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    Best IOS RPGs

    I think Divinity Original Sin 2 has an iOS port. Probably enough game there to stay occupied for several flights.
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    Gateway 14.1 and 15.6 1080p notebooks for $99 and $139

    Looks like the silver still shows 259. The link lands on the blue one. Edit: looks like silver is now sold by a 3rd party though...
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    Acer Predator branded Intel Arc A770 GPU - Interesting cooler design

    If it doesn't shine the Aurora Borealis into the room like in that pic, I'm gonna be disappointed.
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    Craiyon, the artist formerly known as Dall-e mini.

    inc spam some good hits, and one strange miss
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    I cannot install Windows 10 on my SSD

    This is worth trying if OP hasn't gotten it yet (looks like it's been a couple of weeks). I've had to do this, even recently, same error message at the same stage selecting the target drive. (I think the system was even of the same era, Z97.) Leaving the intended boot drive as the only internal...
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    $80 laptop anyone? Evolve III Maestro E-Book 11.6" Laptop Computer - Dark Grey

    Just noting my unit corroborates with various "v1" info so far: -model "Maestro-Ebook11" per bottom label -bios date 04/28/2020 -audio realtek ALC269 (works out of box with ubuntu/mint -wifi realtek rtl8723du (works with ubuntu/mint/probably many after compile) One thing i've been curious...
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    $80 laptop anyone? Evolve III Maestro E-Book 11.6" Laptop Computer - Dark Grey

    If I recall, mine read as alc269 according to software used in windows. And it worked out of the box with ubuntu 20.04, so I too am puzzled by the reported audio issues. Although I did have an unusual knocking noise with either the built in mic or a mic hooked to the 3.5mm jack. Not surewhat...
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    How to check 5950X for B2 Revision?

    Not 100% sure but between that and the Revision field below it saying xxx-B2, I'd say it's a reasonable bet.
  9. Highwind

    How to check 5950X for B2 Revision?

    Not sure how to interpret those values in AIDA, but as an alternative, cpu-z provides stepping info more clearly.
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    $80 laptop anyone? Evolve III Maestro E-Book 11.6" Laptop Computer - Dark Grey

    If it's any consolation, the bottom cover removal is about as simple as it gets on a laptop. Just remember where the 2 or 3 longer screws go.
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    $80 laptop anyone? Evolve III Maestro E-Book 11.6" Laptop Computer - Dark Grey

    A shot in the dark, but at one point i changed a bios setting for OS from Windows (default) to "intel linux". Same thing, could not get back in. Had to pull battery to reset settings and made a not to just leave that setting alone. I had lubuntu running on this prior to regularbuntu but could...
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    $80 laptop anyone? Evolve III Maestro E-Book 11.6" Laptop Computer - Dark Grey

    No, the only thing swappable is the LTE adapter.
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    $80 laptop anyone? Evolve III Maestro E-Book 11.6" Laptop Computer - Dark Grey

    Was able to get wifi going on ubuntu 20.04, but it requires manual build, reference: Of course, since no wifi driver out of the box, you will need to fetch the repo on another machine with internet and transfer it via flash drive or something. In addition...
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    Ugly GPUs

    Gonna assume 'wtf' stands for Watch Those Fingers edition
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    I'm not the first to say this, probably not the first 1000 even, but it's really an anime for people that don't even like anime. Will agree with peppergomez 100%, it is in a class above what most anime is associated with. Not some copy-paste shounen cheese or kawaii magical schoolgirl shit...
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    Been out of the DIY PC Loop for Years, Need Advice on Good CPU, Mobo, RAM. Stability, No OC, Mid-Hi Range Value (Cutting Edge, not Bleeding)

    OP, this is a little off from the main focus of this thread, but be advised of handbrake's really bad default AAC encoder. For lack of a longer explanation, they tore out the good quality AAC encoder in recent builds due to some licensing and left in something awful. I noticed one day that the...
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    Is This Fixable?

    In my amateur opinion: no. Soldering these back on is (relatively speaking) easy mode, assuming you can separate the components from the heatsink in order to have physical access to the tight spaces (also assuming it did not rip the metal connection out of the components stuck on the heatsink)...
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    Apple will remotely install software to scan all US phones for child sex abuse images

    How ... did you come to find that out? Regardless, for some reason (lack of sleep? mental degradation?) I can't stop geeking in my chair about how funny that is. And I guess since the thread is based on privacy/security, it merits mention that the quoted practice.. is ironically probably a...
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    So I upgraded to my Ryzen 7 5800X CPU today. However; I think there's been a tech casualty (memory and motherboard related)...

    There are socket/pinout diagrams. Fair warning, I don't know how accurate this is, or where that page sourced its info from. Edit: i also don't know which way that diagram is oriented, e.g. whether that is looking at the socket or the...
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    GTX 1080 for $480

    It's like it was used in a submersion-cooling rig, but the builder used water instead of oils... We'll never know, since I imagine removing that cooler is going to peel off half the components.
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    All You Can Eat Core Buffet! Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 2

    I'm curious what kind of cooling solution exists for this thing at 15kW. Hot!
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    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    I'm getting anxiety just looking at that
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    2-Acre Vertical Farm Run By AI And Robots Out-Produces 720-Acre Flat Farm

    In a sense, this is what was happening in the Matrix.
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    Once had a 1x Firewire card to make some older video backups, but pulled it when done. Only other occupant I can think of is a wireless adapter when needed. Seems like such overkill. 1 lane of 3rd gen, @ 4 lanes of 1st gen, where each Gen1 lane is the two Gigabit connections. Wireless is...
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    How is the [H]ardForum holding up since [H]ardOCP closed shop?

    With the old site now gone, it's interesting to consider the legacy. Thought it was neat that not more than a couple months ago, Gordon "Freemand's Mind" lamented the loss of an old DirectX 9/10 comparison. (timestamped)
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    [DEAD] Best Buy 24-Hr Flash Sale - 12" Macbook for $799 ($500 off)

    Looks like amazon is matching the space gray price at 799
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    FS: DDR3 (2 x 4GB)

  28. Highwind

    FS: DDR3 (2 x 4GB)

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    "You Can't Take my Door" a Country Song Written by AI

    "Can't stand the cold beer in the moonlight"? AI, you're killing me.
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    FS: DDR3 (2 x 4GB)

    Make an offer if you disagree with the pricing, I may or may not take it but no harm in asking! 8GB of matching 2 x 4GB DDR3 desktop/240-pin. Ran mine at 9-9-9-24 1600 1.35V, YMMV. (no pic, but will take one on request) P/N: Samsung MV-3V4G3D/US M379B5273DH0-YK0 Product links...
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    This a legit deal?

    "No longer a registered user" - Didn't see that coming! :rolleyes:
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    Bethesda is Asking for Essays in Ban Appeals

    To be fair, they've outsourced most aspects of development to the playerbase for years. Yeah, I'm going for the low hanging fruit, but it's delicious fruit.
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    RTX Space Invaders Wanted

    For those seeking:
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    CD Keys

    matt167 If you are looking for GTA-style games, GET Sleeping Dogs at that price. I haven't bothered with other GTA-likes, but I thought SD was really, really good
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    Anyone using Brave?

    I have been trying it out, have run into some hiccups but like the monetization concept. Which as I understand it is basically a monthly distribution from the wallet the browser creates, proportionate in one way or another to the amount of time recorded as spent on a given page or site...
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    Layers of Fear is Free on Steam

    Looks like the GoG version is on a 75% discount at the moment. Not as good as 100%, but interested parties who missed the freebie (me) take note!
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    New Steam Game Promises a Bitcoin to the First Person Who Beats It

    Recommended system requirements: i7-7700K, 16GB RAM, and 12x GTX 1080Ti
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    WTB: Socket 1155 Motherboard

  39. Highwind

    Everyone Should have a Tire Gauge

    For what it's worth, a month or two ago I grabbed a portable compressor ( in case of emergencies ... it arrived with a coupon for a similar tire gauge ( With the coupon the gauge (not the compressor) came...