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  1. Darth Millennial

    YouTube TV prices will raise to $50

    Canceled immediately after I got the notice. I didn't ask for more channels.
  2. Darth Millennial

    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    Or... perhaps we cut $250 million in half since they filmed two complete movies (nearly) and see it for the success that it was.
  3. Darth Millennial

    Huawei Phones Likely Spying on You Sez US Intel Chiefs

    I'm as cynical as the next guy so this whole "Watch out for China!" bullshit coming from an agency responsible for the bulk collection of data and use of secret courts in clear violation of the 4th Amendment really grinds on me.
  4. Darth Millennial

    Coinbase Ordered to Turn Over Identities of 14,355 Cryptocurrency Traders to the IRS

    I'm certain the IRS would be more than willing to seize the coin in the process if you don't have the scratch to pay. They would liquidate it and deduct it from your bill. :-)
  5. Darth Millennial

    Anker PowerCore+ 26800 $57.99 @ Amazon w/ Promo Code

    It's only 26WH of energy. You should be able to hand carry up to 100WH of battery capacity on an airplane I believe. The regulation is designed to cover most laptop computers.
  6. Darth Millennial

    Star Citizen Now Selling Nonexistent In-Game Properties

    Regardless of how you feel about SC someone had better be compiling a scholarly paper about the process that lead to it's eventuality whatever that ends up being. The shear amount of money they've been able to collect via this campaign is staggering and they yet to deliver a viable game. I've...
  7. Darth Millennial

    Intel Core i9-7900 Series CPU Core Count and Prices

    $400 for two cores? Get outta here! Such rubbish. If you're going to spend $999 on 10 cores why not just spend $1199 on 12?
  8. Darth Millennial

    Retail 7700K Not Up to 5GHz - 3600MHz

    When you start at 4.5GHz nothing short of 4.9GHz is close to 5GHz. Percentages be damned. 4.95/4.9 = sure (you got close) 4.8x = 4.8x
  9. Darth Millennial

    Cox Quietly Reduces Data Cap From 2TB Down To 1TB

    Data caps are a dick move and should be illegal.
  10. Darth Millennial

    Seasonic Flagship PRIME 750W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Scene { A diner on a lesser used highway in West Texas } { the camera pans to a table with one person (Seasonic) seated being held at gunpoint by a man holding a bag } Seasonic: Reach in that bag and grab my power supply. Guy holding gun: Which power supply would that be? Seasonic: The one...
  11. Darth Millennial

    Google Puts Boston Dynamics Up For Sale

    Sounds like a intellectually challenged Executive assistant doesn't understand that research takes money and time both of which Google has and properly spent within companies like Boston Dynamics could result in a product potentially worth trillions of dollars.
  12. Darth Millennial

    Zuckerberg Blasts Facebook Staff For Defacing Slogan On Walls

    Yes! The problem is racism and the problem won't stop until racism does. By changing Black Live Matter or Blue Lives Matter or My Big Fat Greek Lives Matter to All Lives Matter we are being inclusive and working to protect and promote everyone.
  13. Darth Millennial

    Ubisoft Fighting Hostile Takeover

    Son of a bitch! These are the people ruining the Avatar franchise. FUCK THOSE GUYS!
  14. Darth Millennial

    $30 A Month For Official Minecraft Goodies?

    Minecraft is fun but not $40 a month fun.
  15. Darth Millennial

    Google Launches Gmailify

    You can always just let Gmail check those other address for you and dump the mail into your gmail account. It will even label them with a custom label for that account if you want.
  16. Darth Millennial

    Should You Switch To Windows 10 Or A Mac?

    It worked (and continues to) fine on the families laptops and tablets. The simple machines (Media PC, etc) but my gaming rig it cratered right to hell. I think it stayed up 10 days. Then one reboot later it never came back online. Went to reload using a base image. Video driver wouldn't make use...
  17. Darth Millennial

    Should You Switch To Windows 10 Or A Mac?

    I used to rely on the phrase "Windows just works" because even with 8.1 it did just that... it worked. Day or night. Rain or shine. It just worked. Battery backup to keep brown outs at bay. External Hard drive for system images once a quarter only hooked up during the image. Cloud drive for...
  18. Darth Millennial

    Moscow Authorities To Offer Free Wi-Fi At Cemeteries

    There are already those crazy tomb stones over there but someone is going to rig up a monitor and computer to their crypt and play videos 24/7.
  19. Darth Millennial

    Amazon Rolls Out $50 'Mass Market' Tablet

    This is the tablet you buy in bulk and mount all over the house. I'm going to see if I can install one of these across from each toilet in the house. Watching something on prime. Need to take a dump. Pause. Give it 30 seconds to sync. Relocate to shitter. Bring up app. Hit resume. Drop...
  20. Darth Millennial

    Go To The Dark Side Of Debt With This $28,500 Star Wars Watch

    Lucas monetized the fuck out of Star Wars. This is something that Lucas would have done if he'd thought of it before he sold SW.
  21. Darth Millennial

    Write And Draw On Web Pages With Microsoft Edge

    I use a much more complicated method when trying to direct end users to specific web content I need them to use during support scenarios. It would be nice to be able to just draw on the page and then screenshot it.
  22. Darth Millennial

    Write And Draw On Web Pages With Microsoft Edge

    Until Edge gets extension support all the cool features in the world won't make me use it. Browsing the web without ad blocking and anonymizers is fucking awful these days.
  23. Darth Millennial

    Apple's $930M Legal Win Over Samsung Partially Reversed

    By the time Samsung gets this reduced to "zero" they will have paid 1 billion dollars to their lawyers.
  24. Darth Millennial

    Cox Refuses To Turn Over 150K Customers To Copyright Holders

    Repeat after me... "An IP address is not a person." <insert voice of mimicking audience.> "An IP address is not a person." <insert voice of mimicking audience.> "An IP address is not a person." <insert voice of mimicking audience.> There we go. Don't we all feel just a little bit better.
  25. Darth Millennial

    Using RAID-5 Means The Sky Is Falling

    EMC still recommends RAID 5. I trust them far more than any journalist or forum scrub. :D
  26. Darth Millennial

    Leaked GeForce GTX TITAN X Benchmarks?

    The legit comparison with the 295X2 is the G1 SLI or the Titan X SLI not the single chip Titan(s).
  27. Darth Millennial

    NVIDIA Drivers Remove GPU Overclocking From Laptops With Maxwell Based GPUs?

    You fixed it for yourself. There is no such thing as safely overclocking a LAPTOP! :mad:
  28. Darth Millennial

    NVIDIA Drivers Remove GPU Overclocking From Laptops With Maxwell Based GPUs?

    Hello. This is Bob. Bob is a douche weasel. Bob bought a computer system with a specially designed proprietary cooling setup that can't easily be modified and isn't designed to operate outside of a very narrow TDP window. Bob discovered he can overclock his graphics card and against...
  29. Darth Millennial

    Notch's Housewarming Party

    Those are coke nails.
  30. Darth Millennial

    If The Internet Becomes A Public Utility, You’ll Pay More Taxes

    No need to look further than the by line to see that article is complete bullshit. "By Grover G. Norquist ..."
  31. Darth Millennial

    Amazon Workers Want To Be Paid For Waiting In Line

    SCOTUS deferred to the Department of Labor's interpretation of "security screenings" following the Portal to Portal Act of 1947. The Portal-to-Portal Act eliminates from working time certain travel and walking time and other similar “preliminary” and “postliminary” activities performed...
  32. Darth Millennial

    Supreme Court Rules No Pay For Security Screening

    SCOTUS differed to the Department of Labor's interpretation of security screenings in relation to the Portal to Portal Act of 1947. All that needs be done to rectify this is have the Department of Labor classify security screenings as a job function akin to putting on protective clothing.
  33. Darth Millennial

    3DMark FireStrike Records Broken

    This is like the NASCAR of the hardware world. It's really cool but it means jack shit.
  34. Darth Millennial

    China Unveils Laser Drone Defense System

    Looks remarkably like the Lockheed one.
  35. Darth Millennial

    Hulu Plus Is Considering Cutting Back on Ads

    If I'm paying for it there had better be no ads. If you want to run a free service and support yourself with ads we can talk too but I'm not paying for it if I have to watch ads.
  36. Darth Millennial

    Amazon Workers Want To Be Paid For Waiting In Line

    DING DING DING! Every second of my time costs money. My employer knows that. I don't lift a finger without being compensated one way or another. That's the relationship we have. If my employer wants another one where I give them a little and then take a little that can be arranged but even in...
  37. Darth Millennial

    Amazon Workers Want To Be Paid For Waiting In Line

    What's epidemic is employers thinking they can treat people anyway they want and get away with it. Your ancestors fought for rights and entitlements because they actually experienced the kind of life you advocate first hand and didn't much like it. I wonder why?
  38. Darth Millennial

    Amazon Workers Want To Be Paid For Waiting In Line

    The point is that whether you're making $10/hr or $50/hr it adds up to a substantial percentage of ones total salary.