6-32. But that looks bendable. Just remove it, the drives, and use a bit of strength on it.
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    12w LED power supply modification from 220vac to 110vac

    Just spend the 5$ for the 110v version of the same bulb. That should be a constant current driver, throwing the sumVF of the diodes together to hit the Vacc (wall voltage). If you can separate the LED's into 2 banks, and run them in parallel off the same power transister... eh. A ton of work...
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    Separate Water Cooling Loop?

    The extra expense of a second pump isn't worth the single digit temperature drop TBH. More points of failure, more expense, for a degree or two 'c
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    TSMC now sinking asets into developing 2nm node!

    Is this that guys first time ever talking?
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    Why did YOU choose AMD for your processor?

    2500k setup failed, so I was forced to update. AMD? Prie, performance, availability, upgradeability and cheap but well featured platforms. 2 NVMe slots on an MATX board for 100$ is great.
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    I keep hearing

    I had a serious failure on 2 MSI B350 matx boards. So naturally I bought a B450 MSi matx board. Both vrm failures, one catastrophic (flames!) and one just severe scorching. RMA Shipping was getting to the point of the price of the new board so...
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    Raymond is blowing up the Animal Crossing villager black market

    Right? I understand every. single. word in the OP. None of that makes sense.
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    AMD CDNA Architecture Based Arcturus GPU

    Hopefully they increased their talent, execution and and fab contracts equally to match this fork.
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    $1,900 Death Stranding Jacket Released, Sells Out Instantly

    Well, no, and I didn't play this either. I binge watched it like a movie. I'll buy it when it's available on PC, and probably never play it.
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    $1,900 Death Stranding Jacket Released, Sells Out Instantly

    It would have made a better TV series, to be fair, but... Hey, say what you want - he did a better job of worldbuilding and conceptualization in this title than most of his Konami work. I don't have a PS4 but I watched all 11 hours of the cinematics on Youtube and they alone will be worth the...
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    Crysis remastered could be announced soon on new CryEngine tech

    Well, we applauded it because nobody could *play* it. Actually, thats a lie - I was a pretty big fan of the opening mission, all the way until the second last where... Well, performance into the 13fps range killed it for me. I just... By today's FPS standards, and even FPS/RPG standards That...
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    Experiencing Minecraft RTX: A Whole New Ray-Traced World

    Would have been a great launch title.