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    Author Wants To Give The Interview Away On BitTorrent

    I think the US Navy should broadcast it into N Korea for the next 12 months.
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    Samsung Seeks Broad US Ban On NVIDIA Products

    And like I posted Nvidia will get paid. Twice.
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    Samsung Seeks Broad US Ban On NVIDIA Products

    They kicked the bees nest because there is a lot of honey there. Samsung has made a lot of money in the mobile market. If they are infringing then Nvidia will get paid.
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    Windows 9 Unveiling Set For September 30?

    Bla bla bla, same posts as when Vista was released. Windows 7 shut everyones mouth. I hope this release is the tick tock good bad and windows 9 is awesome.
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    What Planet Does Larry Page Live On?

    Very true there will always be those that won't contribute. While I fell the need to help those that can't, I really hate being forced to help those that simply won't.
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    Hunting or Fishing in North Carolina? Leave Your Drone at Home

    A blip on a screen is an approximate location, a gps enabled camera gives an exact location with video. Not even close to the same thing.
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    30% of U.S. Households Stuck in Dial-Up Hell

    Internet should be treated just like a utility. No different that power imo.
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    Google Glass Users Can Steal Your Passcode With a Glance

    A whole ten feet away! Anything more than arms length gonna need that high def version.
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    Microsoft Surface 256GB - $559.99

    Same here, I was waiting for the Pro 3 to launch and the reviews are great. This is the tablet I have been waiting for. Don't really mind paying $1300 for it either.
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    Advocacy Groups Duped Into Fighting Net Neutrality

    All electricity is not equal either because you might use yours to do something illegal. Did you know if you electrocuted a cat you could get arrested. It should be a dumb pipe. Its a utility calling it anything else is wrong. I would be fine with metered costs so long as they were...
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    Mt. Gox Founder 'Not Willing to Travel to US' For Bankruptcy Trial

    Isn't he filing bankruptcy in the US? Thus the reason for having to appear in court.
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    Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug

    I would say that will be true with the majority of android devices.
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    Microsoft Offering Windows For Free

    They have failed completely on that point. Everything they have brought to the market is late to the party trying to play catch up. They have been entirely to slow to respond to changing markets. When they do the products are great, but its always an uphill battle.
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    Killing Net Neutrality Helps Underdogs Succeed

    So streaming video is garbage? If capacity is a problem then isp's better get to work increasing it. Wake up that dark fiber.. Its a bullshit argument, if this internet thing is so complicated and really hard like they say it is then how are bs countries in Europe miles ahead in terms of...
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    Amazon Prime Price Hike Will Hit Subscriber Base Hard

    I would have to figure what my shipping savings would be. I don't think with the usually higher prices Amazon is going to win that calculation.
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    U.S. Boots CGI Contractor for Affordable Care Act Website

    I remember reading they were Obama cronies.
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    Funny Xbox One Trolling

    Because they are shitty parents who don't care that their children are playing an adult game.
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    Snipers Confirmed For Titanfall

    Also they already made the near perfect twitch shooter Cod4. Just make another one ffs.
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    Snipers Confirmed For Titanfall

    Who cares about an actual battle. Bunny hopping and hip firing don't work irl either. I want a fun game. Quick scoping is necessary if you are playing hardcore on small maps. It only needs to be slowed down when it takes a half clip to kill someone.
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    Price Hikes Are Your Christmas Present from Dish and DirecTV

    If it were up to me my household would have long ago cut the cord. My wife can't seem to live without it though.
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    Dell’s Venue 8 Pro tablet for $99 at Microsoft Stores on Monday

    Online sold out in 7 minutes. I never could get it to pull up so I could add to cart.
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    Call of Duty Players Aren't Hardcore Gamers

    I just wish they would make another cod4 with graphics improvements. Seriously it was the last great game of the series. Between the silly lag comp, matchmaking, way to many perks and auto killing bots, its a sad game of what it used to be.
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    Microsoft Begins Major Xbox One Marketing Push

    There will be launch hickups for a while. MS will fix it. I think its gonna be the standard living room media consumption device for a lot of households in the future. Which will make MS billions. I just hope pricing is in line with Amazon or other similar offerings. Of course ms has a lot of...
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    Google is Building Chrome OS Straight into Windows 8

    The anti Google tears have 't reached critical mass yet. That and God knows what sort of deal was etched to give the NSA the access they have. We all know its not those measly payments that were made public.
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    Judge Will Not Ban Dish's Hopper Technology

    And they wonder why popular shows are popular on torrent sites. Providers sure know how to add value to their product don't they?
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    Teen Hacker Making $50k A Month Arrested

    He could render the data unreadable faster with a hammer. I guess he assumed it was just a power outage.
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    Teen Spends $33k On Wikileaks Server Using Dad’s eBay Account

    Some people, mostly the very young, have this weird cult like obsession with wikileaks.
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    Activision Hires Lobbying Firm as Violent Games Bill Looms

    They are marketing call of duty to the under eighteen crowd, the do not want that money train to slow down, or to have to make a game adults want. Every original fan of the series knows this to be true.
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    Dell U2713HM 27" 2560x1440 Refurb Monitor $418

    Damn wish I could spare the funds right now. So tempted to use the CC.
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    Nokia Threatens to Abandon Business in India

    Good job indeed India. Who needed those jobs anyway, certainly not the bureaucrats that taxed them out of existence.
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    Prison Computer ‘Glitch’ Blamed for Opening Cell Doors

    Contracts being awarded to the lowest bidder happened. You get what you pay for is true in most things in life.
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    US Senate Launching Virtual Currency Probe

    Oh you really think the government is doing it for the good of the people, and not because its something the currently have no control over. Thats really cute.
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    CoD Will Look Better On PC Than Next-Gen Consoles

    Who gives a shit, the game play mechanics and net code will still be broken as shit that was meant for consoles. COD4 and WAW were the last pc games made in this series, the rest is just console bullshit.
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    Breaking Bad Sparks Global Piracy Craze

    Even though I pay for directv and could have recorded it I agree with this post. I would pay $5 a month for A&E if I could stream all their shows commercial free. Better question would be why wouldn't they offer that to gain a new revenue stream? They could completely cut out any middle man...
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    Amazon Will Begin Collecting Sales Tax in Georgia

    Amazon's after tax margin is around 1%, compared to around 6.5% in 2004. There isn't a brick and mortar business in America that wants to compete, especially a small business. Their goal in having such ridiculously low margins is to promote market growth. Once they reach their targeted growth...
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    Phone App Lets You Copy And Print House Keys

    This makes me sad. :(
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    ASUS Unveils ROG Tytan G70 Gaming Desktop PC

    I like that case too.