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    Crowdfunded 'Star Trek' Movie Draws Lawsuit from Paramount, CBS

    Tell me again how many John Smiths there are?
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    Americans With Broadband Plateaued, Most Rely On Smartphones For Internet

    There's really no such thing; all monopolies are government-created.
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    Portal - Carol Of The Turrets

    Next year's hot gift: A Turret Holiday Album--for SCIENCE!
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    Winamp Has New Owner, May Relaunch Again

    Back when I did mp3s, Winamp's decoder was superior to anything else. And now that I do FLAC--I still use Winamp.
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    FBI Admits To Using Hacker Tools

    What exactly stops them from using those exploits on just any rando? Answer: nothing. Nothing at all.
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    Comcast CEO: “The More You Use, The More You Pay”

    My monthly charge just to HAVE gas and electricity is around $23. That's double what it was 4 years ago. That's not very minimal to me.
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    Another Windows 10 Install Question

    The free upgrade properly only applies to the Windows 7 box.
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    Be Wary Of Ending A Text Message With A Period

    It's as if stupidity and laziness are being elevated to virtues. It's shit like this which should bring no surprise that people look down on the so-called "Millennials".
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    Using License Plate Data To Shame Johns

    Yeah, that really didn't negate what I posted.
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    Using License Plate Data To Shame Johns

    Is it legal to have sex? Is it legal to sell things? Is it legal to sell your time to do something, e.g. babysit? Is it legal to sell your body to do something, e.g. be a professional model? Why shouldn't it be legal to sell your time to have sex? You can't agree to the first four...
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    Windows 10 November Update Pulled Due To Privacy Setting Bug

    I had to do an in-place upgrade from the ISO to get it installed on my laptop (had all of the telemetry blocked, so I can't get insider builds). And then I had to re-block all of the telemetry shit after the install. So I can confirm that it didn't remember any of the settings.
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    What Should Yahoo Get Rid Of?

    With user-created rooms.
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    Jony Ive Interview: The Story Of The Apple Pencil

    Sooooooooo.....a plastic stylus merits its own backstory? SRSLY?
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    Should You Buy A Sound Card?

    I have a sound card (X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro) and fairly-decent Audio-Technica ATH-M30 headphones because I care about what I listen to. I want to experience the music. And yes: I have a large library of FLACs, from 16/44 all the way up to 24/192 and even surround-sound ones. If you...
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    Windows 10 Will Be An Automatic Recommended Update

    Except that given the fact that I cited the offending update: clearly shows that I'm neither willfully ignorant nor ignorant at all of any problem. Nor did I insult anyone. Perhaps you're just looking for trouble where none exists. Let me know when you actually know what you're talking about.
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    Windows 10 Will Be An Automatic Recommended Update

    If you read my post on page 3, you'll find that's not quite true.
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    Windows 10 Will Be An Automatic Recommended Update

    My Win7 desktop is nag-free. It's all about NOT installing KB3035583 and the telemetry-reporting "updates". I have never once seen the "Get Windows 10" upgrade tray icon. Never once been notified that Win10 is available for me to get in Windows update. Never. Because I know what I'm doing...
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    Windows 10 Will Be An Automatic Recommended Update

    And there are ways to eliminate that from happening, e.g. DoNotSpy10 and other programs which modify the hosts file/otherwise block the telemetry data from being sent. I did that on my laptop (won't upgrade to 10 on my desktop, since I can't be sure that my 32-bit copy of Opera 12.17 won't...
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    Windows 10 Will Be An Automatic Recommended Update Check that out for WMC.
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    Researchers Create Blackest Material Ever Made

    Certainly there can be none more black that it. Perhaps the black goes to 11.
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Nags Become More Aggressive

    There's a way to put Media Center back.
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    Microsoft Talks Privacy And Windows 10

    There are programs like Destroy Window 10 Spying, and DoNotSpy10. So yes: you can escape it. I have turned off every bit of telemetry available to be turned off with those two programs. And you can create firewall rules to eliminate the spying. It can be done.
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    Don’t Be Apple

    And Apple consistently FAILS at that. The UI is horrid for iAnything. And dealing with the "app store" (no trademark, because to hell with IP) is nightmarish if you want to do anything with as few clicks as possible. Contrast that with how Android is (and I don't even consider the Windows app...
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    Don’t Be Apple

    I don't think that Apple products are the least bit elegant in the first place. They look like shit. And the walled-off ecosystem is shit. They took a big strained shit on the idea of the original mac commercial (breaking free from Big Brother).
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    Developer Reveals Mac Security Hole Without Telling Apple

    The magic blood of unicorns protects all macs from malware. Trufax.
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    Analyst: Cheaper, More Competitive Broadband Not Happening Soon

    But there aren't natural monopolies; monopolies are created by government fiat. We need to eliminate the local or county-granted monopolies to create the competition which will lower costs.
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    Mini Ice Age To Hit In 2030

    Then you've never read anything by the AGW whackos.
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    Mini Ice Age To Hit In 2030

    Well, all the AGW whackos scream that the sun has nothing to do with anything. And we all know that it plays a very important part. This finding, of course, confirms that the sun plays a very important part.In fact: it plays the majority part. Humans can't do anything (other than nuclear winter)...
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    Government Agencies Have Trouble Hiring Experts Who Can Fend Off Hackers

    Government agencies have no problem hiring hackers and malware-writers, though. Thanks NSA/CIA and Mossad: we love Stuxnet and its children.
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    Excellent quality, and they make PSUs for other labels as well.
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    Uber Suspends Low-Cost Service In France

    Some city governments have implemented congestion charges. Not necessarily. The "cash for clunkers" program in the US got rid of a lot of good cars that could otherwise have been bought by poorer people. Now please don't think I'm saying anything about Obama; I'm not. I'm pointing out the...
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    Uber Suspends Low-Cost Service In France

    Usually it's a luxury and expensive because of the governmental regulations, such as NYC's medallion scheme. Once again: sounds like a problem of government increasing costs (gas taxes, income taxes, car registration, etc).
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    Uber Suspends Low-Cost Service In France

    Who says that the poor should be able to afford a cab? Only the rich should be able to! Yay! Let's keep the cartel going by government fiat and fuck over the consumers! W00t! YES!
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    Uber Suspends Low-Cost Service In France

    And another loss for consumers. Who needs low-cost service when you can have a government-mandated cartel to jack up the prices in the name of "protecting the consumer"!
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    Dishonored 2

    I enjoyed the first immensely, and I would like to see what they have in mind for the sequel.
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    FCC to Propose $1.7B Subsidized Internet Access for the Poor

    But it can get hacked to fuck such that pretty much every detail about every federal worker is known from the hack.
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    FCC to Propose $1.7B Subsidized Internet Access for the Poor

    Sounds like a problem of GOVERNMENT to me.
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    FCC to Propose $1.7B Subsidized Internet Access for the Poor

    Standard Oil and US Steel were never monopolies, and DeBeers is a government-backed cartel. Did you mean to shoot yourself in the foot?
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    FCC to Propose $1.7B Subsidized Internet Access for the Poor

    Because it's true. Because that's soooooooooooooooooooo much like real life, right? *eyeroll*