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    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    What do you think they're going to start the price at? "Only 4k for your Ultimate 8k experience!" ?
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    Christmas Shopping [WTB] budget Ryzen 3xxx + board + memory || Nintendo 3DS, etc

    I believe I have a Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask ? 3ds XL - I don't really use. I'll see if I can dig up all the parts when I get home. I'm not sure if I have the box for it...I can't remember. I will snap pics of what I do have and work something out with you.
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    What was your first emotional moment in gaming?

    For me it was an old 8-bit game on the Atari (and probably Amiga) Alternate Reality - The City. I spent a whole summer with some friends completely mapping that city out and finding things. The kicker was after thinking we knew everything about that damn game. a new friend we met (now my best...
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    Uncharted code for Ryzen 5000 holder - $14 - SOLD

    Is that the Legacy of Thieves collection for Steam? If so I'll take it.
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    FS: Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered - Steam Key

    I'll take one if they are still available? Here's my heatware - haven't been to active lately... I'm at work - so I might not be able to do the transaction until after work if that would be ok. Thank You, Xerack
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    Destiny 2

    Not sure how much it was on sale for earlier....I think I picked it up here at greenmangaming. must have been a lot cheaper...cuz I think I picked up the pre-order for the next one for about that...
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    Destiny 2

    So I started playing this again...after a long anyone from the H Clan still playing? I think I saw one other peep online....shows 3 people on my list total..but says there are 21 members in the clan? I am a bit lost, but having fun with the latest expansion. The new upcoming one...
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    WTB: Children's Leukemia Charity: Best gaming computer or components we can get for $1,000 total

    Pretty sure that was covered! Desk - Received! - PayPal DONATION by Legcramp!!
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    WTB: Children's Leukemia Charity: Best gaming computer or components we can get for $1,000 total

    Bumping - cuz inquiring minds want to know! er.....or see!
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    WTB: Children's Leukemia Charity: Best gaming computer or components we can get for $1,000 total

    Ain't gonna lie....I'm pretty excited to see the finished build! = )
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    WTB: Children's Leukemia Charity: Best gaming computer or components we can get for $1,000 total

    I have a NIB 'white' MSI Z490(?) motherboard and a used 10900k (picked up here) I can donate for either a build or you can use or try to sell to raise $$. I'm at work currently, but I will send a few pics, after I get home in a few hours....I'd just want shipping covered if that's cool.
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    FS (FIRE…sale.) - Tons of Steam Games - Buy 1 get 2 FREE!

    Purchased several games - thank you Bump!
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    AOC 34" CU34G2X 144Hz UW $438 | Amazon

    #same - no dead pixels and still running just fine.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    ugh...will I have to send it in and wait ....or will they do a cross shipment? Or more likely they'll send new - thanks emailed them.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Wait...seriously? I thought I would have to have a defective the older\newer models basically the same now if I did the latest firmware updates on the card?
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I have the 3090 version with the red lips...wonder if I can xchange it for the non red lip version? =P
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    WoW - Gratz!!!
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I was just now finally able to activate the notify on pretty much all of the 3080 ti's....was getting Captcha error before..
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

    I'm tempted as well....I actually had one on the way from AMD....last week. They attempted to deliver to my house 4x....said they were going to attempt again on Saturday...but didn't...they are sending\sent back to AMD....just waiting on my refund. I told myself I'd just nab a 10th or 11th gen...
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    WTS 10900K (2) one is bnib

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    WTB Ryzen 3600, 3700 etc. CPUs, DDR4 3600 Memory

    I'll just drop this here...unless you're looking for only used atm....honestly don't know if this is normal retail price..but I know they had a bunch of 3600\3800's earlier..
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Yeah, no notification here either, and I've entered plenty of times and always get a notice that I was not selected.
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    SOLD: WD Blue SSDs Sold

    I'll take both of the 1tb if still available.
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

    Can't believe this hasn't sold yet! - \BUMP! - ugh...I do want it
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    FOUND: DOCSIS 3.1 Modem

    I upgraded mine a while back as well - just a heads up that the SB8200 works fine with Xfinity as well. I'm currently on their 1gig plan....sorry I'm keeping mine though =P.
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    FS Gigabyte Z490 Vision G LGA 1200 motherboard

    I'll take it if it's still available - pm'd
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    FS: Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT (White, Like New)

    Yeah, I was lucky had signed up for notification on Logitech's site and was lucky enough to get in on the stock they had this last Saturday (I think it was..). I would imagine someone here would really want that white version.
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    FS: Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT (White, Like New)

    I literally ordered this a few days ago, and it should be arriving today\night? GLWS!
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    SOLD: EVGA 3090 FTW Ultra BNIB

    I hope I don't get in trouble for this...but...this still cracks me up =P And yes...I do have one..LoL - er..not with the eyes kit though..heh. **oops I lied....thought this was the 3090..**
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    FT/FS: Nvidia RTX 3090 Founders Edition BNIB

    OMG - A Unicorn!
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    I7-9700k and I9-9900k $100 off at Best Buy

    Yeah, I know MC is great....but unfortunately for's a bit of a travel to visit one...and the good deals are usually in-store only...bleh. Yeah, I think I'll be holding out for a bit to see how things go with newer hardware. I'm keeping my eye on the market, and sometimes I'm tempted...
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    I7-9700k and I9-9900k $100 off at Best Buy

    Not sure if these are *HOT* deals but not too bad? I'm not sure how long this lasts...maybe just today? Also, I'm currently running an 8700k - would this be worth upgrading to? I've been waiting on possibly getting a 5950x and new...
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    Galaxy S21 Thread

    *Note - I was going to pull the trigger....and the price for my trade in was $350....I guess it doesn't update until you click on the statement regarding the condition of your phone to be all good. so now the total is $759.99....ugh....saving is $490...probably keep old* Well...